The Dating Thread -- take 3

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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by samajama »

first and foremost, HOLY *bleep* I HAVE NOT BEEN HERE IN WAY TOO *bleep*ING LONG!
sorry about that!
Holden: college life is drama filled already? sheesh. sorry about that, bud. also, long time no talk. sorry about that too!

umm.. yeah. i kind of forgot some of your names in my absense and....i kind of don't feel like reading a bunch of posts because i want to run to the bathroom and shower (i really have nothing else to do. it's that sad.)

so yeah! college. i've been here...what? 4 days now. so i'm still homesick and whatever and i'm sitting alone in my dorm room which, by the way, is seriosuly depressing. in case you didn't know. i also have no idea where my roommate is. i could call and/or text her, but i'm far too lazy. and i have to pee. which is obviously more important. :p

hmm. i haven't really met mmany guys yet. my orientation is spastic and wasn't in the summer, but it was these 4 days before classes start (i have a free day tomorrow and then classes start on tuesday). and i've been with the girls on my floor and that's it so it's been kind of hard, plus, i'm not a drinker AT ALL and not a party girl either (although i'm sure i'll go out at some point..,?) so it's not like i've met people like that -- like some girls have. oh my, i've heard stories already. sigh. anyway, i recognize some of the guys from my dorm but i don't really know any of them BUT BUT BUT! you'll be proud of my for this. i was in (another) lecture this morning and the dude was like look around and introduce yourself to someone! i was accidentally (we sat down on the end of a row but then no one filled in the middle and there was a pole behind us) isolated with two people i've met from my floor BUT (again) i reached across a row (there were empty seats in front of us too -- i told you, isolated) and said to some random guy, "HEY! I'm Sam!" all peppy-like. and he shakes my hand and he's like, "Hey, I'm Larry." "nice to meet you Larry!" and that's that. but, hey, i was proud of myself for doing that much so you should be too!! hehe.

okay, that was a pointless blurb, but i'm bored and lonely so i'm talking to you guys (who aren't actuallly here?)

sigh. i suppose that's all for me. so to recap:
1) I'm not dead.
2) I'm in college.
3) I'm not having a great time (yet?).
4) I really have to!
BYE!!! <3
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by Landiana »

Hiya everyone!!!! i am finally on the lex again after ages of being away - blame sixth form not me!!

samajama great to see that you aren't dead! hopefully the homesickness will get better for you - i mean i think everyone is homesick at first. great that you took the initive and talked to Larry. hopefully you will be able to meet some awesome guys!

Genny thanks for the congratulations – I am majorly stoked! Well done on your results – they are pretty darn awesome as well! I am doing English lit, French, Media Studies, Politics and Modern History for my AS levels. What about you? And I am totally not a genius!!!!! Lol. Its awesome woody did that for you, not many guys are going to get up at one in the morning to give you a lift! I am so so sorry about your dog – I hope you feel better soon.

Holden please don’t get upset about everyone around you hooking up. It takes time to find someone to car about, and you don’t want to rush into things in any case. You WILL find someone!!!!! I think that its good that you and E are talking, but I would be very careful. I get the impression that she cried because she got caught out, and if she hadn’t then she wouldn’t have come clean. It sucks that J is being Fake, but I don’t think you need a friend like him at all.

Psugar hopefully you will meet lots of hot guys. And thanks for the congratulations!

Derek if all girls were like us lex girls then there would never be any problems! Lol. It sucks that C and K aren’t talking to you, specially since they seem to have both been playing you to get to each other. I think that the whole reason C is annoyed is because K told you that C liked you. For girls that is a total no no. So its NOT your fault, you just got in the middle!

Conzoni al vento thank you very very much – GCSE’s are basically what we have to get to get into sixth form, they matter what a levels you can take and subsequently what universities you can get into. So they are quite a big deal! You know the thing with your old friend who turned hot seems really common, because a couple of guys I used to go to junior school with are in the same sixth form as me, and they are damn hot!

