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Re: Stereotyping

Post by Jasper<3 »

Goodnight Elizabeth wrote:
Jasper<3 wrote:Im not stereotyping, but it is only the people in the "popular" group that stereotype.
Generalizing (or making claims) about an entire group based on a few popular traits is considered stereotyping. Not all popular people stereotype. Not all people who sterotype are popular.
no i meant in just my school. nobody else cares in my school
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by darkrider »

In my school new school there's not really any stereotypes...but I'm from Florida, and in schools down there it's so much different. There's no "Popular" kids--they (though I don't agree) title kids as Goths, and Skater kids. The preppy kids are considered normal, along with the indie-ish kids. OH and SCENE! That's a whole new thing down there. DUMB! lol Anyways, today was my first day up at my new school and everybody is actually, kinda neardy..i dont mean to be mean but they are. They are what most people would classify as neards--with the huge back packs down to their knees, hunched over, pants up to their chest, and run's to class! IDK, I'm not used to it. Sorry if anybody takes offense to what i just said. It wasn't intended to offend anybody.

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Re: Stereotyping

Post by loverboyis »

Well, I have a love for fashion and I constantly get stereotyped as "materialistic" or "snooty" - my dad is the worse, whenever I feel a need to shop, with my OWN money, he'll literally roll his eyes and mumble, 'girls these days are just so ... materialistic' or something on the line of 'why don't you buy a video game every once and while like you use too?' (I was a huge Sims 2 fan lol). Uhr, it's a major pet-peeve of my mine, not only about the stereotypical judgment made by others on behalf of my self, but also seeing the term "fashion" as a money-ridden-peer-pressured-kolosto-waste-of-time; I'm sure there is some truth to that particular statement, but fashion is not about how many Luis Vuitton speedy bags you own, it's an art-forum to many - there is a truth to one of the many famous quotes from Coco Chanel: Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. I hate seeing the term Fashion so commercial oriented ... and people hating "Fashion" because of it. Most defiantly isn't necessary to 'like' or 'love' it, but for to be hating something people usually didn't give the time to research the history and the love that goes in with clothing, I find it only a bit disgraceful to people who devote there life's to fashion and design.
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by netnut »

loverboyis wrote:Well, I have a love for fashion and I constantly get stereotyped as "materialistic" or "snooty" -
YES! I AGREE! that is actually what alot of people stereotype me as too, i guess i didnt put that there. truth is, i dont shop for clothes, like EVER. maybe once a month, but even then i dont spend more than $30 at one time! Im a cheap skate so i go to all those recycled clothing or 2nd hand stores (thats probably why I hate to go clothes shopping--cause you really have to dig for a gem where i shop), but still, people are always telling me "maybe if you didnt buy all those clothes then you'd have money to save..." !!! grr! i have just enough clothes to wear a different mix n match outfit for 14 days! i happen to ONLY buy cute stuff i know ill wear on a daily basis so noone ever see's me dressing casually. i just have a certain style thats inspired by my love for historical fashion & body type.

"high maintenance" is another one...when i am able to get ready for something I need to be at in as little as 25 minutes. it really bothers me when others compare me to my best friend(basically my shadow), who dresses in nothing but a t-shirt, jeans, & sneakers, does the same thing with her hair everyday, and said people will consider me as "high maintenance." my friend, on the other hand, takes about 2 hours to get ready, & will not leave the house unless she has showered done all her prep work--EVER, & is intolerant to the arizona heat so during the summer doesnt leave her house until 8pm. sorry, im just venting now.

but despite all of this, im really social and funny in comparison to my bff, thats what my friends say, & for some reason i feel like the fact that i LOOK materialistic hinders people (especially guys T_T) from actually trying to form a relationship with me :( my mind is so much more than clothes & food.
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by Sharenei »

To be honest, it's come to the point where I hardly notice the stereotypes I see around me anymore. Oh, they're obvious if I go looking, but as they apply to me and my friends, they're hardly noticeable. Why? Because I've fit so many categories--all at the same time. It seems no two peer groups can reliably tell where I fit.

I'm somewhat picky about how I eat and drink, so I'm a snob. (I guess it beats being accused of having an eating disorder--story of my high-school life. And yes, "snob" applies here--long story.)

I prefer most human interaction to occur in short bursts, so I'm a loner.

I'm reasonably intelligent and unafraid to show it, so I'm a geek. (And how! And I say it with PRIDE!)

