People who stare

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Re: People who stare

Post by shanon »

sachael wrote:yeah i do stare too.. esp if i my mind is blank.. or if i was seriously thinking of something.. well i stare blankly and sometimes not realizing i'm already staring to a person..
I do that too! I just say "oops! I was thinking at you! :lol:
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Re: People who stare

Post by Michiyuki »

for some reson I absolutely hate when people stare at me, it gets me all fidgety. At this one time, I was at a hot topic with my friend, we were looking at the stuff and she was trying a jacket, I looked to the side and saw this dude staring at me, it was creepy so I turned and acted like I didn't see him.... Well when I turned around, still staring at me... I turned and started to feel uneasy and all fidgety. Then as I occupided myself but rumaging through a pile of clothes, she nudged me and said "Dude, That guy is staring at you". So I looked up, again. I felt very paranoid, so I began to stare back while trying to place a shirt on it's hanger, like the dork I am, I poked my eye and made him laugh. I just tottally embarrassed my self, so I bought my thing and nearly ran out of the store, leaving my friend behind, but I am a major klutz so I tripped over a walking mom with a stoller...........

That was not my day....then when school started I found out a couple of weeks later....the same guy goes to my school....... Now I'm terrified....
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Re: People who stare

Post by 'twahy-lahyt' »

Confession: I stare :oops:
No I NEVER actually stare at a person, I find that EXTREMELY rude.
I just stare when I'm thinking about somthing, and I never actually know what I'm looking at.
It all just kind of goes blank, but I usually end up freaking out a friend or something.
Because I will be staring at them, and they will be asking me what, and I won't hear them.
I really don't even see them until they start waving their hands in my face.

I do see people who stare at me, depending on my mood, I'll either give them a 'death glare' :lol: or I'll stare back, until they look away. It makes me very uncomfortable when people stare at me, so I try to make them feel uncomfortable :lol:

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Re: People who stare

Post by Shuntiana »

I do that as well, just kinda blank out thinking and then realize I'm looking at someone. Unfortunately though, I was staring off into the wrong place >.< :oops: But that's what I get for zoning out in random spots +shrug+

More annoying though, I sometimes get the feeling I'm being stared at and it drives me nuts xP I can feel it, in the back of my head and then I turn around and they're just glaring and then suddenly turn :x It drives me bonkers. But what can you do +sigh+
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Re: People who stare

Post by -veiled- »

Actually, I had to pay off a bill so I go to the building, walk in & the guy just stares at me the whole time. I finished with the bill & walk out, and I notice in the corner of my eye he is still staring. He was a creepy, creepy guy.

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Re: People who stare

Post by skylarblue »

I try not to stare, I have this weird thing about looking people in the eye. I will look at someone and if they look back, I look away.

If I am staring at something or someone, I try to look past them and look over the shoulder so you aren't actually staring at them.

When I see someone staring at me, well depending on my mood, I will either smile, give them a dirty look or stick out my tongue.
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Re: People who stare

Post by bite_me »

When I zone out I accidentally stare at people, and when I come back to earth they are staring at me too . . .. but in a 'okay she's a) a stalker, b) crazy, or c) both kinda way . . .

theres this guy in my class that gets bored a lot so instead he stares at random people in the room - you'll glance around and he's making eye-contact and its really creepy.
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Re: People who stare

Post by LoveEmmettCullen »

If someone stares at me, someone like an annoying little kid or someone who I just don't like, I stare back at them until they look away, and I try to scare them. lol. I don't think it works though. But if it's somebody I do like, then I stare at them, and if they look my way, I pretend I was staring at something else, and look around the room until I see them again and see if there staring at me. That probably didn't make much sense at all. lol
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Re: People who stare

Post by iamthevampiregirl »

whenever people stare at me I immediatly panic and wonder stuff along these lignes; 'is my hair that messy?' or 'omigod dont tell me that speghetti sauce my friend flicked in my face is still there!'. If I'm sure that nothings wrong with me though, I'll just stare back until they look away or ignore them.

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Re: People who stare

Post by dazzlingdynamite »

I wouldn't exactly say I stare at people . . . I observe. You can tell an awful lot from the way people talk, or move. I do it mainly because I take drama, and we need to know how to use the kinastetic approach, which is working from the outside in to develop your character, and observing people really helps . . . I don't stare though, never staring. I hate when people look at you and you can tell their thinking 'who does she think she is?' I always feel like creating a scene and going 'what is your problem?' but I'm naturally timid so I don't.
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