Countries ARE really different

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Re: Countries ARE really differnt

Post by bittenbyEdwardCullen »

I'm from Texas and people from out of state think that there are tumbleweeds in the street and that we ride horses where ever we go but to be honest not everyone can ride or even owns a horse and I've never seen tumbleweeds before in my life. We drive cars too.
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Re: Countries ARE really differnt

Post by gypsyeyes »

mz.cullenn wrote:I'm from Australia also. =]
Chicken salt is like a seasoning we put on chips.

Ooo...I love Tim Tams. They are so utterly addicting and delish!
Wooo chicken salt = love. hahaha i think i would die without it. Tim Tams too! They are these absolutley scrumptious chocolate biscuits that come in many flavours but follow the general rule or chocolate cream between chocolate biscuits, all covered in chocolate. YUM.
I also hate when I'm talking to someone from somewhere other than australia and i mention wearing thongs. It freaks people out! They are flip-flops people! get your minds out of the gutter :P

One of my friends recently hosted a french exchange student and it was really enlightening. Apparently we are really lazy and confusing with our ling because we shorten our words and join then together a lot - cya really confused her. She was all "why don't you just say see you later?". Cause we're lazy is why :P

One of my other friends moved to Canada for a while and she bluffed so much bs to them because they kept asking rediculous questions! The kids there actually asked her if she lived in a 'shak'! I actually do occaisonally get kangaroos in my backyard though, so I can't mock that one.

I don't see how people can get so many notions about other countries. I guess Australians watch a lot of american tv so we know life is just normal there, where as they don't get many Aussie shows? I don't know. Wierdness
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Re: Countries ARE really differnt

Post by ~xStRaWbErRyx~ »

I'm from England, and just a few things....
* we don't all speak posh- rarely anyone does actually
* there's no such thing as a "british accent", there are MANY different accents in the UK
* we aren't obsessed with tea
* Hardly anyone lives in a posh old building
* there aren't fish and chips shops everywhere
* No one really wears bowler hats and umbrellas
* and people do have washes here, lol
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Re: Countries ARE really differnt

Post by vamp na hEireann »

I'm from Ireland and I hate the way we are always portrayed.
-No one has the steriotypical Irish accent except really old,constipated men in some parts of Kerry or West Cork
-We can't all danse or sing really well
-Not everything is green,it is brown with muck from all the rain
-NO ONE says "Top o the mornin to ya"
-We are not lepricauns(I don't even know haw to spell it)
-We don't all have ginger hair(only 2% of the population have)
-We don't uniformly call our children Mary,Seán or Paddy
-And we don't live on spuds(completely)

I do however worship a little puppet with ginger hair called Bosco that lives in a box.
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Re: Countries ARE really differnt

Post by loverboyis »

Okay some average Canadian "Small-Town" Stereotypes & Such:
  • People do not say "Eh" all the time, very little do.
    We are not all rednecks, even if I do live in a small town. Or go into the lumber business.
    We have all four seasons, including Summer & it can get pretty hot out here; seriously it's 32 C right now.
    Oh and we use different temperature static’s as to Fahrenheit. Celsius instead.
    People live in huge houses, small houses, medium houses - some how I think people see small-towners as everyone knows everyone and live in quaint small houses. Not true.
    We have provinces as to states and including territories up north. And Prime Minister as to President.
    Not all of us like hockey or eat maple syrup. Okay I'm a bad example but, there is a good handful of people who find hockey boring and what not.
    We do have some what colorful money, that's true lol.
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Re: Countries ARE really differnt

Post by a_n_n_a »

Leah_says wrote:And yes, we do just say two-thousand seven. Don't know why.
Well, when you're saying numbers I'm pretty sure the correct way is to say it as it is written in number form. If you have a number like 2.5: the decimal point is said as "and" when you're saying it all out. When you're saying a number like 1,003: you aren't supposed to say one thousand and three. At least, I think that's correct. I think it's more of a grammar/math thing than an actual difference of countries.

I live in Wisconsin, a Midwestern state, and here are some things you should know:
-Yes, we do like cheese. We like it quite a bit. We would like cheese no matter where we lived, though. The same goes for milk.
-Just because Brett Favre is gone doesn't mean we've lost hope in our football team.
-We don't all live on farms with our cows. Ever heard of Milwaukee? It's kind of a big deal.
-It snows here. It snows A LOT. Don't complain about how cold it is when it's barely below 40 degrees F. Try 40 below zero for multiple weeks.
-It also gets really hot here. You might think it's winter all year round, and sometimes it seems like it, but it's not strange for us to have 90 degree F days, or even hotter.
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Re: Countries ARE really differnt

Post by edwardismystudmuffin »

Well I'm from Wisconsin and it's way different than people think it it.

1. We don't all live in small towns on farms
2. We don't walk around wearing cheese head hats
3. Not everyone likes the Packers
4. We don't all sit around and eat cheese and drink beer all day

Anyways. If you choose not to believe me, then you can smell my dairy air!!
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Re: Countries ARE really differnt

Post by Macy! »

I'm from Arkansas.
Most people have all of their teeth.
We have paved roads and television, believe it or not.
Anddd indoor plumbling.
We don't walk around barefoot all the time.
There are a lot of hunters, but very very veryyy rarely does some idiot eat roadkill. *gag*
Some of Arkansans have accents, but I don't have too bad of one.
Yes, I'm aware our football team mostly sucks.
It's not blistering hot, we actually have snow some winters.
Some people say y'all; I rarely do.
We don't all live in shacks and have broken down cars in our lawns.
And about 99% of the population can read...(well I don't know the exact percentage, but you get the point)
There are a lot of farms, but only in really rural parts...not where I live.

Wow, that's a lot. But there are tonnsss of Arkansas stereotypes lol
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Re: Countries ARE really differnt

Post by BeautifulVeins »

Gabbie wrote:I think we had the chicken salt discussion once before.. apparently we're the only country that call it that?!
No we call it chicken salt too!! My mate goes into KFC and demands that they put half of the chips in, then chicken salt and then the rest of the chips. Hahahah and Tim Tams are amazing. As is Rove. I'm sure the rest of you Australians and New Zealanders will know who I mean when I say Rove. I love that guy.

I think NZ and Aussie are incredibly similar though, our lingo and slang and sense of humour. Has anyone here seen summer sets high? I think thats what its called. So politically incorrect, but we all laugh anyway. :D
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Re: Countries ARE really differnt

Post by mz.cullenn »

Rove is the best! Thats one of my favourite shows!

Haha, Summer Heights High. That show was funny...But like you said, Very politically incorrect though still, it got a laugh out of everyone here and there.

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