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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by StupidxLamb »

Haha! Eww! So many creeps!

I went to a dance with one of my guy friends one time, but it was STRICTLY as friends. Anyway, I had heard from my brother that he really had a thing for punk/rocker girls. I never cared about what kind of girl he liked, so I was like...Oh really? That is surprising.
But then at the dance, my friend and I started dancing (and he held me WAY too close) and he said, "You seem like you'd be a good rocker chick...are you secretly one?"

I, knowing that he preferred "rocker chicks," was in dismissing his theory. :P I was just weird. Ugh.
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by WishIWasACullen »

I've gotten quite a few..they are as follows:

I've been told MANY times that I have fantastic calves. I'm a dancer so I've got some sculpted calf muscles but it's just weird when people come up to you when you're walking down the street or down a hallway...I mean, who walks around looking at people's calves?!

Also, when my hair has looked somewhat like how I would imagine Bigfoot or a Yeti would look, people have said ,"Wow, your hair is SO pretty! What's your secret?" O_o ......waking up 5 minutes ago and leaving without touching it?

Also, and this is THE WEIRDEST, no joke this guy once said "Mmmmm, you smell good. You smell like the inside of my mom's purse." No joke. I left rather quickly.
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by EvenFreaksNeedLove »

I always get told I look like a man... but men are friggin awesome so it's all good. I take it as a compliment. hahaha :?
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by wildroses »

OMGAH ^^^^^^ this has nothing to do with strange compliments, so sorry but i couldnt help it YOU LOVE JAK AND DAXTER TOO!?!?

okay sorry... :oops:
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by arynlee »

my dad and i (i'm 20) were at a restaurent recently and we were just joking around about something and he was telling me "No" and the waiter (probly 22-24) goes how could you say no to someone with such gorgeous green eyes?" my dad and i just looked at him like uhhhh.....i seriously just stared at him thinking did he just say that it was so awkward!!

and i also constantly get mistaken for the wrong age...i know i dont look exactly 20 but i don't look 15 either!! i got carded for a pg-13 movie!! i didn't even know that was possible!!
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by »

This is sort of a insult and a compliment...I'm not really sure which.

My 8th grade graduation was coming up, so I had just gotten my nails done. It was the beginning of my language arts class (and the teacher was passing out the booklets for our final exam) and the teacher says, quite loudly, "Wow, Caleigh, those are some crazy nails!"
I was like ....umm thanks? I had no clue if she was being nice or really rude. And of course after that everyone in the room turned to look at my nails. It was very embarassing.
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by Edward Cullen Fan »

I was meeting a friend one weekend and her mom was tagging along. (Let's just say the girl has some issues and NEEDS her mom to be there. Sorry, but it's true.) Anyways, so we come up with this plan for me to dress up a little and impress her mom and like me. When my friend sees me, she whispers "You look so pretty. Good job" and she did the thumbs up. Oh, thanks a lot. :roll:

I got told by someone on the bus they liked my eyebrows. Then I found out she was saying that to everyone that came on the bus that morning.

At graduation my gown was uneven on one side, and I was freaking out about it. My friend beside me is like, "It's because you have boobs." I guess that she was meaning to be comforting, haha.

I can't think of anything else at the moment.
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by srabrgr »

Ya, some guy was all "Sara very pretty" :? All I could think at that point was "He.Neanderthal.He.Think.Me.Pretty" lol
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by little-freak »

if my a male friend of mine is making me compliments it's always like that:

"hey, has someone ever told you you got stunning green eyes?"
"not? they are great!"
"actually i meant, you're so not getting my system of a down poster, boy."
"damn it!"


"know what? you are the kindest, sweetest, greatest girl i've ever met."
"what do you want?"
"your maths homework..."
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Re: Strange Compliments

Post by darkrider »

Pel wrote:Okay, so today I was at Subway and the lady behind the counter was probably in her mid-40's. She was like, "I really like your eyes. They're so pretty. They're.. angelic eyes. Yes, angelic eyes." She was kind of the construction worker type. It scared me. lol. Shocked

Do you have any weird experiences like that?

all the time. i get the same thing, and it always catches me by surpris and i dont know what to respond with. lol

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