Why are you happy

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Re: Why are you happy

Post by nissanmama »

Because we have power!!

I'm in Cincinnati and we've been four freakin' days without power. Ah! Electricity!
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by darkrider »

I'm riding with Mel tonight. =]]]
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by Carrisa »

I got a new bunny! She's so adorable! Or, at least, we think it's a girl. XD She's white with black specs all over her and she has the neatest markings around her face! I want to hold her but she is really nervous right now. We have no idea what to name her if she turns out to be a boy, but right now her name is Clementine! =3
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by srabrgr »

I went to our highschool football game and had a blast! And I have the first part of Love Song by Sara Barielles (sp?) learned on the piano :D
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by Spartan »

I'm nearly always content - I think I've found my inner peace. If I get angry I just concentrate and calm down and am fine, some people don't understand it. But i'm just fine, not exactly happy but content.
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by 'twahy-lahyt' »

I'm happy because TWILIGHT the moive comes out in a month :D :D :D
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by BettingOnAlicexX »

im HAPPY because Twilight is finally come out this Friday!!!
going at midnight...even though its a school night.
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by ashiekins16 »

I'm happy for Twilight this week too! Haha, I'm sure that's why everyone is happy on here.
Also because the holidays are coming and I love them!
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by kaitlyncullen »

i'm happy cuuuusss....

i got to see my ex-boyfriend today, my super hot really desirable unattainable one. lol. he's one of those guys you just get giggly and weird around, and do stupid things you wouldnt normally do. yeah. aaand um, i got a number i deleted back. because i didnt really want to delete it in the first place....

and there's a beautiful edward poster above my bed right now, and i put some pictures from magazines too on my walls. ahh, it's nice to go to sleep looking at him. but, it'd be nicer with jasperr... lol.
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Re: Why are you happy

Post by threethings »

I'm happy cause i'm on here, I'm talking to Lynzeee and somebody moved my campaign thread to "in the twilight zone", that's really exciting for me. And i'm happy cause my sis's birthday is in a few days and I got her a really good present. . . . . .I'm happy cause i'm getting a red ipod in a month, with the unlimited plan.

I'll stop babbling now.
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