I tend to favor dark colors, and much of my wardrobe happens to be black, so I'm a "goth". (Funny, I don't remember sacking Rome lately, though that COULD be lots of fun!)

I grow my nails out, so I do drugs. (Yes, I've actually had this thrown at me, too. Some people are just WEIRD.)

I roleplay, so it is assumed I am also unwashed, overeducated (again with the geek thing), and undersocialized--the gamer "image".

I enjoy techno music, but don't often go to clubs, so I am "musically lame" (or whatever the local term is; I stopped caring, to be honest.)

Personally, I'm just as happy to let them have fun trying to pin me down. It gives me plenty of time to start running circles around them as I accomplish my goals while they're stuck on my label. I hear it tastes like postage stamps and Elmer's glue.
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by Spartan »

To be honest I quite like stereotypes - Many of them are quite funny, and I don't mind people stereotyping to certain degree. For example if someone said " As a general rule most English people are quite reserved" I would think nothing of that, I'd even agree. But if someone said " German's are really rascist" I'd be like "uhhhh since when? And that's really not a fair thing to say." Some stereotypes are aplied to me but none of them bother me, just because I like some classical music ( Debussy ain't great - try Prokofiev ) my brother calls me a geek. Or because I'm a girl with short hair people think I'm a lesbian ( haha : P ). As I said earlier some stereotypes are funny - like the American Female teen one. Or the one that says all Irish are Drunks. < They are only because (hopefully) No one takes them seriously and you can joke about them without anyone getting offended, unless they offend easily in which case they would probobly find something to be upset about annyway :lol: .
I'm glad that I have no label - I am entirely my own person and I am really wierd. Some of the "chavier" people at my school dislike me because I conform to thier acceptables in no way and Am almost thier total opposite in beliefs ( not the religious kind)
There aren't any real like groups in our school, It's like the total opposite of how highschool's in the U.S are portrayed. There's no "Loser" group and yeh there's popular people but they in no way "Rule the school" theres no "Emo" sect or "Geek" club in fact most people have thier own little unlabelled group of friends who all intermingle with the other friend groups in the school.
I'd also like to add, regarding Pel's starting post, That I have never thought of "Gay" as a stereotype, It's another word for Homosexual and that is what a gay is, like saying male or female. I get how there is a gay stereotype about being really camp and Femenine or butch for lesbians and I think it grossly unfair when men take the pee out of them so if that's what she was refering to then yeh I think it can be used cruelly but if she was saying "gay" as a social group like Emos then I would have to disagree. Unless of course the word is used diferently in the U.S
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by Jasper<3 »

This school year so far Ive talked a lot more than usual, mostly teasing this one kid. (he teases me too so its ok) but my famous qoute is I'LL STEP ON YOUR HEAD!!! So now I am officially sketchy. Today my Social Studies teacher was like 'Natallie is probably the sweetest person in the grade' and everybody was like BAHAHAHAH!!!! (I used to be really quiet in years before)
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by alellie »

People think I'm a prep just because I'm fond of the color pink.

Stereotypes seriously suck.

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Re: Stereotyping

Post by debussygirl »

I think I live in a whole different world sometimes. I don't pay attention to stereotypes. I just see people for what they do, not how they dress or what they look like. I don't really think I've been stereotyped either. Or maybe I just care so little about what other people say I've stopped listening to them altogether.
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Re: Stereotyping

Post by JaliceAlsper »

eizel wrote:i hate people who stereotype! like for me example.. because im one of the 3 only Asians in school they stereotyped me as a Brainiac, yeah maybe im taking Honors classes but that doesn't mean that im only that. i may dress a little too simple but that's only because im comfortable in it.. i dont dress like that when im out with my friends.

i hate it when im talking to someone and then some one will say " oh she's a smart *ss don't talk to her u'll be embarrassed" WTF?!
I know exactly how you feel! I'm also Asian and people take me in as a "genius" of some sort. Most people think that because we're Asian, we have yellow skin, eat dogs, and have squint-y eyes. What's up with that?

Just because one person is like something, it doesn't mean that everyone who is of the same race or are friends with him/her are the same!

Most people think I'm emo just because I wear black and listen to different types of music then they do. One day my friend was wearing all black to school and said, "I'm going to be emo today, does anyone know how to be emo?" Then she went over to me and said, "Hey, Kim, you're emo, what do you do?" What the heck? I mean, I am not emo. Emo isn't even a real word!

In conclusion, stereotypes are horrible.
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