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Re: Dreams

Post by urcoolcarrie »

i had the most amazing dream last night!! it was that i was going to some place where they were going to have robert come up and answer questions and sign autographs. well, when i was in line for autographs, he looked up at me and we both just froze. it was like love at first sight!! AHHHHH! ya, then, when he was pulling out in his volvo, (peter and elizabeth were driving. weird.) he totally locked eyes with me AGAIN!! i walked, star struck, back to this hospital where i was supposed to be. i still don't get that part. but hey! i got to see robert in my dream!

gah. i wish it were real. :x
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Re: Dreams

Post by cutesweetiezzz »

This is my friend's dream and I thought I'll post it where. Lets just call them L and H. Well, L had a dream about the Twilight movie and like these two girls were acting out the movie in her dream. Then H appeared out of nowhere and was like, "Call Elaine!!!! Call Elaine!!!" That was it. haha I should ask her tomorrow for some more details. Man, I haven't had a Twilight dream in so long.
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Re: Dreams

Post by la_tua_cantante »

OK so I have to tell you a funny story about one of my best friends and then I'll tell you about me. :D

My friend, Mandy, and I are both totally obsessed with Twilight. I'm Team Edward, and she's Team Jake-ward, because she can't decide. However, she lives with her boyfriend of 8 years and one morning last week when she came downstairs, he gave her a weird look and when she asked what was wrong, he said, "you were talking in your sleep". And she said, "i was? what did I say?". He said, "You asked me to bite you." She was like, "I said 'bite me'?" and he said, "No, you literally asked, "Will you please bite me?" and then she remembered she was dreaming about Edward. LOL. Oops.

I have been dreaming about Edward myself, especially lately since I've been focusing so much attention on Twilight.... They're quite nice dreams. *sigh* The other day, actualy, it was Rob instead of Edward, but hey, whatever. I also had a dream that for some reason I was on the set for New Moon, and I was some character that clearly doesn't exist in reality. I'm sure my husband would not be happy to know that my dream included Rob Pattinson developing a massive thing for me during the filming and us having to kiss on screen... Now that I think about it, Kristen wasn't there, so maybe in my dream, I was cast as Bella? I have no idea, but I'm not complaining.
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Re: Dreams

Post by HipsAndHearts »

Okay, I have this tendency to have really odd dreams and this one was a Twilight one.
I was in the forest with Edward, Jasper and Alice and we were walking, not running. Anyways, we found this little, ancient cemetery. There was this hole in the ground and we went over and checked it out. Marcus, from the Volturi, popped out and starting jumping from tree to tree. While he was jumping, we were running after him. He started singing Welcome to McDonalds (parody of Welcome to the Jungle) by Tim Hawkins. Here's the link to the song.
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Re: Dreams

Post by simple_love♫ »

in summer of 2006 I went home to Niagara Falls and stayed with my friend and she told me a story about "Bucky being o n the loose" but I thought it was a joke to scare me but this thread reminded me of the nightmares I had about it here's a link to the Niagara Falls Reporter artical http://www.niagarafallsreporter.com/citycide237.html

They caught Bucky!!!!!
http://www.usmarshals.gov/investigation ... lips15.htm
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Re: Dreams

Post by porscheturbo911 »

After reading Twilight, I've had some random dreams about Edward. I remember one dream where we were in a little village on the top of a snowy mountain and there was an avalanche and he saved me :P. There was another dream I had where Victoria, James, and Laurent were chasing me, and he saved me again ;). They all seem to have a theme of him saving me :D!
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Re: Dreams

Post by MiharuSkii »

I had this dream once where I was sitting in the back of History class and then I noticed Edward was sitting in front of me and I kept thinking about how hot he was so then he turned and gave me this crazy look and I couldn't figure out why. It wasn't until I woke up that I remebered he can read minds :oops:

Re: Dreams

Post by jaspercookie »

I had this nightmare once where I was at Warped Tour and I was trying to meet Gabe but he kept disappearing so then I followed William and he turned into my old science teacher... :o That one freaked me out for a while...

Then I had this dream that there I was being sucked into a blender with giant strawberries and I was shouting for help from my mom, but she didn't hear me. And my Latin teacher just kept laughing at me and saying that he could teach a really good class when the smoothie was ready. *GASP!*
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Re: Dreams

Post by xoxocamille »

I had a weird dream last night.

Apparently, me & my brother were in the car, and all of a sudden, I ran over these 3 kids riding their bikes.
Then 2 people were on my left and the guy said, 'People like you are the reason why we have WWII.'
And I was just like, :shock: :shock:

And I woke up. Weird.
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Re: Dreams

Post by cullen grl 17 »

ok well the other nite i had this dream that i was with edward cullen and we were talking and then i asked him to turn me into a vampire, and he just smiled and was like ok if thats what you really want. so he bit me on my hand and in my dream my hand was burning because of the venom. so i woke up and my hand was actully burning and i was like wow thats crazy. :lol:
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