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Simple Pleasures

Post by Pel »

I just watched Amelie (which I loved) and am curious about people's simple pleasure's.
Here are some of my own:
The crunch of snow
Red roses
Men who adore their mother's
Taking the plastic off DVD's
Watching people through tinted windows
When you have an icecream cone with ice cream stuffed to the very bottom of the cone
Stepping on a crunchy leaf
The way nail polish looks under water
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Re: Simple Pleasures

Post by Lauralai »

The way C.D.'s glint in rainbows in the sun

The crunch of ice after it's been in a glass of water for a while

The smell of home when i've been away for sometimes

The way my hands look in fingerless gloves once i've let my nails grow out a bit=]

The jingle of bangles around my wrist

The temperature difference when stepping out of the shade and into the sun on a chilly day

the sound of a flag twirling quickly in the air before i catch it (colorguard thing =P)

The movie "Almost Famous"

Singing off-key to "Somebody To Love" by Queen in the car with my dad

I could think of more=]
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Re: Simple Pleasures

Post by StupidxLamb »

Freshly painted toe nails.
Thunderstorms in the summer.
The way trees look when snow/ice sticks to the branches.
Making a baby laugh.
Getting a voicemail/e-mail/text/letter just becase. :]
Doing a good deed for no other reason than the fact that it's the right thing.
Hearing a favorite song on the radio.
Lying on top of a car, staring at the night sky.
Clothes still warm from the dryer.
Knowing someone misses you as much as you miss them.
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Re: Simple Pleasures

Post by HazedInDeadlyPollen »

umm let me think...
looking at the Twilight Saga in one tall stack on my bed
a glass of water when I'm parched
chocolate covered strawberries
feeling like I can breathe
hearing "te amo"
"Velvet Pony" by Psapp
My eighth grade class
my beanie babies clustered together
being able to remember
drawing some piece of crap when I feel the need to draw
looking at a clean,empty notebook with lovely designs
writing a letter
waking up
my baby blanket
closing my eyes in the middle of the day and lying on my bed fully clothed while listening to Psapp
Writing this list

There is much more.
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Re: Simple Pleasures

Post by NolitaFairytale »

The smell of the air at 10 A.M on a warm summer day.
The crinkle fallen leaves make under your feet.
Putting on a new pair of glasses with an updated prescription.
daydreaming on a long car ride
Finding a new email in your inbox
Getting lost in your favorite book

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Re: Simple Pleasures

Post by chessley_meyers »

Waking up from a good dream
Standing in the rain and feeling it fall on your face
Reminiscing with friends
The smell of freshly washed clothing
The warmth of a campfire on your face
The first snow of winter
Singing at the top of your lungs in the car
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Re: Simple Pleasures

Post by Wish.I.may »


Listening to Queen
Getting a 100% on Guitar Hero
Watching A Knight's Tale and Batman Begins
Listening to any of my favorite songs
Rereading books I've read 10+ times
Laughing with my friends
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Re: Simple Pleasures

Post by WishIWasACullen »

Stepping on particularly crunchy leaves
The smell of rain on previously dry asphalt
Someone saying/shouting "5,6,7,8!" (dance team)
Dancing...anywhere, anytime.
post-it notes
PMs on the Lex
Messages on myspace
The warmth of sun on my skin
the smell of my boyfriend's bodywash
the smell of my house after having been away for a long time
The new car smell
a new pair of dance shoes
breaking in said pair of dance shoes
a new book
re-reading an old favorite (or new favorite)
throwing myself on the couch after an exhausting day
holding babies

many, many more things....
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Re: Simple Pleasures

Post by Sarah-Lynn »

My freshly painted nails
A good glass of red wine
Godiva chocolate bar
Godiva dark chocoate truffles
My family's spaghetti sauce recipe that my great-grandfather brought with him from Italy
New bottle of shower gel
Drinking my morning coffee on the patio during Fall snuggled in my fluffy robe!
Bubble baths
Scented candles
Messages on Facebook or MySpace
when my DH says "I love you more."
Feel of the sun on my skin after the dreary Texas "winter"
a nice pair of earrings
nice fitting pair of jeans
geez, a good hair day for that matter... :lol:
a clean dining room table with a vase of flowers
coral roses, sunflowers, daisies
IM-ing my friends
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Re: Simple Pleasures

Post by »

long, warm showers
long, quiet car rides (not me driving)
when it rains
reading the Twilight saga
getting text messages on my cell 8-)
getting PM's on the Lex and on youtube
finding a good book
reading/seeing about new Twilight updates
drinking SPRITE!!
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