Schools, What is yours like?

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by darkrider »

I just moved to a new state, and today was actually my first day at a new school. The high school here, omg! Everybody is so neardy! I couldn't believe it..... even out of the sr.s-fresshies....i feel like I'm the oldest person in the school... SO DIFFERENT!

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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by Nightvision »

Well mine is your average high school out in the country. You have the aggie's who do 4h and the likes. Plus the jocks and whatever else you want to throw in there.
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by simple_love♫ »

Jasper<3 wrote:Ugh I pulled a Bella in gym today.
:lol: what happened???

my school is very cliquey, last year when I was a freshman and all the middle schools (there are 4 in the area) were pooled together so everyone was just getting to know each other now this year everyone has their groups and don't really talk to anyone outside their group
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by VampgirlWolfgirl »

Ugh, I hate my school. It's a very rich public school, and I really don't fit in. It's your basic stereotypical school. All the cliques, the rumors, the couples, and it sucks. I don't have very many friends. Most of the other kids in my school have been friends with eachother, for like ever. They don't really except new people in their cliques. But I'm going to try to make new friends this year. I have to. Or else I will be very alone and bored. People tear eachother apart at school. I've been torn apart a million times by my Ex-friends. Today was my first day, and I was already called the B word once by some senior that thought it was funny. :roll: I ignored him.
My school is also very, very big. It's nice on the outside, but super plain on the inside, and soooo easy to get lost in. The layout is so confusing. It's basically a square on a hill. So one end your on the first floor the other your on the second. Then the hallways are so weird. They are very narrow and then like a million classrooms. It's seriously like a college.
The school buses are another thing that suck. It's against the law for kids to sit in the isles on buses, well there isn't enough room on it so we have to! You think they could get another bus. It's 4 to a seat, how can you fit 4 people? So people stand and sit in the isle. I hope some cop notices.
Dislikes (other than listed above): -No social time, none -25min lunch -It's so big most people in your classes you don't know -Homework everyday -tests once a week -3 day finals at end of each semester -Nobody treats you with respect -Don't get the week of for Thanksgiving -you are most likely late to every class, because of the distance between your classes -No lockers
Likes: -None
Yeah, that's it.
Well, that's my school.
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by AlainaTwilight »

What kind of school do you go to?
Public High School, though both my Middle & Elementary School were private and all-girls (I lived in Washington at the time). We have about 1900 students (the freshman class alone is 475 kids)
What do you like/dislike about it?
Like: The Bolck schedual we have and the fact we only have 4 classes per day. The layout is really simple, unlike the other High School in our district, which is a maze. The Teachers are all really nice and amazingly helpful. We have an IB (International Baceloriet) Program, and In general the students are all pretty decent. Though we do have our Cliques, and drama-queens, just like every other public high school.
Dislike: We start too early in the morning, Lunches are too short, and the Cell Phone and iPod rules are way to strict. Some of our classes only happen durring 1 period and not anyother, meaning if you have a conflict on your schedual, you have to pick. (I had to give up Forensics cause I had to have a release the only period the school offers Forensics)
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by srabrgr »

UGH, The school I transferred to last year is unbearably cliquey. No one ever ventures from their own social group...ever. Not to mention there are a lot of stereotypers, as if one wasn't bad enough, there happens to be about 20. *sigh* And I have to go back tomorrow. :(
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by fluffyrose »

I go to a upper secondary (last year, yay!) public school, to the program (in Sweden, we all have to choose a program) Clase Española, which focuses on spanish and, in my case, social scienes and languages (english and swedish). It's the oldest school in my town, it was founded in the 13th century, and we're about 1300 students.
What I like about it: In spite of what people say (that it's a old, traditional and boring school) I really love my school, mostly because of the teachers I have, who are all really great.
What I dislike about it: That the whole "we're almost 800-years-old" thing can get a bit boring after a while, and the working staffs attitude towards students. The teachers are great, the rest of the staff is not so great.
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by urcoolcarrie »

i actually really like my school. its waaaaaay overcrowded though. they are building a new school that is really close to me, but it won't be done till 2010. i might just stay where i'm at instead of transfering, though, because i really love it here. we have a super good football team and everything. the only things i have to complain about is the cell phone and ipod policy, and the amount of time we have for lunch.
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by MiharuSkii »

My school got remodled over the summer, but one of the entrances is all torn up and they succeeded in making the cafeteria smaller. I spent all morning sitting in the library (which has no books yet) because the class I'm taking all morning starts tomorrow. My chemistry teacher doesn't allow backpacks in his class because he says he'll trip :roll: . The upside to his class is that he plays classical music the whole hour :) . I have all but one of my classes with this guy who's one of my best friends and ex-boyfriends, but he doesn't know how to respect personal space :oops: . *sigh* this year is going to be fun...
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Re: Schools, What is yours like?

Post by Amethyst1 »

i've went to private school since kindergarten through grade 4. private schools to me are so much better. then i moved and started public school. which isn't bad.
anyways. i am in the 10th grade this year and i was supposed to go to a private school, but it's full so i am on the list. i soooooooooo hope i get to go to it next year. public highschools scare the hell out of me. with all the drinking and druggies and the slackers and whatever *shudder*...anyways.
i start school on monday and i hope it goes well.
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