Are your parents OK with vampires?

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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by eliselovesedwardx »

I don't think Mum could care less if I read about vampires..:lol:
She just sees this book as another book series of fantasy..I don't think it registers that it might be about vampires..:lol:

My bother thinks its weird that I read about vampires and werewolves though! :lol: He just finds the series funny!
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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by *Wanderer* »

My mom actually read Twilight after she saw how obsessed with it I was. (No, seriously.) So I guess that means she's okay with vampires. But she actually didn't like it. Haha, I guess it's kind of a good thing that she chose not to continue with the series, so that she won't see all the sexual content in Breaking Dawn.

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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by museicalking »


my mom love them. she likes her men cold dead and sparkly. but doesnt obsess over them. or reread them. or care about the movie.

my dad is oblivious to all i do.
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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by Black »

My mom didn't want to read Twilight at first "Ewww, I aint reading a book about vampires!"
But I convinced her and now she has a Twilight poster hanging in her room XD.
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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by yanjan3 »

mom has come to terms with my obsession with vampires.. she probably thinks its a phase...
maybe it is but i doubt it..

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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by sarah! »

haha they think its a little weird, but they don't seem to care too much.
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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by Jasper<3 »

^ Lucky ducky! I wish my mom didn't mind my various obsessions...
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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?


Yeah,at least i think so.
I mean my dad used to be a Buffy fanatic.
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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by edward'sstupidlamb »

My parents don't really care but they do think it weird how obsessed I am :lol: my mom wants to read them now, but I'm like no no you won't like them. She might change her mind if she gets to breaking dawn. But I have a friend who's not allowed to read them, she does anyways though and she loves them lol
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Re: Are your parents OK with vampires?

Post by dazzlingdynamite »

I have to admit, I do get annoyed now that the whole school loves Twi. It's like some girls haven't even read the books but are all 'OME!' and it just drives me insane. Does anyone else have this problem with people at school?

On a more on topic note, my brother wants to read them and I just cannot imagine my ten year old brother reading it all! It would be seriously weird.
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