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Post by Pel »

Just a small little rant and also a debate woven into it. Get used to this, because I may post topics that may involve debating a lot. If it doesn't become a problem of course. Just try not to be mean please. Keep the peace.

Okay. Stereotyping. A vile, ugly, horrible thing in my eyes. I dispise how people classify others according to looks alone! Nevermind even the smallest interests!

The best example I can muster is 'Goths'.
Most people tend to think they worship Satin, wear all black, and are depressed.
That is usually not the case. Look up the exact definition of goth...there is none, or not an official one I could find. 'Goths' are just like you and me, they can be anyone. But how did people transform it into such a horrible classification?

What about Preps? Geeks? Losers? Emos? Gays?

It is irrational...unbelievable. I don't understand why people classify others and why some even treat others as inferior.

Anyone else know how I feel?

heres some things to discuss:

Social classification, is it morally wrong?
Reputation, why is it so strongly affected by stereotyping?
Do you stereotype?

And before I end my starting post, I have to ask. Please please PLEASE don't make this into an argument. You have no idea how many times its become one in other debates, people might get mad or whatever over disagreements, but lets try to get along.
And try not to bash either.


And oh, don't be afraid to be honest about the questions. I don't judge people on how they see others.

Also, if this offends anyone, or if I should edit ANYTHING, feel free to let me know. Or if you feel something should be added.
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by eizel »

i hate people who stereotype! like for me example.. because im one of the 3 only Asians in school they stereotyped me as a Brainiac, yeah maybe im taking Honors classes but that doesn't mean that im only that. i may dress a little too simple but that's only because im comfortable in it.. i dont dress like that when im out with my friends.

i hate it when im talking to someone and then some one will say " oh she's a smart *ss don't talk to her u'll be embarrassed" WTF?!
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by xvampiresxbitex »

well i am in band so you can imagine what i get for being a "band nerd". i am also in ap classes so that really doesnt help the situation :) but ive always been the person who has friends in a lot of different groups and im all for the "why cant we all get along" concept. but there are always gonna be people that continue to stereotype which is sad but something we can never get rid of
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by BettingOnAlicexX »

Kids at my High School stereotype im considered Emo.
I tease my hair,wear skinny-legged jeans,black wristbands,converses,dark eyeliner,etc...
At my school now my mom went let me wear my wristbands,black nail poilsh,or jewlery becasue people stereotype at my school much and they wouldnt be my friends then.
(made me cry...i cant be myself. I dont wear my things and people still arent nice anyways.!!) :( :( :(
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by Venecettia »

Well, I am not goth, but I do wear heavy eyeliner, and a lot of black, and my hair is always in some funky style, or cut. So then everyone will say I am a goth or emo. Sometimes I even wear black nail polish, or I used to. It just gets on my nerves sometimes.
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by Goodnight Elizabeth »

This is sad but kinda funny, too.

When I was 26 I went out to dinner with my folks in this rinky-dink little backwards town. This was 96, by the way. I had very thick curly blonde hair. I'm ghostly pale. I was a cute girl. Harmless. I had a cartlidge piercing in my right ear. That night I was wearing a blue polo that had big white stars on it. It was cute! I overheard this big ol'man wearing BIG SMITH overalls say to his dinner companion (a man dressed the same). "See that girl over there with all that hair and that shirt with the stars on it...look at her ear; that means she's a devil worshipper." My eyes were huge. My parents gave them the dirtiest look. My dad walked over there, but I don't know what he said. We finished our dinner and left. For the record, I wasn't a devil worshipper or anything of the sort. Of course now, 12 years later, one little earring and shirt with stars on it is nothing.

Sad, but funny.
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by Luna Silvertail »

Personally, I'm a huge Band Geek/Book Nerd. I'm a Proud Geek. I don't care what anyone says, since I know that being smart is nothing to be ashamed about.

What I really dislike, is the assumptions made on appearance. Hate to say it, but I'm fat. This isn't some pre-meditated crap I came up with, medically, I'm fat. So what does this mean to most people? This means that I must sit and watch TV all day, eating a ton of junk food.

That is the farthest from the truth with me. No one ever pauses to think that I maybe have a HORMONAL DISORDER that makes it hard to loose/keep-off weight? Ever think that I exercise a lot more then you realize? No, it's always I'm too lazy, or not eating right. For irony sake, my diet is better then half of the people I know. I'm almost never hungry. My heart, strong as ever, blood pressure, normal, and blood sugar, NORMAL. (Can't say much for some hormones...) I don't have any of the so called "side effects" that come with being overweight other then... being stereotyped.

As a reminder: I am not morbidly obese, but I'm no "normal" size. I'm that horrible in between size. Too fat for normal stores (It's getting better though.. I can fit into a large at some stores now), and too small for Plus Size stores. (The smallest they have is just to baggy.) Just to give you a general idea. I've maintained the same weight for years now, with my lifestyle.

It's not that I'm making excuses for my self, however, I make it my goal to be healthy. But people, seem to think that I'm too stupid to do that. You aren't my doctor, and you are certainly not the person to judge what is "healthy" and what is not for me. You aren't concerned for me or my health in the slightest, you are just stereotyping me.

Sorry for the rant, anyways,
I hate it when people judge other people based on looks. That person that wears "goth" clothes, can be the kindest person in the world. That person in "preppy" clothes, can be the cruelest person known to man. That "Anime Freak" might not be interested in the slightest about visiting Japan. That certain race that person is...
Ok, you get the point.
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by *Bloodlust* »

xvampiresxbitex wrote:well i am in band so you can imagine what i get for being a "band nerd".
What the heck? Haha I loved being the band nerd! Except...I'm also seen as the "mean girl" because I kind of look angry all the time :roll: . But once I tell people I'm in band...I'm labeled as a "band nerd" and nerdy and then I laugh because I love the irony! I have a picture on my facebook of me in full marching band uniform. Tehe :D
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by WishIWasACullen »

Oh the dreaded stereotyping.....

I was lucky enough to escape most of that in high school. While I was one of the "smart kids", I was able to take a lot of the hurtful stereotyping away by being on dance team. And when I was in high school, I was grateful for that, but now, in retrospect, that's terrible! It's ridiculous that in order to have stereotypes lifted off of you, or to have others accept you you have to do a well-known sport or activity. Utterly ridiculous. And as much as I want to say that I never stereotype, I do. Sometimes it's in jest, for example my friend Sean is asian and we call him Rice...and we ask him for help with our math homework, but he came up with Rice as a nickname and he actually is good at math so no hard feelings either way. But sometimes, I can just FEEL that I'm being a horrible person for doing or saying the things that I say about some people. I would never, EVER say anything hurtful to anyone's face, ever, because I believe that life is hard enough without a bunch of people invading your personal space and critiquing every aspect of your life, especially since the people who do this rarely know a thing about you, but I sometimes disgust myself with what I say about people or groups of people in the privacy of my own home, hanging out with friends, or driving in my car. Stereotyping IS awful, but almost everyone is guilty of it at some time or another-they're just those horrendous subconscious thoughts that leak into your everyday life and make you a bit more human.
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by MiharuSkii »

I am stereotyped as emo, but that's because I choose to be. I figured there is no escaping the stereotyping so I should be who Iwant to be. I am part of a group called SADD, but we're changing our name to SLS (students leading students). In SLS you don't get judged, everyone is friends and everyone helps out. Sure there are some people you just can't get along with, but that doesn't mean you have to tease them and cut them down.
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