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Re: Writers Central

Post by Feathers »

Dragon-girl, that was my fall when I stepped from fanfiction into original fiction: in Fanfiction, the characters are premade. The challenge, as stated above, is in keeping them as they are. In original fiction, you have to start from scratch and create that level of depth yourself. (And Wings is undergoing a huge uphaul; the first two chapters have been redesigned completely, and it feels better now.)

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Re: Writers Central

Post by twilight_obsessor013 »

Feathers wrote:
Here's a question: Do you write both fanfiction and original fiction? For those of you who write original fiction, did you start out writing fanfiction? Fanfiction writers: interested in trying your own? I'm wondering how the two relate. Is there anyone who only does original fiction, and if so, why not ever try fanfiction?

And another question: How did you get into writing? What first prompted you to pick up the pen? (Or, in my case, hit the keyboard)?
I used to write Fanfiction, but stopped right after I stopped watching Animes. I tried to make a Twilight Fan Fiction with my own OCs, but it didn't work as well. Because where my Fan Fiction took place was the skipped time that Bella had in New Moon. And I kinda got Bella alive in that, so it didn't do well with my story. Now, I write original fiction (as the post in page three) and currently, I'm working on a piece that is parallel to the Book Keeper Destiny.
Answer to Fanfiction writers: I am writing my own. The two relate by that you don't have to create other characters on the spot--you can just pick a character from the fan fiction base you are currently working on and viola! You got magic! Unlike in realistic fiction where you have to stop and take a time to pick out the gender, what this person looks like, the name and sometimes the abilities of a person. (And unfortunately, I have a character named Jordan and another named Jared, so I get those two mixed up.)

How did I get into writing...hm...I think I answered that already.
what I wrote before Ren posted the question wrote:I first started when I was in third grade. There, I wrote a small book (that had three paged chapters HA) called Fly High, Little Butterfly, and it was about a bunch of girls that were best friends who lived in this parallel world with these huge spirits that you can obtain and take control called Powergirls. (Weird how guys would have them ^_~) The girls watched this thing called the Parade of Butterflies that happen every year and they also tend to the butterflies when ever they fall out of the sky to their health. Which brings up the huge question: CAN YOU HEAL A BUTTERFLY BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL HEALTH?!

I didn't think so.

After that, in fifth grade, we were reading Hatchet by Gary Pulsen, and our teacher wanted us to write a prediction in a story format from where we were standing. Out of twenty one students, only two got higher than Ds and Fs. One happened to be my friend Philip and the other was me. I got an A out of TWENTY ONE STUDENTS. That, in my time, was pretty impressive. The only thing that I didn't do right was explain why the water was murky. The prediction went that Brian would find a cat tail, use it like a snorkel and swim to the bottom of the lake where the plane was. He would then, grab the survival kit that was still stuck in the plane and get out. That's kinda how I did it.
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Re: Writers Central

Post by Reverie »

Seeee, I looove writing, but I am really not good with fanfiction. It has to be original or bust for me. I need to have the characters talking to me, not having other peoples talking to me.. cause I just don't know them very well. I did NaNo WriMo for two years now, but I don't know if I will do it this year or not..

Anyone else did that craziness?
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Re: Writers Central

Post by GoldEyesSilentHeart »

I love to write, even if I don't finish what I'm working on, but I'm currently working on something, and I do plan to finish it. I'm one of those romance people lol, so of course it's a love story. But I think it's something that quite a lot of teenage girls can relate to. Like, the story is about a girl who has lost her mom and her Dad's always at work and practically all the has is her best friend, and he explains to her that he loves her and always has and they fall in love and.....a complete twist! Woo! Haha, it's not just a love story, but sort of a science fiction thing, too. If you want to read it, I'll post the link. I have it in my blogs on my myspace page. It's called Eternal Eclipse. If you do read it, please post a comment and tell me what you think. I really don't want to write a story that no one likes....

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Re: Writers Central

Post by NolitaFairytale »

Thanks to all the awesome suggestions. Another question I have (just 'cause I'm curious :D ) is how or where people find inspiration for their stories? I personally find inspiration in music and long bus/car rides. I've outlined complete stories in my head that way.

As for fanfiction, I've written a few pieces myself (all Harry Potter stuff. Check it out here: http://www.fanfiction.net/malteselover). Fanfiction is great if you need some pure-fun writing. Plus, it helps with improving one's plot developement and asking the great, "what if?"

How I started writing: In eight grade, my English teacher did this whole creative writing unit. My writing was awful then, but it sparked my interest. I've improved greatly since then, with the help of some fanfiction and short story writing.

