How do you talk?

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How do you talk?

Post by Pel »

how do you talk like surfer southern british new york

i talk like surfer so im told i guess i like do sort of

i hate the new york accent it is sooooo innoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by *Bloodlust* »

Possibly the most neutral way of speaking EVER. I live in the south, but my parents have foreign accents, but I'm in love with northern[America] and European ways of speaking, so I study it. Mix all of that into together and you get a weird blended accent that comes out kind of neutral. lol

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by Elizabeth »

I've heard that I have an accent, but I think it's one of my own. I grew up in an English-speaking home but my grandparents spoke to us in Spanish. I was born in Rhode Island and the people around us spoke Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, English. My family moved to Florida when I was 3, so I may have a New England accent that slips up sometimes but Florida is so different from everywhere else, so who knows what I sound like!
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by AliceLauren »

I have recently started saying "Gwod" and "Gwosh" and I'm not trying to. Its kinda strange. But sometimes I have a southern accent (I live in Texas) but sometimes I have sort of a British accent. Idk. Its so funny though.

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by brunetterebel010 »

I'm from Texas and I have one of the strongest Texas accents I think I've ever heard. I think ONE thing I don't say typical of many southerner is "warsh" I really don't throw in "r"s where they don't belong. I don't drop them where they should be like i'm told yankees (if you'll forgive the term) do
i say car not cah
although i comes out a bit more like aih
and ma'am is mayum
and hello often sounds alot like "howdy" or "mornin'"
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by Vendetta »

Wowserz! All you guys have such interesting ways of speaking while mine is just boring. I live in the "not-north" area of the United States and I don't even have the accent to prove it. A disappointment to all southern people, I've been called. It's ok though because life goes on. Since I lived up north in the most important years of my life, I do say "tuwalk" for talk, but it's not as strong as you would imagine. Other little things like that, but nothing major. Mostly, I just imitate others in a pathetic attempt to emphaize my accent. Well, whatever works for me!
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by Amethyst1 »

i have a canadain accent/american accent.
you know, how people talk on american movies - that's how i talk!

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by Gabbie »

I just have a normal Australian boring accentt. :shock:
Thanks Lizzy! <3 (AGF)

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by FireLuna » an American? xDDD
I'm from Massachusetts, which is in New England, but I don't have the Boston accent, so yeah. It's normal?

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by Wish.I.may »

Uh. . . I talk like a Michigander.
Michiganders say pop instead of soda generally.
Other than that, I talk normal I guess.
formally, Ostentatious6277

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