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Re: One Wish

Post by silvo_volvo_stalker »

I would wish for more wishes.
Then i would wish to stop blushing at every moment of the day.
Stop being so clumsy - more hand- eye co-ordination!
For someone to love me
And to be invisible!
<3 Robyn xxx
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Conzoni al vento

Re: One Wish

Post by Conzoni al vento »

it totally depended on my mood.
I guess it would be to have the power to influence people.
That's the most important thing though.

i wouldnt use it as powerhunger but use it to make people help the poor and to recycle and save the planet and ultimately save them from themselves. That's my goal in life- to make people be aware of what serious downfalls are happening and to alert them enough that it will boost them in a trend to excell in positive and encouraging reforms. bring on the revolution (hahaha)


Re: One Wish

Post by jaspercookie »

This is always a tough question for me: There are so many things I want, really specific things but I think that in the end, I just want to have fun and be happy. So I guess my wish would be for a fun and happy life.

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Re: One Wish

Post by ceenindee »

I'd wish for world peace. Cheesy, I know. :roll: But then I think all my other wishes would fall into place. *shrug*

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Re: One Wish

Post by darkrider »

my one wish would now, have to be to find true love and lie happily...not like my parents would have.
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Re: One Wish

Post by nessiecurs »

EDWARD period.

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Re: One Wish

Post by porscheturbo911 »

To one day find my own Edward Cullen; someone who will love me everyday of forever too.

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Re: One Wish

Post by ShadowQueen »

I wish for my own Edward Cullen as well, a person who would love me for who I am beyond forever ^-^

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Re: One Wish

Post by oleander »

porscheturbo911 wrote:To one day find my own Edward Cullen; someone who will love me everyday of forever too.
AMEN. What porscheturbo911 says. :lol:

Seems kind of selfish for me to wish for something so egocentric, but the fact remains that if i'm happy, the world around me benefits. ;)

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Re: One Wish

Post by skylarblue »

One wish, wow that's hard but I would wish that I could be financially stable (not rich, just comfortable) to take care of my family & to be in love again.
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