My update

so you know a little while back i was talking to you about Luke and how we were working together? well we started work last weekend and it was really weird. before work finished for the summer we were really good mates - we chatted a lot and generally had a good time at work. well something has changed over the summer because he barely spoke two words to me last saturday. then on monday we had work again and he didn't speak much either. so i don't know exactly what i have done, but it must be something for our relationship to have changed so rapidly.

i had my first day of 6th form yesterday. it was freaky, but in a good way. the campus is so much bigger than my old school, and it took me a while to figure out where everything is. good thing is i only have seven different classrooms i am in, and i know where they all are. luckily five are in one part of the campus and two are together in a different part. so hopefully i wont get too lost! it was weird as well, because my timetable i now have free periods - on a friday i dont have to be in untill 10:15 and on wednesday i finish at 11:40. so i am very happy about that. i do have loads to carry now though!

on a totally different note i had a weird dream about one of my mates last night. we were basically making out, and when i woke up i was well weirded out because i haven't seen him in weeks (he had food poisoning) and i have never thought of him in that way. so i got to college and saw him, and was weirded out some more because all i could think was how hot he looked and wonder what it would be like to kiss him. i have no idea about my emotions right now.

i also found out a couple of days ago that i got the highest GCSE grades in my year, which means i get a shiny shield. Yay for shiny!!!
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by psugar »

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been on for awhile, there was nothing quite interesting in my life.

Landiana-Uber Congrats on GCSE! I'm confused on what sixth form is, but I hope you get around your school.
Update- School is okay. I only dislike my Spanish class now. There's a cute guy on my bus who is my grade, and he's one of my neighbor's friends from her private school. Otherwise, that's it really. The one cute guys in my honors social studies course is a bit of a jerk. We had to do a group activity, and he was writing I was dictating/leading the group(no one else would). The guys just didn't do anything, so I told him what to write. He then told me I had to calm down. Well, excuse me for wanting a good grade. I like my World Lit class because I can say more complex words and my classmates understand, it's amazingly difficult to have to use small words.
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by Wolf-Girl90 »

Sam Hey, you probably won't remember me, but I'm Genny! :) I'm 10000000% positive that college will improve for you! I haven't been but both my brothers and my sister found it weird at first, but when they got into the swing of it they loved it! Mt step brother is finishing his PHD soon and is gutted he's leaving university! You'll have a blast! :D Well done for saying "hello" to that guy as well! Introducing yourself to someone can be seriously daunting! Let us know how college goes! :D

Bex Your a genius. Admit it. ;) I can’t believe how many A-Levels you're taking! I wish I had the capacity to take more than 3! I'm going Maths, Biology and Geography. I find it really funny because I remember when I was in Year 9 and I hated Geography and I swore I'd never, ever take it for GCSE and now I'm doing an A-Level. I'm so indecisive! :D Sixth Form is a bit bizarre although I do run into Woody a lot when I go to the kitchen for a coffee! Anyway, I nearly fell off my chair when I read about the dream you had! I had exactly the same one recently! It was so weird because my alarm went off and I was all disinorientated and for a second I thought he was going to be next to me. He (Joe) did look really fit as well when I saw him that morning. It didn't help that he came to hug me. Weird. I'm sorry about Luke! I think you should let him get in the swing of it though! He’s probably just a little awkward. Give it time. :D Christ, I've blabbed! Sorry.....

Psugar That guy in English sounds a bit of an idiot! He’s just jealous though because you're obviously ten times more intelligent than him! Don't you ever let anyone tell you it's not good to get good grades! It so is! Have fun using better words as well! :D

Where are Christine and Jennifer?! I miss them! :(

Up-date Sixth form is totally bizarre! I need o get into the swing of it more I think! I have a few minor up-dates, one n which I'm IMPLORING someone give me some advice one. I'm going to do this methodically:
1) One of my really good friends has told me he really really likes me. I only like him as a friend. It's made our friendship really awkward especially as he keeps on hugging me and getting all defensive if another guy comes near me! How can i let him down gently? I really do love him as a friend!
2) It is totally capoosh between Woody and Sophie. It was over before bit if it can be possible "beyond over" then it is. He rang me tonight and we were on the phone for 2 hours. I really like him but I'm extremely torn. A part of me wants to act o how I feel, at least a little bit so I can see where I stand, but another part of me is cautious because I'm not totally sure he's over Sophie and if I dive in there it could jeopardise our into friendship which I've come to adore. I'm seriously at the crossroads!
School is Bleugh. Homelife is Bleugh. My new form tutor is majorly Bleugh. He humiliated me in front of the class today by making me read aloud when he knows I stutter.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot
Anyway, I have to glue population charts!
Love you all

