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Re: Allergies

Post by manda87 » Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:32 pm

Im not used to having allergies, i lived on the west coast for a long time where its just dry dessert air that never bothered me, but i now live on the east coast and it just sucks! I think its all the plants and trees right outside my bedroom window, around my eyes are all red and the skin is really dry (i know it sounds gross!) my doc told me to take claritin (or i forget the name of the other one) but it makes me feel really weird and loopy and i deff. cant take it at work! Does anyone have any suggestions on what i could do to make the redness go away? Its starting to look like im on drugs or something.
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Re: Allergies

Post by oleander » Wed Sep 03, 2008 5:51 pm

i was a late bloomer in the allergy department. i developed hay fever (a.k.a. seasonal allergies) when i was 17 and then it just went downhill from there. i developed an allergy to cats, dogs, mold, feathers, trees, certain flowers, perfumes and grass. oh yeah, and penicillin. penicillin makes me die.

pel i feel your pain. i woke up from a nap one day and my right eye was so swollen that i couldn't close it and my eyeball looked like it was trying to squeeze itself out of its socket. it was gross and it really freaked me out. the people at the hospital just laughed at me and gave me some mighty powerful eyedrops.

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Re: Allergies

Post by srabrgr » Wed Sep 03, 2008 6:44 pm

Allergies BITE (no pun intended).
I am allergic to almost any animal you can name unless it is a reptile or amphibian, I'm even allergic to cockroaches -_-. I'm also allergic to pollen, and lagooms. Not to mention I have asthma which is set off by my allergies...JOY. (heavy sarcasm...if you didn't realize ;) )
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Re: Allergies

Post by darkrider » Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:54 am

The only alergies i have are to my horse. I'm sensative to his hair/skin.sweat. When I brush him w/o gloves on I get pumpy...and the same happens if I'm riding w/o a saddle and im wearing shorts.

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Re: Allergies

Post by Fanpire » Wed Sep 10, 2008 2:36 pm

Just hay but it's not really that mom has it worse

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Re: Allergies

Post by Luna Silvertail » Wed Sep 10, 2008 6:59 pm

I'm allergic to silver. The additive in it just eats though my skin. I have to be very careful with rings, bracelets, and watch-backings (stainless steel). If not, I get a nasty, itchy, and painful rash. Thankgod for white gold... for I like my silver-colored jewelery. :lol:
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Re: Allergies

Post by lgreen35 » Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:16 pm

hello all,
That is too bad about being allergic to your horse, must be tough to give him enough attention.

For the one who posted about the trees and stuff outside the window, have you tried sleeping in a different room? Even is just for a week to see if it is better for you?

Or you may want to try.......air purifier

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Re: Allergies

Post by Nessa645 » Fri Sep 12, 2008 12:28 am

I'm allergic to latex. I get all itchy, red. When I was working at the pediatric office I use to wear latex gloves (that was before I knew) and I would get red and didn't know why then I started itching I was like oh I know what this means. My arms even got all swollen it was awful.

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Re: Allergies

Post by Lynzeee » Fri Sep 12, 2008 12:35 am

i have really nasty allergies Mountain Cedar is the worst for me.. and cotton wood trees..
my food allergies is Eggplant and bananas cooked.. not raw(never tried eggplant raw though) normally my mouth just gets itchy but i had eggplant parmigiana 3 days ago and i hadnt eaten it in like 2 years.. My mouth swelled up my throat felt like i swallowed hot oil, i broke out in hives on my face and chest and arms.. when i realized what was happening i ran upstairs and downed a shoot load of childrens benadryl then called my husband.. i thought i was gonna have to call 911.. probably would have died if i didnt reacted so quickly.. no more eggplant for me! :mrgreen:
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Re: Allergies

Post by Vampire.Bunny » Fri Nov 07, 2008 1:02 am

Just pollen

but one of my friends is allergic to water
that would suck

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