What is your signature style

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What is your signature style

Post by Pel »

Show your unique and signature style by listing an outfit you actually wear or what you would like to wear or both.

What I actually wear:

Black t-shirt with the word Pixie and Tinkerbell in pink
A ton of jewelry
Black headband scarf with white polka dots
Black with red rose and polkadots imitation Vans slip-ons from Payless

What I have but am too self-concious to wear outside alltogether:

Black silky headband with white skulls
Burgundy t-shirt with Victor from Corpse Bride surrounded by black roses
The Crow guitar pick necklace
TNBC Jack Skellington long fingerless gloves
6 silver rings (feathers, claddaugh, wolves moon stars, fairy, celtic knots, cat)
Black pinstripe skirt
Black knee high imitation Converse sneaker boots or
black stockings with striped knee high socks over it with real Converse low-tops

Wow, that was way too over-descriptive and if you can't tell I'm cheap when it comes to shoes.

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Re: What is your signature style

Post by Jasper<3 »

I love converse sneakers, but I have to wear those dumb orthotic things in my shoes, and the shoe person says canvas sneakers arent sturdy enough for me, but i cheat most of the time :)
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Re: What is your signature style

Post by StupidxLamb »

I layer tank tops and t-shirts a lot and wear jeans or bermuda shorts pretty much all the time. So my signature is probably dark wash jeans and a cute top. I only wear dark wash jeans, too. I never wear the light kind. Not sure why...

My makeup is pretty much always the same, too. Brown eyeliner, brown mascara, brown eyeshadow and rose lips.

And my hair is down for 80% of the time, and blown out.

I'm pretty predictable, really. :P
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Re: What is your signature style

Post by *Bloodlust* »

Well, people tell me I have anice body and should flaunt it more, so I try. So there's that mixed in with what I like to wear, jeans and t-shirts. So in the long run, I wear jeans and graphic tees, or just general close-fitting tops. I also don't discrimminate with clothes. I like to try all kinds of styles and if I'm comfortable with them, I'll keep wearing them.

For example, I love Chucks. Plaid shorts are also really cool and off-the-shoulder tops[which I'm sure have names] too. I tend to migrate towards black, greens, and stripes[weird variety, I know] when I shop, but lately I've been trying to expand my colors.

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Re: What is your signature style

Post by loverboyis »

If there is one think I look forward to Fall, it would have be the lovely Fall 08.09 collections and a new excuse to shop till-yeah-drop - perfectly clichéd, I love it :| :lol:

A personal opinion, favorite season of fashion ... the cashmere sweaters, Givenchy black, little doses of plaid, sculptural coats and gorgeous statement jewelry, it's difficult not to like. Summer we seem more limited on what to be wearing for those hot, sweaty days, layering can only be so much. Plus I find my self fondling over the richer colors and chunky black apparel than I do for the ivories and pinks.

Signature style? #1 Inspiration
Givenchy Fall 08 Collection.
Such elegance, strongly sexy, yet so wearable. If there is one thing I'm noticing amongst all runways and critics of sorts in magazine/paper articles, woman will be treated back to elegance, almost romantically so. Riccardo stays in rout for the gothic type of collection: black leather skinnys, ruffled blouses, sheer feminism tops, religion-inspired (those necklaces!) and sculptural black jackets. I love it. The goth meets the mysterious elegant woman.

Though, as much as the Soft-Goth trend seems to hitting amongst almost every other runway out there, I must cooperate my youth: I mean, dude, I'm 16, and I adore Jacob Sutton's photography. His spread in Muse remains vintage-esque, soft and overall simple. Doesn't let you forget about color - reminder of me to cooperate my own personal style.
But I think all in all, my style seems: Chic, Soft-Grunge, Young, and a little bit whimsical, maybe preppy.
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Re: What is your signature style

Post by luv_edward_cullen »

Mhh, skinny jeans and hoodies, thats what I live in.
Oh, and converse (and vans).
Shorts and tank tops in the summer (obvi) with the occasional band t-shirt.

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Re: What is your signature style

Post by Jasper<3 »

I just ordered online the coolest converse sneakers EVER! I designed them and stuff, and they are amazing! Yeah, they were 70 bucks..... so? I think my feet are done growing :?
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Re: What is your signature style

Post by vampluv78 »

I wear dark jeans, dark tops, every now and then a top with tinkerbell on it. I own a regular pair of high top black converse that i wear with all of my clothing. and my make up is brown eyeliner and brown eyeshadow. black nail polish. my hair is thick and shoulder length, i dye it dark burgendy b/c my mom refuses to let me dye it black, i normally keep it down, covering my face.
most people say i look emo and a selective few people took it as a habit to move my hair out of my eyes. and check my wrist anytime they see me

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Re: What is your signature style

Post by EvenFreaksNeedLove »

Gah. I don't think I really have one. Daaaaang. I just wear whatever... I don't match my clothes though... I think it makes my friends angry since they get mad when they see another person in clothes that don't match. Daaang. Aww well.
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Re: What is your signature style

Post by kaitlyncullen »

usually i like to wear normal jeans or some skinny jeans, with a graphic tee or band tee. but i like to look nice sometimes too so i wear nice tops. i like to go for bright colors like yellow and purple but i wear a lot of grey and black also. i usually just wear flip flops or an old pair of converse. if im feeling cute i'll wear some flats. my favorite shirt right now that i have is my grey zebra print one. it's beeeautiful!
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