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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by goymer »

Wolf-Girl90 wrote:2) It is totally capoosh between Woody and Sophie. It was over before bit if it can be possible "beyond over" then it is. He rang me tonight and we were on the phone for 2 hours. I really like him but I'm extremely torn. A part of me wants to act o how I feel, at least a little bit so I can see where I stand, but another part of me is cautious because I'm not totally sure he's over Sophie and if I dive in there it could jeopardise our into friendship which I've come to adore. I'm seriously at the crossroads!
I'm assuming this is the part yo're desperate for advice about? :lol:

I'd say that you need to tread very carefully for a while. If you did pour your heart out to him there's only likely to be two possible outcomes. The first would be a "I feel the same way too" likely followed by either "let's get together" or "just give me some time to sort my head out".

The second outcome would involve words like insensitive, self-absorbed etc. and is what I've recently experienced. It's not a road you want to go down.

So I'd say keep your cards close to your chest for now, only let Woody know about how you feel when you're sure he's a). over Sophie, and b). ready for another relationship.
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by Edward Cullen Fan »

Contessa: You're not pathetic. It's perfectly natural to be curious about older men like that. At least you've made an aqqaintance, and possibly later on, a good friend out of it. :]

Sam: Yay! I'm so proud of you! It's a great feeling, isn't it? It's nice to just go up to someone and introduce yourself, and know that you've made an effort. I hope you will start to have a wonderfantabulous time at college very very very soon. ;]

Landiana: Congrats on your scores! And don't worry too much over the dream, or how you're feeling. Again, both are natural and nothing to worry about. :]

Psugar: I'm sorry that the guy in your class is such a D-bag. (Whoops, did I say that? :P) I'm sure there will be someone to come along. It's only the beginning of the school year, after all. ;] All best! :]

Genny: Oooh, both are very tricky situations. Your friend probably does need to communicate with you some more. The only way I can think of to let him down as gently as you can is to just tell him you don't have feelings for him. I'm not sure there's any other way really. With Woody, just continue to be his friend and be there for him. That's probably what he needs right now anyway. Just give him some time to sort this all out, and if he needs to talk, let him. It'll be good for him to get it out rather than keeeping it locked in. I hope I helped.

Update: It'll be very long, haha. So sorry about that.

I went up to the guy in my class (the second guy I spoke of last time) during the first break and he was using his phone. I smiled and went up to him and this is how it went:
Me: Hey. *smile*
Him: *looks up* Hey.
Me: *holds hand out to shake* I'm Chelsea.
Him: Nice to meet you, *mumbles something sounding like he didn't quite catch it, and I repeat it. He smiles, looking down at the floor almost and nodding. I only smile.*
Me: What's your name?
Him: Oh. Shawn. *Nods, smiles, still looking down at the floor some.*

Then he goes to call someone and I get out of his way for a few minutes.

And when I come back he's off the phone, and I sit beside him. He said that he can't stay awake in class, and I said me either, I'm not a morning person. He said he wasn't either. I was like, I'm just sitting there like, uh-huh, yeah. And he laughed. (He laughed at pretty much all of my jokes, which I take as a good sign.) He said his iPod went off playing an Alabama song.

Me: You like country and stuff like that? *Ik, lame right? -eye roll-*

Shawn: Yeah, I like a wide variety of things. Mostly 80's and 90's music but some others as well.

Me: I listen to some classic rock and a lot of oldies. Everyone thinks I'm weird about it. I also watch older movies. I bore my friends with it. I'll be like, Hey, that's Cary Grant, and that's Bette Davis. And they'll say, Yeah, I don't care. Let's move on. *He laughs, nods.*

Shawn: I watch some older movies with my mom too.

