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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by peacelovetwilight »

Being an extremely clumsy person I manage to 'Pull a Bella' at least once a day.
The other day I was walking home and the street was very icy. So of course knowing that I was bound to fall over at some point I started to walk very slowly. Unfortunately I lost my footing, slipped backwards and narrowly avoided smacking my head off the ice. So I grabbed onto a wall at the side of me to save myself but pulled a muscle in my shoulder as a result :roll:. I suppose I could have lived with that but then I realised that the wall I had grabbed a hold of was actually somebody's garden wall and the man who lived there was staring through his window at me :oops:.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by ment2be134 »

I have a lot but i'll pick the funniest one,
When i was on a trip with my family and by family i mean them all cousins, aunts, grandparents. and let me tell you i have a big family. but anyway i was all excited to go swimming and i ran down stares and i was running to the pool area and then i ran face first into the glass door not even realizing that it was shut, the worst thing was EVERYONE saw me do it. they were all "are you all right" and i was like " yes i just want to swim". i was 10 when that happened. It's only gotten worse since then. haha

a more recent one was when i was playing volleyball this kid kicked the ball. just so you know we played on a outside covered sports thing, so the ball was kicked and it went up hit the roof( which is really high) comes spiraling down and hits ME on the head i litterly sunk down onto the grouned really more out of embarrassment but i was also dizzy from the blow.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by -Jasper »

This is a story I posted in the randomness thread - it's not exactly a bella moment - well sort of.

I've just been out to get our car from the garage, and when we were coming back home, we went past this bathroom store. We need to get a new sink for our downstairs loo, so we decided to look in there and see if there was anything good. When we were inside, I was twisting a tap because I was bored, and it came off (very loudly) in my hand, so I was just holding this tap in my hand. I was kind of shocked but I tried to shove it back on before the salesman noticed and made me pay for it. I didn't manage before he came over to ask if I needed any help, so I had to actually hold it in place until he left.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by flutterbymonkeys` »

Ooh, I have TONS of bella moments... heres 2 that happened yesterday.

I was talking to my mom while i was at the dance studio... i ran into a clothing rack and now have a major scratch.

I hit my head on a piano.... i think i might have a minor concussion because of it. it STILL hurts like crazy, and there's a bump on my head.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by SilentHeart »

I think clumsiness runs in my family, here's why:
I really love winter, but somehow I manage to slip even on the tiniest bit of ice. Like, last year there was a frozen patch right in front of the gym building and I was holding my friend, but I still managed to slip and fall down on my back. The worst part was that all the kids that were around started laughing - I bet no one else could have fell down like that. Same thing happened once when I was talking to a friend; I walked past some frozen puddle and fell down and hit my head. When I got home to put some ice on, I leaned a bit and when I got up again, I hit my head on the window that was opened. It really hurt!
Some other incident I remember because it was really funny was on a trip. One moment I was walking towards the bus, the other I was lying on the cement. Turned out I had missed a step in the parkway. When I got to the buss, every kid was laughing about this girl that fell down. It was like she disappeared out of a sudden. And it was funny because no one knew it was me :D
There was also this time I was running on the hallway of my house to get to say goodbye to the guests and I tripped and I fell head first into a wall. I still have a mark :lol:
Oh, and one time I went with my new bike on some hills at the countryside. I cought too much speed and I wanted to stop, but I hit the front break by mistake and I flew over the bike. I didn't get anything broken, but I bet it would've been quite a show to see me spinning in the air like that...
Well, I can't remember anything else right now. Little accidents happen everyday, ofcourse :roll: but I don't want to be particulary boring. I just hope it's going to pass... soon!

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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by -Jasper »

^^hehe. :D
I walked into a fence today, which is a long story involving guys wearing scarves, and I posted it on the randomness thread.
I then proceded (I love that word!) to trip over when entering the bus (that whole sentence sounds posh and formal), and that caused people to stare at me and then laugh, which is okay because I know them.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by pennybug84 »

I had these shoes that I loved to wear back in high shool. I don't know why but I seemed to always roll my ankle and would fall some of the time. and I hated it because I loved the shoes and wanted to wear them. they ony had like a inch heel on them. and then I stopped wearing them and a few years later I wore them again (I like to keep my shoes I love for a long time) and I was able to wear them just fine. it was kind of funny
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by Edward Cullen Fan »

^ Haha, I had a similar experience. Shoes can be tricky sometimes.
The other day I was wearing sandles that had a heel, but a flat kind, and I keep having trouble walking in them. Well I was walking down the hallway and the tip of my shoe went up and I almost fell to the floor before I caught myself. And someone behind me laughed. I wanted to slap them.

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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by PiXiE_Shopaholic1025 »

This just happened to me today. I was in my TV Production classroom, which is a "studio set" and I had to go up these metal stairs to go into the production room to charge my camera. As I was just lolly-gagging up the stairs I tripped (up) the stairs and almost fell face first but luckily caught myself. Only one person saw it happen an I heard him snort. That happens to me at least two times a month.

You would think I'd learn by now?

I always bang me knees against stuff. It doesn't surprise me that I have a bruise on them anymore. Hahaha.
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Re: Pulling a Bella

Post by addictedbooklover »

^Falling up steps is quite common! I do it a lot, mostly when I have my school shoes on :oops:
I have trouble with corners, especially the corner of the bench in my kitchen. I tend to try and walk through them, instead of around. That's why I get a lot of bruises on my hips :lol:
I also have trouble with buses. I stand up before the bus stops, and end up nearly falling over when it stops. It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I catch a bus, which is practically every day. Of course, there's always people watching :oops:

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