What are you awful at?

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Re: What are you awful at?

Post by Sydflower »

Wow! I am good at a lot of stuff lol.. So when my friend invited (more like begged) me to go skating last year.. I showed up for her... It was a catastrophe! I have gone back countless times and continue to bust my butt!

Hmph.. Glad to get that embarrasing flaw off my chest lol.
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Re: What are you awful at?

Post by yanjan3 »

and now I realize that I, apparently, am awful at keeping my schedule!..
another one for my list..lol
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Re: What are you awful at?

Post by ihadanEdwardRush »

I'm really awful at doing some sports thing. I'm awful at doing some arts too! Like the painting, and the drawing stuffs..really.
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Re: What are you awful at?

Post by *Lamb*I*Am* »

I'm AWFUL at anything maths related! I'm totally mathematically challenged.
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Re: What are you awful at?

Post by Jasper<3 »

Sports. Except for Rock Climbing, I can't do sports. I fail miserably.
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Re: What are you awful at?

Post by MagicWings »

I'm absolutely AWFUL at math. Elementary schoolers could probably out-math me. I'm also pretty bad at sports and anything requiring I lift more than... 40 pounds XD
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Re: What are you awful at?

Post by Rainbowfairy »

I'm terrible at:


Swimming (I start having a panic attack if I can't touch the bottom of the pool with my toes - i'm only little)

Bike-Riding (going down hills scares me the most, mainly cos I don't know whats at the bottom of the hill. I get so scared that I forget to use my brakes and ALWAYS crash)
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Re: What are you awful at?

Post by JenTheWriter »

Man, but there are so many things I'm awful at! But I think the worst of them is my patience. I have none. Though the past two years have tested me hardcore in the world of patience for waiting for my Mr. Right. I found him, I just have to wait for him. *sigh*
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Re: What are you awful at?

Post by twi-nerd »

I'm awful at walking.

My friend who reads Twilight was walking behind me and I tripped over my foot and she was all like,"OMG! You're just like Isabella Swan!" She blurted it out and everyone turned to look at me. I stood up and shook the dirt of my pants and turned to look at them.
"It's Bella!" I said and nearly started crying to how she called me Isabella.

Edit!: I mispelled Twilight. I spelled Twiligiht. Sorry! I'm such a disgrace to the Twilight name. Please don't bite me. Except for a Cullen!!!! :D :D
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Re: What are you awful at?

Post by twilightbelle<3 »

I can't find a way to walk without falling!
Also, I suck at math, HORRIBLY. sheesh!
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