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Re: Funny Stories

Post by Starless*Eyes »

Black wrote:Black - says (4:21 PM): Do you have Cheetos in England?
Tallulah - says (4:21 PM): Yeah, if you're on about the cereal.
Black - says (4:21 PM): Huh? No. The chips lol
Tallulah - says (4:21 PM): Wait, no. That's Cheerios.

rofl oh man, I laughed so hard at that.

okay so last year one of my best friends and I ended up in the same math class, unfortunatly we had a teacher that we'd constantly make jokes about and whatnot. So my teacher was just ridiculous when it comes to things she did sometimes and it would make my friend mad. Well one day we arrived to class early so we hovered by the door talking about something stupid the teacher did from the class before. We were facing eachother and my friend started going off about stuff and saying things like "omg, Ms.blahblah is sooo stupid! she's such a racist *itch!" and more bad stuff. As she was ranting the teacher comes walking down the hall behind my friend and towards us. I could see her coming but my friend couldn't so I let her continue on with her rant. I nearly died on the recycling bin next to me when the teacher walked past us to open the door and my friend realized she must have heard everything. Still, she was favoured by the teacher more than me. >__>
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Re: Funny Stories

Post by PhantasmaWolf »

Yesterday in Earth science my teacher was complaining about how he wanted to show us youtube videos, but the the school blocker wouldn't let you watch youtube. So everyone started talking about how to get around the blocker, and then started discussing a video about a drunk squirrel on youtube. Then it turned into a story about a drunk bird, and then everyone started telling stories about birds hitting cars they've been in, then talking about deer getting run over, and then things getting run over in general. o_O; I didn't tell that very eloquently, did I? Oh well. I just found it funny that it started as my teacher complaining about youtube, and then a discussion on hitting deer with your car. I suppose is was a "you had to be there to get it" moment.
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Re: Funny Stories

Post by simplymortal314 »

Ooo, this is exciting.
Well when you are in a all women choir at school with a young male director things can get awkward and hilriously funny.
So the other day, we were practicing our 'oo' vowel. And well since most weren't getting it my director says, "you have to round your lips, like you're smoking a joint" Then proceds to pretend he is smoking. When he realizes what he said, he exclaims, "No no no! That does not mean I condon smoking weed or any kind of smoking!" At that point there is a knock on the door and he goes, "Crap! That's the principal! I'm in trouble now." When the door was opened it was someone delivering a message from the office and happens to also be in choir. The director relaxes a bit and agin exclaims, "Sam! I do no condon smoking of any sort!" slaming his hands on the piano as he said this. It was an interesting day. I love chior. :D
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Re: Funny Stories

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

Last night, after we got back in town from a softball game, half of our team went out to eat at a chicken place. As most of us were finishing, two more players pull up. Heather runs in, her face red and an odd look on her face. We ask her why she ran in like that, and she tells us the story. She says she and Sunni were driving over the overpass and they hear a thunk. Heather says, "Don't worry, it's just my glove. We can go back and get it." Well, she looks over and sees her glove. She starts looking around and realizes her phone is missing. (I'm sure you all know where this is going by now.) So she and Sunni put on the caution lights and drove really slow down the overpass looking for the phone. They couldn't find it, and then they came to the chicken place where we were.

We all offer to go help her look for it, of course, because we're all just awesome. :lol: So, anyway, we drive down there and park in a nearby parking lot and walk the rest of the way to the overpass. I think there were seven of us and a parent. So here we are, half of a softball team in uniforms and everything, shivering and wandering back and forth down an overpass with one flashlight and half a dozen cell phones to see by. :lol: After a while, a cop shows up and puts on his lights and helps us look. Shortly after he showed up, he got a call on his radio saying something to the effect of, "The J-H softball team is walking back and forth on the overpass, and we don't know what the H377 they're doing." and of course we all just find that hilarious.

We did find most of the phone, we found the main part, the camera part, and the battery, and we snapped it together and it still works perfectly! :lol: It's a MotoQ if anyone's interested in an amazingly durable phone. :lol:
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Re: Funny Stories

Post by Sydflower »

Okay so tonight Im going with my friend to pick up her older sister... we are walking around in this huge gym at her church looking for her.. and there are these giant curtains and you hear music blasting. So we walk back there and there her sister is talking to these guys. We walk up to them. Ive never even met these people before but we start talking. Lol, and the guy told me his name is Chris Cootie. :lol: So then I proceeded to give him a cootie shot and tell him my name.

Haha.. it was one of those "you had to see it" things. :lol:
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Re: Funny Stories

Post by uniqueTWILIGHTfan »

Ok so to help you understand this one a bit everybody tells me I look like "Hermione" especially my friends it has a lot to do with my brown hair, which is always poofy, my bookishness, and my fair skin.
This happend back around Christmas but I just remembered it.
I was at a local Chinese food resturaunt and I was in the bathroom.
I had just washed my hands and I was drying them when a little girl, she had to be 6 or 7, walked out of the bathroom stall and began to wash her hands.
Right as I was about to throw my paper towel away and walk out of the bathroom she says
"I've seen you before"
and of course the first thing I thought was Where, is she one of the little girl scouts?
So I reply "Oh, you have?" and she says "Yeah it was in that movie, you know the one with the witches and wizards"
It clicked in my head right then she thought I was Emma Watson but before I could say anything she kept talking "Yeah remeber you had a cat face once"
All I could say was "I did?"
and she says "yeah I love that movie" and I replied "So do I"
So I said goodbye to the little girl and walk out and laughed a little to my self.

That story was not in a lot of detail but it would have taken forever to write everything she said.
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Re: Funny Stories

Post by Black »

Whoa. That's awesome, lol.
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Re: Funny Stories

Post by sarah-belle »

Me and Hailey and these two other girls, Hannah and Jessica, went to a Sing It Loud concert last night and in the room next door they were having some party or something, so there were a bunch of drunk people everywhere. So we were sitting outside on this patio thing, singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat (:D), and this guy who is TOTALLY hammered tries to get in the room where the party was, and he was like, "F*ck! The door's f*cking locked!" We were just kinda ignoring him. But then he walked up to us, sloshing his drink everywhere, and was like, "The f*cking door is locked!" And I go, "Man, I am so f*cking sorry!" Then he was like, "I'm sorry. I've been drinking since I was ten!" We were just like, "Oh really? Mmmhmm," while his friend was apologizing profusely. Then he was like, "Yeah, I've been eleven since I've been drinking (?)." and Hannah goes, "But you just said you were ten!" He was like, "I'm 32! I'm such a f*cking looser! (yes, that's how he said it)" And he gave started giving us high-5's and rambling about stuff. Later, he went up to these other girls and they pretty much ran away from him. So he came up to us again, and we just sat there and harrassed him some more :lol:
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Re: Funny Stories

Post by Black »

I remember one time I was looking all over the kitchen for the tortilla chips I'd just bought and when they weren't in any of the cupboards I went up to my sister's room figuring that she thieved them and sure enough, I opened her door and there she was digging in my bag of chips. I got really mad and said something like: "Gimme back my chips, b*tch! By your own damn bag," and then I grabbed the bag and smacked her upside the head with it. I went back to my own room and wasn't in there for a minute before I started feeling really bad about what I'd done. I kept telling myself that she deserved it (I told her not to eat them!) but I just couldn't live with myself so I went and gave her the chips back. How lame is that? lol
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Re: Funny Stories

Post by Jasper<3 »

^ That's really funny! You sound just like my friend Leanne.
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