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Good Idea/Bad Idea

Post by Pel »

Ever watched Animaniacs? Well I think its time for another round of good Idea/Bad Idea

Good Idea: Its a good Idea to use Google to find images for your banners and avatars.

Bad Idea: Its a bad Idea to search Stephenie's Choice for Rosalie "Joana Krupa" with out the Parental block on! HELLO NURSE! LOL

Now its your turn...Make sure each post contains a good Idea and a related bad idea!

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Re: Good Idea/Bad Idea

Post by Nessa645 »

Good Idea: Eating some chocolate ice cream
Bad Idea: Eating ice cream while talking on the phone (then you get into the convo and forget about the ice cream)
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Re: Good Idea/Bad Idea

Post by Paprika »

Good idea-Watching the summer olymics on your plasma TV

Bad Idea-Staying up till 3 watching random shows when you work at 8 the next morning.
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Re: Good Idea/Bad Idea

Post by Iris Messenger »

Good Idea - riding a scooter down a hill

Bad Idea - riding three scooters at once down a hill <--- fanfiction/twilight blog <--- twilight chat
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Re: Good Idea/Bad Idea

Post by wishingiwasbella »

Good Idea: Making Chicken for dinner

Bad Idea: forgetting that your making chicken and catching the kitchen on fire.
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Re: Good Idea/Bad Idea

Post by cutesweetiezzz »

Good idea: Running
Bad idea: running around in the house with socks
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Re: Good Idea/Bad Idea

Post by xoxocamille »

Good Idea: Leaving Anika a voicemail.
Bad Idea: Leaving Anika a voicemail and falling asleep!
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Re: Good Idea/Bad Idea

Post by twilight_obsessor013 »

Good Idea: sleeping in short shorts
Bad Idea: Having a wedgie when you wake up.

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Re: Good Idea/Bad Idea

Post by BlueOrchid »

Good idea - drinking Coke
Bad idea - drinking Coke and laughing (it burns if it somes out of your nose)
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Re: Good Idea/Bad Idea

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

Good idea--Being obsessed with Twilight
Bad idea--Reading Twilight while babysitting and having small children destroy the house around you while you are utterly engrossed in your book.
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