Body Art and Piercings

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Re: Body Art and Piercings

Post by la_tua_cantante »

I've wanted a tattoo for years and never could decide what I would get, and I figured it out instantly when I read New Moon and Edward explained what La Tua Cantante meant.

Once I get the money set aside, I'll get that phrase with a treble clef before it, and perhaps a music staff. It fits because music has always been incredibly important in my life, so I'm happy. 8-)
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Re: Body Art and Piercings

Post by BettingOnAlicexX »

I dont have anything yet but once im older im going to get my lip pierced 2 or maybe 3 times. And my ears at least 3 each. Then Im going to get a tattoo of wings on my shoulder blades and some twilight quotes some where else.
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Re: Body Art and Piercings

Post by CéliAmbre »

Yeah, I'm not actually sure it's actually Pel who wants this tatoo. I think she only reposted it from the old forums from someone else.

I'd love a butterfly. But I'll have to wait because my mum is afraid of tatooes getting infected and people judging me because of my tatoo. But it would be small anyway. But at least I managed to convince her to go get myself a nose piercing. I'll probably get one during the cotober holiday. Here are my arguments to cinvince her: 1. I can put it off later and 2. It's better for me to have my "rebellious" times now, as a teenager, than later, when I might mess up college and my job and so on.
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Re: Body Art and Piercings

Post by AlainaTwilight »

I have both my ears peirced, and I'm going to get them done a second time later this year.

As far as tattos go, I do want one, maby two. I have a design I know I'm going to get as soon as I'm 18, just 5 more weeks to wait, so that I can get it without my parent's throwing a huge fit. I worked on the design myself and I'm really proud of it. It's a Medical Caduceus with 3 stars that are arcd above the wings with the numbers .3, 11, and 16 inside them. I can't decide if I want it palced on my left sholderblade, or on my lower back. I'm getting it because most of my life has been spent in hospitals or with doctors because of my Liver Condition. I eventually want a second tatto that is somehow related to twilight, but I haven't figured out wat it will be yet.

Here's a picture of the Tatto I designed: ... ned-01.jpg
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Re: Body Art and Piercings

Post by Analisse »

Pel wrote:have finally decided that I am going to tattoo the cover art from New Moon (US version) on my lower back calve. I think it is the most beautiful rendition of the tulip and is edgy because of the drip of blood. I think that we can all agree that Bella and Edward have changed our lives forever. Books should change our lives, perspectives and raise the quality of how we speak and relate to others. Since I am an artist and avid fan, I am determined to show my love for this book for as long as I live. Any body else on this forum have body art from the books or from a book they have loved in life?

That's a nice idea for a tattoo. I already have 3 and I'm thinking about getting a new one. My tattoos are not related to Twilight. But all of them mean a lot to me.
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Re: Body Art and Piercings

Post by Sarah-Lynn »

COOL!! A Twilight tattoo! I've never thought of that. I have 2 tattoos...
1. I got my first one to mark my 30th b-day... it's above my right ankle- it's a yellow-orange crescent moon with 3 blue stars, one for each decade of my life. ;) I had been thinking about getting one for 2 years, and decided on that.
2. Last summer I got my hubby's name inked above my left ankle.

I want to get some Chinese symbols somewhere, but haven't made up my mind. I like harmony, happiness, hope, faith, strength, courage... something along those lines...

Tats are a very personal thing. I really think they should reflect my personality. I didn't want to get one just for the sake of covering up skin. My oldest brother is into all that tribal art crap, and none of his tats make any sense.

No unfamiliar body piercings... just 2 in each ear.

LOL- my cousin got a new tat a couple of weeks ago on her forearm... "think happy thoughts." It's from Peter Pan! I told her she should get "I believe I can fly" on the other arm! :)
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Re: Body Art and Piercings

Post by isabel »

I do not have a Twilight tattoo yet but I do have one inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have the celtic griffin that Angel had on his back tattooed inbetween my sholder blades. I also have a celtic knot on each side of the griffin and three nautical stars along my lower back. I already have my next three tattoos planned but I am thinking a Twilight tattoo in going to be on the list soon. I am thinking a quote done my side would be nice.
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Re: Body Art and Piercings

Post by Fanpire »

I have one piercing in each ear but I would like to get another one in my right ear...and I would also like on my heel...but we'll see about that
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Re: Body Art and Piercings

Post by simple_love♫ »

I have my ears pierced... I would be scared to get a tattoo, though I kinda want one (no way my mom would ever let me) but only a small one maybe on my ankle because someday when it's a blob I don't want it to be a noticeable blob
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Re: Body Art and Piercings

Post by vegasn8ive »

If you find a good artist who uses good ink and you take care of your tattoo - use sunscreen! - it shouldn't be a blob someday. :lol:
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