And somehow we get to talking about Marilyn Monroe, I forget what exactly led up to after that. He said he has seen all of her movies, and owns some of them. Which I think can either be taken as a good thing or a bad thing. Haha.

Me: I own some too. Have you seen Monkey Buisness? *He nods.* Isn't it hilarious? *Nods again.*

A few minutes later his friend comes up and we start talking and he tells his friend we're talking about how we can't stay awake during class. I thought that was sweet of him to explain. We talked for a while and then not long after we went to class and he waited for me to get up and held the door open for me again. Awww. Then after a while we went on another break and he was watching a clip of Family Guy. And we started talking about shows we liked. And he still laughed at my jokes. And he said he liked Star Trek, and we talked about that for a tiny bit and then it was time to go back to class. He held the door open again, waiting. And in class we looked over at each other some. I didn't get to say bye to him cause he left and I was gathering up my stuff so I didn't get a chance. I'm sure the was a few other things as well but those were the main parts.
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by DudeRocksTheTwilight »

Sorry guys, I'm really tired right now and don't have enough time to read through all your posts.
:( :( *hugs*

Update: I've been talking with C, we're friends again, and I've lost interest in K. We still don't talk, but I'm hoping over time we will grow closer.

I like the same girl I liked ages ago (J). She got back together with her boyfriend (C) and doesn't talk to me too muchanymore. I'm hoping that tonight at this football game we can fix things.
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by Wolf-Girl90 »

Chelseeuh It sounds like you have loads in common with this guy which is really good! You should definitely carry on talking to him! Perhaps even swot up on some more on Marilyn Monroe films! (Some Like It Hot is one of the best films of all time!) :D Thanks for the advice as well about both Woody and Robbie! It very much helped! :D

Derek I'm glad you've patched things with C! There was no need for your friendship to suffer! I really hope you can patch things up with your friend as well at the football game! Let us know who it goes!

Up-date I'm so totally confused! This is completely insane! I'll start at the beginning because that'd be logical:
I was in the Sixth Form common room the other day when Sophie came over and started talking to me. It was just banter about how we both didn’t like tea until she turned it on to Woody. She just stood there talking about him for about 5 minutes straight about how he liked his tea. I thought that she must like him again, so I texted him to ask him what was going on. He rang me and told me that she'd come round to his and said she was never going to get back with him ever. He then asked me if I could "change the subject" so I did and we ended up being on the phone for an hour and a hlaf.
He then went to football and I had dinner but at about 8:00pm he rings me back for no apparent reason and we chat for another hour. He also called me on his mobile and when I said he should hang up he was like: "No, no I want to talk to you!"
I mean, 2 and a half hours. Wowzzas.
He's not over Sophie though. I can feel it. I also have a feeling that he only likes me as a friend and he depends on me so much because he thinks I want nothing more. So confusing.
So yesterday I had a small facial operation (you should see my scar! Beyond solid!) but I had the all clear, and my step sister took me out to the club. All my friends were out including Joe who I hadn’t seen in ages! The last time I saw him was over a year ago and I developed a bit of a thing for him. He had this model-like girlfriend though so I just blew it off! Last night though we were talking for ages and he was telling me how they'd broken up etc.
SO...(there are a lot of so's), My friend Jac and I are amazingly good friends and a couple of weeks ago I set him up with my friend. Jac came up to me last night and said: "Imogen, Joe definitely likes you! I'm sealing the deal!"
I just laughed it off and Joe and I kept on talking and before long we were kissing. Like, proper kissing. He was a really good kisser as well!
So now I’m confused!! Do I wait for Woody, who clearly isn’t over his gorgeous ex, to maybe find out that he's not even into me, or do I see where it might go with Joe?
Help is needed guys.
Love you all
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by Landiana »

psugar thanks for the congrats!! sixth form is basically eleventh and twelfth grade in American, but it is separate to all of the other years. only we call it it year 12 or first year and year 13 or second year. very confusing. i am starting to find my way around though! the group thing totally sucks. guys like that are total asses - i had to deal with a couple like that last year. its always good when you can actually use your vocabulary, rather than using really small words for dimwits!!

