The fashion thread

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Re: The fashion thread

Post by Fanpire »

I love wearing hoodies and converse...(and for those who think that converse are only emo shoes...they are
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by simple_love♫ »

I like....
trench coats (i want a white one!!)
cowboy boots
skinny jeans
baby doll top
red high heels (just like Kellie Pickler's!!)

...anything with ruffles (I'm very girlie)
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by AliceLauren »

I absolutely love

- Pea coats
- skinny jeans
- cute ballet flats
- plain colored shirts
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by Starlight_juice »

I tend to wear:

sun dresses
light blouses
tank tops
tennis shoes

For when I am just lounging about at home:

old shirts from random radio stations that my dad got for me
fluffy robes
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by steph »

The one thing that i just dont understand is how the eighties are managing to come back...thats the decade that no one wanted!! what the heck man? lol

what i usually wear besides my work clothes:
dark wash jeans
i am absolutely in love with the tank tops from the buckle....i wear them under everything!!
zip up hoodies
solid color t-shirts from american eagle
flip flops or heels
ed hardy shirts

oh, and i love pea coats they are so freakin cute!

What i hate:
socks with sandals
sleeveless shirts too tomboyish to wear them lol the only dress i ever wore was my wedding dress.
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by Conzoni al vento »

i agree that conervse are not emo shoes. I bought converse just because of the color... but the stroe only carried them in a whole size too big so i bought them anyway. That makes them really uncomfortable to walk in but whatever. pain for beauty.

So my basic everyday look is a cardigan over a cami or a nice shirt and jeans.
i HATE wearing pants though so i try to wear dresses as often as i can.
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by darkrider »

I don't usually look to wear aany certain designed. Though, I usually find myself more drawn and buying Ralps Lauren and Calvin Klein. As for shoes, OMG! I love Michael Kors(sp?) and Puma for running shoes. Purses...I love anything pretty. I have alot of Coach and one Louis V. I also like Cole Haan and Ralph Lauren.

That's about all that comes to my mind right now.

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Re: The fashion thread

Post by heat of the sun »

Anyone else truly into fashion? Not just enjoy shopping and the like, but really have a passion for it? I watch The Hills all the time and wish I could do what Lauren and Whitney are doing. Attending any of the Fashion weeks would be my dream come true.

Phillip Lim's new collection is gorgeous. His work is always so remarkable to me. Simple, but with enough flair to make you go crazy [in a good way]. Proenza Schouler have been making their mark on the fashion world recently, and I'm so excited for them.
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by kimiCullenx3 »

My style is mainly:

Skinny Jeans.
Lacy camis under tee-shirts.
Flats. [Silver, defo.]
Sneakers. [Roxy]
Big sunglasses.
and I really want some Converse ]]:
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Re: The fashion thread

Post by luv_edward_cullen »

I really like ray-bans :)
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