Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by WhenTheSunGoesDown »

CaughtMyself426 wrote:Woo! Topic name is so true! :lol:
yeah I have my lovely Vulgar Language is Ugly glasses, kinda a pinky reddy colour half rim and then the black edges, hehe there cool!
i had these god awful practically circular ones for too many years, I didn't realise how awful they were i
until I got new ones and saw a pic of me ...
one word .. Ew...
friends like to show me that pic a lot! she has it on her laptop... oh dear oh dear ..

i look so creepy without glasses now! Ya know I'm not even supposed to wear em full time but I just hate not being able to see! I guess at this stage thought I would be told to wear em full time .., sight is fading! :shock: :lol:
glasses are good in the way they hide dark circles under your eyes .. thats something I always have!!
ahaha same here!!! but i hate them cause i do alot of sports and i can't wear them...

i use makeup when im not wearing glasses.. just a tiny bit under my eye...
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by Cymbrelynn »

I've had my black, thick framed, kind of cat eye "indie glasses" for 5 years now. I feel like I've just had them too long, though. Sort of like it's time to move on. But anytime I try on other glasses they never look or feel right. I think I might be jumping ship and wearing contacts permanently. The moment I showed up for a job interview and caught sight of myself in a business suit with my glasses I thought it was just entirely ridiculous. Time to grow up, I think. :( Have you guys ever had this dilemma?
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by pennybug84 »

I hardly wear my glasses, usually just at night before I go to bed for a few hours. So I don't find them as annoying as I used to when I had to wear them at all times. Now during the day I wear my contacts. My eyes are so bad that something that's more than like 3/4 inches away is blurry. I got my first glasses in I think 1st grade and then in 10th grade got contacts and I love them compared to glasses! But I actually kind of like the glasses I have now they're purple frames and kind of a rectange shape.
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by Mrs.TeddyBear »

I never wanted to get glasses, but I have HORRIBLE eyes so after 2 years of pretending I could see, people caught on and made me get some. I insisted on contacts, which I sually wear, but my eyes are reallys ensitive I guess, so i cant wear them for very long or for multiple days in a row. For example, I wore contacts yesterday, and today Im wearing glasses. & tomorrow I'll wear glasses cuz my eyes hurt from wearing the contacts yesterday. I should probably get a better brand, that doesnt hurt me as much...
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by Jasper<3 »

*pops in*


*pops out*

:lol: :lol: <3 you guys
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by Dovrebanen »

^ :lol:
I've had glasses since I was 6 years old. I tried to switch to contacts once but I felt weird. When you've worn glasses everyday for all your life, you feel naked without them. And like someone said, it's an excellent way of hiding dark circles...

I have dark brown glasses now. I can read without them if I keep the book fairly close. But I can't see things at a distance very well.
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by therealmrswhitlock »

My eyes are really bad. I've had glasses since I was 8 (16 years), and I've actually grown to like them. The ones I have now are metal half-frames (the bottom part of the lens is held with fishing-wire type stuff). I've never had the money to get contacts, and I'm also not good with pain, so I don't know if I could wear them.

My eyes are so bad that anything farther than three or four inches from my face is blurry. It sucks.
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by roo-roo91 »

if i'm not mistaken..
i've had glasses since i was around 8....
that's 10 years.
i kinda like having them.
though having perfect vision would be nice.
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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by Jadey »

Im short sightededed but I has contacts now. Best thing ever.
Stupid genetics. Im the only one out of four kids who has crap eyesight.... thanks to my father. *spits*

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Re: Girls With Glasses are Sexy Too

Post by n0vaice »

definitely! I would totally go out with somebody if she wore glasses.

Glasses make people hot. But I don't wear glasses though or contacts.
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