Are vampires real?

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Re: Are vampires real?

Post by BellaMorte »

Vampires really are one of those myths that, like Werewolves invoke a lot of debate. I know that there are many groups out there that classify themselves as vampires of a sort. Whether or not you could really call them the vampires that modern culture defines being a vampire as:
vampire |ˈvamˌpī(ə)r|
1 a corpse supposed, in European folklore, to leave its grave at night to drink the blood of the living by biting their necks with long pointed canine teeth.
Well, that's really quite hard to say because most of the sub-cultures that embrace the vampiric lifestyle do not, in fact, drink blood, but do believe that they find sustenance in some form or another that isn't typical for the human race. The ones that I know exist (i.e there have been confirmed encounters/research/interviews with followers) include psychic vampires, who seek nourishment from others by 'sucking' on their energy or 'chi'; Spirit-influenced vampires who seem to gain elements of vampire like strength (or believe they are in fact in possession of, at any rate) from some pact with a spirit or demon; viral vampires who are the ones who actually do drink blood and/or believe themselves to be carrying the vampire 'gene'. These so called vampires actually tend to have people who they call 'donors', that give them blood at regular intervals. They've got a really, really large online community.
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Re: Are vampires real?

Post by jenni_elyse »

HipsAndHearts wrote:If anyone has ever watched Bones, there was an episode about this. It actually takes place just outside of Forks. It's called "The Man In The Bear".
I just thought I'd let everyone know who was interested that you can watch this episode on I'm currently watching all of season 1 since I didn't get into the show until season 2. :)
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Re: Are vampires real?

Post by heat of the sun »

We did a section on Vampires in my Monster Lit. class last year.
We read I Am Legend and Dracula, and my friends did a Powerpoint on Vampires.
This one video just had me on the floor:
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Re: Are vampires real?

Post by CullenxLove »

i think one of my best friends is a vampire lol and im constantly calling her one, her response is so funny, but its also a response that real vampire would give :shock: lol

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Re: Are vampires real?

Post by bite_me »

whats her response :?: :!:
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Re: Are vampires real?

Post by simple_love♫ »

heat of the sun wrote:We did a section on Vampires in my Monster Lit. class last year.
We read I Am Legend and Dracula, and my friends did a Powerpoint on Vampires.
This one video just had me on the floor:
are you serious?! i just laughed so hard!!! :lol: no wonder his girl friends leave him

i did my research papr for my lit. class on vampires and i read parts or this one book (i can't remember what it's called)0 but this guy interview a "real vampire" his name was Alex... I think vampires are more for stories.. but not real life..
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Re: Are vampires real?

Post by kimmyBEE »

Feathers wrote:Sure, it doesn't SEEM like it makes sense, but then again, I get the feeling that if real vampires, as in, the immortal, nearly-indestructible type did exist, us humans wouldn't know about it. And if we did, we'd probably not have the time to tell anyone, you know?
That video was creepy. Especially the second guy. Draining the blood... what the heck?!
People have serious problems.

But I agree with Feathers. If Vampires were real, why on earth would they publicly announce that to anyone? This kind of ties into what someone said on the first page, but people are going to believe what they want to. The belief in Angles [& religion for that matter] is pretty much universally accepted. A big part of the success of this belief, in my opinion, is that there's no solid proof. You don't see Angles prancing around and announcing themselves.

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Re: Are vampires real?

Post by dazzlingdynamite »

HipsAndHearts wrote:My dad told me that vampires are a myth. Vlad the Impaler, a Transylvanian Prince would have people beheaded, drain them of their blood and then drink it. There are still covens elsewhere, who believe they are vampires and drink blood and whatnot, but most suffer from psychological problems, seeming as human blood, if ingested, causes brain damage and hallucinations. I'm really interested in Anthropology and Psychology and have researched all of these things.
I've been to Vlad's castle in Romania, I'm going back in Feb. Dracula was based on him, I find it all fascinating but his castle is terrifying. If any of you feel ghostly presences, I'd strongly advise not going anywhere near it. It's utterly bone chilling to be inside, you can feel everything thats happened, all the death, all the pain . . . everything.
But it is mighty beautiful to look at 8-)

I do believe in vampires. I believe that Evolution happens, it's natural, we evolved, and I'm sure that anything can evolve to adapt to it's climate.
Some people say that if we were forced to live under water at some point we'd all be born to have gills.
Maybe it's the same when vampires are created. They adapt to survive.

I say don't write anything off until it's been proved wrong.
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Re: Are vampires real?

Post by The_Voice_Within »

I don't believe that vampires are real. I don't know, it never seems like they've found any proof of really anything vampire that I've heard of. I do remember watching an episode on the Tyra Banks show when she had vampires visit. But I think they were just freaky humans who wanted to be vampires and lived and acted like them, not actually are. It was kinda weird to watch that show! lol I think a lot of it was just set up though! I don't know but it would be my dream if the Cullens did exist, I would take a Cullen any day!! haha :D
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Re: Are vampires real?

Post by eliselovesedwardx »

Of course! :roll: Duh! Why would we even have to discuss this..:roll:
Nah, I dunno..I think if they did, why would we know?
Other people have said - if they exist, why would they expose themselves?
I like to think that all of this sort of stuff is real, and if religions and things like that are accepted, why not vampires too? Or will people only accept the "good" things?
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