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Re: Writers Central

Post by little-freak »

Feathers wrote:My problem is not only do I come up with another idea, I come up with an entirely different story. Not necessarily a better one, but another one to be told. (I'm in the middle of FOUR, now, ladies, for those if you who know me. Holy crap.)

As far as sticking to it, if you change your mind about it, then it seems like you weren't really into it in the first place. From what I've heard from other authors, Stephenie included, several writers 'hear' characters in their head. Like, they don't just make up a character and a story, the character exists in their mind with a story to be told. I don't know if that distinction helps you at all, but that's how I function. I actually start when a character crops up, and then I usually see the ending, and then they show me the begining, and as I start writing, crap happens inbetween. And, lo and behold, crap = plot. And voila! Story!

Is that helpful at all?

<3 Ren
i know what you mean...they suddenly start talking in my head and are not shouting up until they made me write it all down!
and i'm into five stories by now...two with about 40000 words, one with 30000 and two with about 10000..

what i think is very important for writing a novel: you need a motivation! be happy about every page you write! don't be like hm...just a page...i have to write more...if you don't know how to continue chill out listen to music and very, very important: you have to have a very good friend you can tell everything about your book. my best friend always gives me tips and helps me to improve my ideas. and what the biggest motivation is: if people love your story! the day after my best friend told me my story is her new favourite "book" i wrote about 5000 words!
and if you don't know how to discribe the way your charakter looks, try and draw them. even if you spoil them, no, especially if you spoil them, it works!you're thinking while drawing, no her hair is longer, his eyer are darker, her ears are smaller and you suddenly got words to discribe them
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Re: Writers Central

Post by PiXiE_Shopaholic1025 »

I write my own stories and some fanfiction. When I'm in a jam I tend to start writing some fanfiction so I can just take my mind away from my original stories. It's easier that way so I'm not always stressing over the chapter I'm writing. :)

I started off writing my own stories, back in like 6th grade. They were all unfinished stories but it I had so much fun writing them. I even showed my chapters to my Language Arts teacher! :roll: She told me it was good, but I think she was just saying that.

As for when I get my inspiration? It's sporadic. Anywhere. If I see something happen, I wonder what that person was thinking or doing before that time and all of the sudden I get a story in my head. Other times, I have a two people talking to each other in my head right before I'm about to sleep. So I'll have to turn on my light grab my notebook and pencil and write down the conversation before I go back to bed. It can get annoying at times, especially when I have to wake up the next day at 6 am and it's already 12 am. Sometimes I get carried away and then end up writing til the wee hours of the morning. ;)
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Re: Writers Central

Post by EdwardWannabe »

I haven't read the whole topic, so please be excusing me when I post this, but there is an authors' forum I have created that many may be interested in. It is called "Tales of the Innocent", and I currently have 15 members, not many, but seeing as I just started, it is considerable. Please, I would like you to all check it out and maybe even join. Due to the image limitations on the site, I could not put my banner in my signature, but I encourage you to check it out.

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Re: Writers Central

Post by Carrisa »

Okay, I'm having just a few problems that I hope you guys can help me with. First off, is the setting. I decided to set the characters' home town to be Long Beach, California, not because California is a popular state or setting, but because it has all the essential elements: mountains, ocean, forest, so and so forth. But the thing is, I don't know much about Long Beach other then what Wikipedia can give me (which isn't enough) and I'm not sure where else to get information about it. Google doesn't help too much, either. Do I get a California travel guide? Or is there some other way to get the information I need?

One other problem I have is my story is constantly jumping from one section to another. I already know that if this story works out there will be more then one document ("book"), but I don't feel like starting up a whole bunch of files just to get every characters' word in. I think the reason I'm having this problem is because I have too many characters, but I love them all too much to cut someone out. Do you think I should cave in and start all the necessary documents or just jot down whatever segment that doesn't relate to the first "book" on paper?

This story is one that I really love because it was the first story I ever came up with, my first characters, and it's been maybe three or four years ago that I came up with it; but with that being said, it's also the one story I've had the most problems with. I've had a lot of characters cut, plot changes, etc. I just now have it in the right state now, no more changes or cuts necessary and I really want this to come together into the series I've dreamed of since character one. I hope you guys can help me!
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Re: Writers Central

Post by MiharuSkii »

I write both fanfiction and original. I started with fanfiction and liked it so much I decided to try my own stuff.
I only have two fanfics (one for Naruto and one for Harry Potter both OC's) so if you're interested go here: http://www.fanfiction.net/~miharusky

I have a poetry and a story called Life of Avenganceon my fictionpress: http://www.fictionpress.com/~miharusky

It would be greatly appreciated if you'd check them out :D
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