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Re: One Wish

Post by Variety »

I would wish to be financially secure. Maybe not rich, but maybe a one-time payout that would pay off my house and bills, pay for school, buy hubby and I each a new car, take a family vacation (Italy?), and open a nice retirement account. Then, I can finish school, hubby can start his business, and we wouldn't have to worry about next week's groceries and mortgage payment.
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Re: One Wish

Post by xoPearl_Angelxo »

I would wish for a soul mate and true love because one day I want to leave this world knowing I found the one person who mattered the most to me and that I'd left a dent in someones heart.

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Joanne Maria

Re: One Wish

Post by Joanne Maria »

Whenever I make a wish, like for my birthday or something, I always wish the health and happiness for my family...that covers the money part because if I had more money thay would be happy.

For myself, I have often wished that I could be an EAGLE, I could fly and I would be the predator not the prey.

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Re: One Wish

Post by srabrgr »

I would wish for an unlimited account at Barnes and Noble! I sound like such a geek but I LOVE books.

Scratch that, I would wish to get all the way through college and get my dream job :D
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Re: One Wish

Post by cullen grl 17 »

my one wish would be, to find my Edward Cullen and for us to live happily ever after!
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Re: One Wish

Post by AliceLauren »

I have to agree with somebody (don't quite remember who... sorry) But I would want to live forever.

I would want to stay 22 forever. Why 22? No clue. But that way I would be old enough to move out on my own, go to college for a while, get a really good job, and search the world for Edward. I would get to meet a whole bunch of people and maybe even some other creatures that aren't exactly human... lol.

But that would be my slice of eternal bliss. SIgh.

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Re: One Wish

Post by Spartan »

Seriously most of these wishes are really selfish! : P Lovin' it!

But yeh - I would probobly wish that everyone had some true happiness in thier lives. If not that I'd want to be able to create money out of nothing - with it I'd control governments behind the scenes to how i thought the countries should be run and build pumps and wells etc in 3rd world countries and generally use my money to help people. If Me running governments didn't work I'd pull out and carry on with my charities and pay loads of scientists to invent Eco-friendly powersources.
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Re: One Wish

Post by Carrisa »

I'd wish for my vision of my future to come true. Down to every detail: an owner of a hedgehog, financial stable, an awesome job in computers or video games, and an author!

If I were to wish for the whole world, I'd wish everything would be better than they are now: no wars, no poverty, no diseases like cancer, no ailments, no evil people, everyone to be happy, and everything the way it should be. A fat chance of that happening, but it would certainly be worth a shot.
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Re: One Wish

Post by LRP466106 »

Okay, so i WOULD say that I want world peace because I do, but realistically I'm more selfish than that. :lol:
I know this is so corny sounding, but I want to have true love.

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Re: One Wish

Post by Waffle of Doom »

I'd wish for a thousand more wishes, mainly because I would think up something new to wish for every five minutes!
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