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Re: Origen ethnicity

Post by Wolf-Girl90 »

celeste24601 wrote:unfortunately born and raised in Ohio... can't wait to get out!!!

1/4 Cherokee Indian
1/2 English
1/4 Italian
I'd love to live in Ohio!
If you think it's bad there, you should see where I'm from!

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Re: Origen ethnicity

Post by italiangirl1577 »

I'm 100% Italian, and I'm very proud of it! The only thing that is a little tiring is when people try to guess my ethnicity. Why, you may ask? Because 80% of the time, they guess wrong. I am most commonly mistaken as Spanish or Greek, which isn't too off because at least it's close (and Mediterraneans do have a tendency to look alike). But I do get some nationalities that are totally incorrect! I just find it a little funny (and exhausting) that people can't get it. They just skip right over sunny Italy! Which proves my theory that Mediterranean ethnicities are difficult to guess!
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