Favorite place to eat out

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Re: Favorite place to eat out

Post by navarre »

clpviolet wrote:I like all kinds of foods so here goes:

*Olive Garden
*Applebees....their Blondies are the best
*Red Lobster...I only eat fish and crab but when we go its great
*Elephant Bar...their food is pretty good too and they serve chinese, japanese, italian, american, etc.
*Woodfired Pizza
*Macaroni Grill
*Red Brickoven Pizza
*PF Changs
*Sushi Eki, Eki....local place, really delicious sushi
*Lucilles Smokehouse BBQ
*Yamabuki Sushi...another local sushi bar....great food

Just in case you are wondering I am half Costa Rican, half Japanese. I speak more Spanish than Japanese but I like more Japanese foods than latin foods....go figure.

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Re: Favorite place to eat out

Post by Mrs.TeddyBear »

When it comes to eating out Im a fan of Bob Evans and First Watch (but that's more of a local thing I think)
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Re: Favorite place to eat out

Post by i am bella »

oh my god, i flipping loveeeeee texas roadhouseeee!!!!!!
it is flipping amazinggggg!!!!! =D
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