How do you talk?

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Re: How do you talk?

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Uh...I talk normal, I guess. I don't have any accents or anything.
But I do talk really fast and so my words jumble together and even I can't understand what I just said.

I also talk really quietly, so everyone is always "what?" "What did you say?" "What was that?" It is SO annoying to have to repeat yourself for everything you say. I just get so annoyed that I'm like "Why don't you get a hearing aid?" And then I like scream what I had said, hoping that the person finally understood me.

And I also find New York accents to quite annoying. I live in New Jersey (which is rather close to New York, if you didn't know), so unfortunately I have to deal with that accent on occasion.

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by Anarey »

It depends who I'm hanging out with. I get stuck with other people's accents for a couple of days. Some stay with me for a while, or forever. Like the word can't, I say it with a british accent and when I try to say it without the accent it doesn't sound different from the word can and it confuses people. Same happens to me when I'm speaking Spanish, I end up with a Colombian accent, or an American one or whatever accent the person I hang out with has. It helped me at college with my acting group but now it's a little annoying.
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by Waffle of Doom »

My friends find my accent hilarious. Both of my parents are Yankees, but I've lived in Texas my entire life, so I have a lot of the New Jersey type accent and the a lot of Texas in there, too. Sometimes I have a really heavy Texas accent for no reason.
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Re: How do you talk?

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I grew up in northeast Arkansas, but my accent is a little bit different from most people who live there. Proper pronunciation has always been important to me. I have always enunciated my words since I had a speech impediment when I was little. I'm an English professor as well. Take all that together and you get a very Southern accent that isn't very twangy. I sometimes slip, depending on with whom I'm conversing, and will say something very twangy, but for the most part I have just a Southern accent.

When I have coversed with my Lex friends who live in Texas, Utah, Michigan, Canada, California, and Connecticutt...they all agree that my accent is "sweet or precious." They assured me it isn't *redneck* at all. Two of them even stated it is "sexy," but I won't tell you who it is.
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by darkrider »

I have a slight southern accent, especially when I'm yelling. lolll But since i've moved to KY, i notice that it's NOTHING compared to theirs. lolll

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by urcoolcarrie »

i'm from utah, and we tend to not say mountains correctly. its more like mounans. weird.
anyway, some say y'all. at least, in my town they do. heck, we say it A LOT.
as for just me, i say "like" a ton. if you see it in my posts, its because i say it that way, therefore i write it down that way too. i also mumble a lot. people have to ask multiple times what i said. the weird thing is that i picked it up from my friend, and we can understand eachother just fine. its other people that don't get our way of talking.
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by JustHuman »

I'm from South Yorkshire in England.
And I do NOT speak like the queen. I have a strong Yorkshire accent

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Are you alright love? Where have you been?

Mad accent. Really it is.
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Re: How do you talk?

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Apparantly I have a rather English accent. The odd thing is... I'm not English, I'm welsh.
I like to confuse my friends by talking cockney rhyming slang. There faces are priceless. :)

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Re: How do you talk?

Post by vamp na hEireann »

I have a culchy Cavan accent.It's really cool though!although cavan people generally string all their words together so sometimes you can't make out what their saying at all unless you've actually grown up there! :lol:
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Re: How do you talk?

Post by Persephonie »

I have a french canadian accent..... :-)

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