Your strangest crush

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Your strangest crush

Post by Pel »

okay, i thought it might be fun for all of us to tell each other about the strangest or most ironic person we've ever had a crush on!

i'll go first! i have a number of them, but the most current...
would have to be the new Elder missionry in our ward! he just came from England, and i swear he looks just like Henry Cavill! (only a bit skinnier!) he has the accent and everything. his name is *said in a British accent* Elder Winterburn.... ahhhh.... he's so cute! and he has this goofy smile pasted on his face whenever he's nervous. he's adorable!

so, who's been your strangest crush?.... hmm?.....
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Re: Your strangest crush

Post by Jasper<3 »

ummm my strangest crush was Lightning McQueen from Cars.... sort of creepy now I think about it
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Re: Your strangest crush

Post by StupidxLamb »

Haha XD

My strangest crush might've been the soccer coach that I had when I was 13. That was about 3 years ago now, but my goodness...he was young and MIGHTY foine. All the teeny-boppers on my team thought so, too. We were often distracted from the game because of him. It pretty much gave every other team an unfair advantage over us. But it was funny when the other teams would act jealous because we had the good looking, southern, young coach when they had the middle-aged father. :D Good times.
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Re: Your strangest crush

Post by JennyLA »

Matt Tuck from Bullet for my Valentine. He's so dirty, but so cute!
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Re: Your strangest crush

Post by pixiealice »

Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs. Ok, a little creepy maybe, but at the time the movie came out I was looking into pyschology courses at college to become a FBI profiler, so I became infactuated with "the bad guy". I woke up and realized I was quite possibly screwed up and decided not to pursue psychology as my major anymore.
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Re: Your strangest crush

Post by Wish.I.may »

Hmm. . . . Probably William from A Knight's Tale.
It is Heath Ledger. (RIP)
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Re: Your strangest crush

Post by Crooked_Rose »

Howl from Howl's Moving Castle. An anime guy. Weird right?

Oh yeah, and when I was a kid I wanted to marry Sylevester (spell check?) from the Looney Toons.

Dont ask lol
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Re: Your strangest crush

Post by BlackLace »

I don't know if this is strange or not...
but I have THE BIGGEST crush (love) for Seth Rogen.

He's from Knocked Up, Superbad and the new Pineapple Express...
he was in some cool Canadian shows too lol

I love his deep voice and his curly red fro. MMM.
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Re: Your strangest crush

Post by simple_love♫ »

I used to be in love with John Stamos....when he was Uncle Jesse on Full House...
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Re: Your strangest crush

Post by samajama »

you are totally allowed to mock-

danny phantom. yes, a cartoon. lol.
idk ive always had a thing for him, probably because his best friend/girlfriend/awesome-est girl ever person is named sam (like me) or maybe i jsut have a thing for guys with supernatural powers? ;)

to be slightly more normal- (a human this time)
my friend, danny. hes more normal now, but he used to eat white out and lick highlighters and stuff. i think i'm durranged. hahaha
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