Genny Oaky, i will say that i am a genius, but only if we never mention it again, otherwise my head will swell up so much that i wont even be able to see the keyboard to type!! lol. i don't mind your babling - its make me feel more normal! Maths Biology AND geography??? that would be like me hellish A Level programme! i took Geography for GCSE and hated it because of my idiot teacher. it made me decide not to take it at college, even though before that i thought i was going to. One of my mates took it though and she loves it! The dream thing is funny, because i have never had a dream like that about him before. i haven't really seen him around college much because he took totally different things to me, so i don't know what i think at the moment! Bleugh is such an interesting word.
Anyway, as for my advice to you (yes i have some!) i think that Woody is taking you for granted in that he is using you for emotional support after his breakup, specially as Sophie told him that there was no way they were getting back together. i honestly think that it would be healthier for you in the long run to see when things go with Joe. he seems interested in you, and i don't think you want to be waiting around for Woody who may or may not like you. it might be that you have to try and get over Woody, because from my experience waiting around for someone doesn't end well. just see how things go with Joe.
How's the fanfic going??

Edward Cullen Fan honestly i am not worried about the dream. i mean it was just a dream and i'd prefer to keep things strictly friendship between the two of us. thanks for the congrats!!! sounds like you and Shawn are getting on pretty good! do you think that you are going to try and see him outside college. it sounds like it might be a worthwhile endever!

Derek *big hug* its cool - we all get tired like that sometimes. its good to know that you are fixing things with C, and that you aren't letting things with K bother you, odds are over time things will sort themselves out. its a shame that the girl you like at the moment, J, is back with her boyfriend, but that doesn't mean that you can't be friends. Let us know what happens at the football game!

My Update
So sixth form is awesome - i am really enjoying all of my classes and its nice to be able to wear my own clothes!!! you have no idea what twelve years of uniform does to your self esteem - they are seriously unflattering! and its nice to call the lecturers by thier first names.
so things with Luke are really REALLY weird at the moment. last week we were at work and he came up to me and started talkingto me about college and asking me how i was. we had quite a long conversation and it felt really good, like the week before was just because he was trying to get back into work. then he added me on facebook and sent me a really sweet message and we started talking some more. but then yesterday when i was going into work i was talking to one of my close mates, Rach, and she said that she and Luke had a major argument on msn the night before, and they weren't speaking. me and her went into the pool together and started setting up. then Luke walked past me and i said hi and he just ignored me. he ignored me for the whole time we were at the pool. i swear it feels like he was ignoring me because Rach and i are close and i am 'fraternising with the enemy' . this had made me think that he is actually quite immature and wonder if i really like him as much as i thought i did.
Something really freaky happened t me recently. one of my friends Dan, told me that his mate Toby had seen me in some pics on facebook and asked if Dan could introduce me to him. Dan told me this, which kind of freaked me out a little because that has NEVER happened to me before. then i figured out that Toby is in my Media class and he is a bit weird. it told Dan that Toby is in my Media Class and he must have told Toby that because he added me on facebook and sent me a message asking if i was in his media class. so now i'm kind of stuck, because i am not interested in Toby, but he seems sweet and i don't want to be mean. what do i do?????

End of the uber long post!!!
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by blasphemous_contessa »

Hey guys. I just have a little bitty issue.

I met this pretty cool guy a few days ago, he's not way older than me or a convicted felon, he's really cute, and smart,a nd fun to hang out with. I kinda like him but there's not much going to go on between us for a long while. On the other hand my ex boyfriend is getting out of jail in a few months and wants to get back together with me. I told him that i'll always love him and be his friend and that if he's ever in the area we'll definately be spending a lot of time together. But that I don't want to get together with someone I've only contacted via email xfor two years. I definately like jail guy a lot more than new guy but I also know that it's stupid. Damn my foolish heart.

I'll comment on you guys's stuff when I have more time. Sorry.
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