Why are you happy

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Why are you happy

Post by Pel »

We have a 'complaint' thread to talk about why life is so suckish sometimes...so here's the reverse of that thread. Tell about why you're happy right now!

I'm happy 'cause I get to go back home this week to visit friends, and I'm also happy 'cause I'm on the Twilight Lex
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by ~xStRaWbErRyx~ »

I'm happy because I got my GCSE results and I passed everything!
I seriously thought I would fail science :?
But I passed all 3!
:D :D :D :D
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by jenni_elyse »

I'm happy because the Lex is back up! I missed my friends so much!!! I'm also happy because I found out my niece is pregnant with her second child. Woo hoo!
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by WishIWasACullen »

I'm happy that the Lex is back up and because Breaking Dawn was so amazing. And I'm also happy because I'll be in Hawaii in a week...the best part of that being that, not only will I be in Hawaii, I will be re-reading the twilight saga while I'm there. What's better than a 4th run through of the best saga ever in one of the most beautiful places ever? Nothing is, that's what.
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by cutesweetiezzz »

I'm happy because my friend made some Twilight bookmarks and she said I could print them out and use them.
They're like really really pretty, but I want to laminate them too.
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by bittenbyEdwardCullen »

I'm happy because I don't have to go to school tomorrow and I survived my first day of college. I also found out that all the cute guys have been in college this whole time. For years I was starting to think that they were all out of state. :D
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by BettingOnAlicexX »

im happy because im about to go to sleep!! And i love sleeping....especially when im very tired, like right now...ahhh sleep. :)
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by Luna Silvertail »

I'm happy, since I've come back from a great marching band practice.

I'm happy that I can stay up late.

I'm happy that all my summer homework is done.
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by xMoonlightxTragedyx »

Happ becuase.

Only sucky becuase us cheerleaders had to do the number of point they had each time they scored, so we ended up doing 86.

Other than that everything was GREAT!!!
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by rain.on.me »

I'm happy because:

I went out to buy the new edition of Entertainment Weekly, the one with Harry Potter kid on the cover and the Twilight article inside! (even though I don't like hp, I had to buy it anyway)

While I was in line waiting to buy the magazine mentioned above, I was randomly flipping through another magazine that I got off some nearby rack. And low and behold, was an article on Twilight and Stephenie Meyer! I was so excited. It's People magazine, with Jessica Simpson on the cover. (whoa she was on the cover of the Elle edition that had Twilight article in it...wierd) And, my mom bought it for me. I thought she wouldn't...

Not so happy because:

Earlier in the week I saw the Vanity Fair magazine (the one with K-Stew on the cover) in 7-Eleven. Tonight I went back to the store to buy it. But it WAS GONE! I was sooo mad! Then I made my mom drive me around to every store that sold magazines in the area, looking for it. I never found it. I really regret not buying it when I first saw it in that 7-Eleven. :cry:
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