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College Life

Post by Pel »

Are you a College Co-ed enjoying the lush green campuses of the greatest institutions of known modern world? Then this is the thread for you.
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Re: College Life

Post by *Bloodlust* »

Haha! Yep. College really is cool. It's nice to be independent from the parents, to have to make your own decisions, and to meet all kinds of cool new people. At the same time, it's difficult to be away from parents. Yeah, missing them is a big factor, but now you have to better manage money and be responsible for yourself and your own decisions. It's easy to find yourself in a dangerous situation on college campuses and around them. And you really have to be careful in what you do and how you do it.

Overall though, being at college has been one of the funnest times in my life. It's only just beginning too. I've been to summer school and now I'm about to start my first fall semester and I can't wait! Even smaller dorms[and dorm food] here I come!!
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Re: College Life

Post by Edward Cullen Fan »

I'm starting at a community college this Saturday. It gave me HE double hockey sticks to get registered and get my schedule. Finally it unblocked me from registering and I got a schedule worked out. Two of my four classes I don't even need, but they were my only options and so I took them. They decided not to purge the classes until Saturday, and school starts on Monday for most people. :roll: Anyways. I'm not sure what order they're in still, haha. But right now my classes are Political Science, Art Appreciation, English Comp (on Saturdays and it's fifteen minutes short of three hours. Ugh. But the good thing is we meet only 10 times and once a week and then we're done for the semester) and Intro to Sociology. I'm hoping that I can get a normal English Comp class on a weekday, once the classes are purged. I'm going Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday's. Friday I only have two classes and so I get out early, yay! Between each class on other days, I have a little over a two hour break. They have a library and I think it's even wireless. So I can always study during breaks, read if I have time, or get online. (One thing I'm grateful for is that college's aren't quite so paranoid about blocking things. The kids at the middle school go on Neopets, or some of them do, but they can't because it's blocked. How ridiculous is that?) The school is extremley small and has no cafeteria. They have snack and coke machines though, so that's good. But it is a community college after all, so I shouldn't expect too much. :lol:

I'm a little excited, but mostly nervous.

Sorry this was so long.
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Re: College Life

Post by bittenbyEdwardCullen »

I'm not really enjoying the college life. The only thing I'm liking about it is that I only have to go on tuesdays and thurdays. I'm just glad I won't ever have to get a dorm because I think I would go crazy in there.
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Re: College Life

Post by xoxocamille »

I just experienced my first day of college last Wednesday!
It was overwhelming.
It really felt weird being in the classes with someone who is the same age as your dad. LOL.

Anyways, so I'm attending a community college for 2years, I was ready to go to UC Santa Cruz, but I didn't take that path, considering that I will be crazily in debt after I graduate. I don't regret my decision going to a community college right now, I don't see any disadvantages to it, but after 2 years I'm planning on transferring to UC Berkeley or UC Davis, if granted. So right now I still live at home, but I'm excited for the dorms! I already stayed at UC Santa Cruz for 3 days, and it was fun! :D

Anywhoooo. So college is really.... lonely, sort of. I miss all my friends, I have yet new people to meet, but the only advantage to that is I only go to school 4 times a week! And then there's lots of freedom, unlike high school. Hehe.

And on my break, I go online and go here! LOL.
But next time, I must take that time to study.
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Re: College Life

Post by iloveawerewolf... »

So I'm going to University of Minnesota-Duluth this fall. Move in into housing is actually this thursday! I'm so excited, you guys have no idea. Even though I haven't gone dorm shopping (which is being done this has to be done) or packing. Or having enough money I'm SO excited. I love Duluth and my bestie will be there too!

So my original plan was to go to a community college for 2 years but I didn't because my brother did that for one semester and like half of his credits didn't transfer to the State College he went to so he basically wasted money. I'm sure that's definitely NOT true for all community college but for this certain one it is. :)

I'll definitely post here after being there for a little bit.
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Re: College Life

Post by *Bloodlust* »

bittenbyEdwardCullen , I see that you're in Texas? And I find it interesting you only have to go to classes two days in a week. [Since June] I've been attending UT Austin, where I can only WISH to have classes two days a week, and I'm just curious what college only has classes two days in the week, or if it's just that you're taking less hours? I kinda like the sound of that. All if you don't mind me asking of course...
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Re: College Life

Post by kl1028 »

i dont have the full college life...i live at home....and only have classes on tues and thurs

and about transfer creds im pretty sure the less you have the less transfer :/ it stinx...but then again if you have a lot they wont take them all so that you have to pay them more money and take their classes....colleges are so greedy
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Re: College Life

Post by skylarblue »

God, I wish I was back in college. I loved it, it was the best & worst experience of my life but I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

I went to a small 4 year college here in MD (Frostburg State University), pledged a sorority, a whole lot of good friends & lost a whole lot too.

All I can say, is enjoy this time you have because it was the only time that I was really allowed to be myself & truely experience life.
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Re: College Life

Post by The_Lizzie »


Another Longhorn around here!! Oh goody.

Hello you! I've been here at UT since last summer and have enough credits to be a Junior but i'm still calling myself a sophomore.

I only lived in a dorm for the first summer and I'm telling you, nothing is easier than that. Yeah i know its small and you have to share space with a stranger but you don't have to worry about bills, not having groceries, transportation to school, being out too long and having to drive/ride the bus home at night. Its all a hassle.

But in the end, you don't really know your city until you really get out there. I met a lot of people my second semester that were saying "Well Austin isn't THAT bad. I was expecting creepy people and overwhelming feelings of loneliness,", but i came to realize that that was because they lived at UT, not Austin. Its so much different outside the "Forty Acres". That's where all the creepy people with bad B.O. are.

Nonetheless, I'm glad i'm not alone anymore. I was beginning to think that i was the only freak in the entire university that was obsessed.

Oh and i have classes 3 days a week. Only one on mondays and the rest T &Th. I'm just really good at fixing up my schedule. Hehehe
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