The Dating Thread -- take 3

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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3


Hey all! Sounds like ppl have been having lots o' fun lately! :)

StupidxLamb:I remember you! It seems like all the ppl who posted all the time LEFT. You, Christine and some other ppl....I was worried that this thread was going to go dead soon lol.
OMGOMGOMG!!! That is like the BEST story I've ever heard! He sounds SO CUTE! And he likes books! Once I got to the amphitheater part I was like, "He's gonna kiss her isn't he?" It's all just so adorable, and I'm so happy for you. You deserve a guy like that.

WolfGirl:Yeah I got a letter from her a couple days ago. She sounds like she's having tons of fun down there. I'm hoping I can take him up there too. Hooray for Woody! Tell him I said congrats. That party sounds like it was great! And yeah...some southern boys can go a bit too far. :roll:

Not much happened at Tyler's house. BUT he was really late. First, he was supposed to come pick me up at 11:00. Then he had some ear problems and he called and told my dad he'd pick me up at 4:00. Well, then he called and said he'd be late. His mom was getting her hair done, and he didn't come pick me up until 6:00. We ordered pizza, and then watched tv. It wasn't exciting, but I really liked spending time with him. ;) I stayed there until 11:00. When his mom dropped me off he walked me to the door and I kissed him and was like, "I'll talk to you later!" He seemed really happy. :) Anyhoo, tomorrow is Bridget's birthday party so I should get some sleep. Nite guys! :)
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by Wolf-Girl90 »

Marie YAYAYAYAYAY!! That's possibly the cutest story I have ever heard! He sounds so sweet! I'm really glad to hear that you’re doing well now as well! So when are you meeting up next? I want to know everything! He really does sound ridiculously sweet. (Okay I've already said that, but still, he is!) I'm so pleased for you!

Chelsea Yes Southern guys can be a bit persistent! :lol: At least you did get to spend some time with Tyler though which is good and you got a kiss at the end which is doubly good! :D

Up-date So yesterday I went to McDonalds with Chris, Woody and Osian in Woody's new car. It was a really random trip and Woody just invited me out of the blue! I did have a slight shocker involving mayonnaise but we won't go into that. A bit embarrassing. After on the way home Chris was being a bit of an idiot and telling Woody that he was going to text his mum all this stuff so Woody got all stressed out and turned the wrong way and we got really lost!
We were driving around for about an hour and I had no idea where we were! The car didn’t sound to good either and I thought we were going to end up up a mountain with no signal, along little country roads which we didn’t see one car on. Very funny though!
I eventually got home though! Today I'm off to town to see Ffion, which'll be good because I haven't seen her in ages. No other news really!
I have a big party tomorrow night but nothing to wear! that's stressing me out!
Love you all
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by BearHug? »


I've been letting this one build up for about a month. But I've been soooo busy actually living the problem I haven't had time to ask you wonderfully lovely and smart and waaay more insightful than moi (yes i'm being nice 'cause I haven't been on for ages)
1. You remember my ex that moved away? Well he's supposed to come down for a visit during the summer or just after school starts and I've been IMing him & calling each other. Well, the feelings I have for him never really went away, I mean he is my first love. Sooo Yeah thats him. He's perfect in some ways & not so perfect in others.

2. I realised how little I would see guy no.1 and was fed up of putting my life on hold for him so I asked my friend from the next town if she had any single guy friends I'd never met that I'd like. She gave this guy my addy and we've been IMing texting calling & stuff for about a week and a half now, I'm going over to his 'cause he found out how bad I'm failing chem & he was like, 'let me help, I'm good at chem, bring a film & we'll go over your syllabus' I was just like... Aww :). (I'm making him watch Twilight)

Sooo My question is. Do I start seeing guy no.2 and forget about my feelings about guy no.1 or keep the thing with guy no.2 open until guy no.1s come down and I can see him one last time?
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by bac »

Bearhug, I say don't live in the past. Move on and if things are meant to work out with guy #1 they will, but don't wait around for it and not pursue what may happen with guy #2. Just my opinion.

StupidxLamb, I am happy that you have someone that is treating you well and being so sweet.


Happy Birthday!
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by Conzoni al vento »

Nice to have you back, girl. :) As one of the oldies from this thread I missed you and worried too when you disappeared. But now you're back and happy so it's all good! Where did this boy come from? Who cares???? As long as he's here now, it's all that matters :D *hugs*
And you'll figure out the college thing. This time distance is going to be a different story. ;)
And we're almost there, too. Just one more year and we're off.

Birthday!!!!!! Happiness!!!!!!!!! woot!
Hope you're having a blast at camp! :D
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by virginiax7 »

[flying tackle hug]
It it so good to have you back! We've missed you girl! And this boy--honey, it doesn't matter that you don't know where he came from, it just matters that he's here! [Do I sound like some weird Southern grandma? I think I do.] I am so happy for you- you totally deserve someone who is that sweet to you. :] The college thing will work itself out, don't worry. Just enjoy yourself and don't stress over it, 'kay?

You know what would be funny? If some of us ended up at college together! I'm going to be a junior this year (I hate my life), but I know Lena, Christine, Marie and Holden will all be seniors (I think)...and I'm sure some other people will be too, those are just the ones I know off the top of my head. Someone go apply to NYU so I can have a buddy when I get there! (Have fun finding the money, ha ha. I still have to work on that...)

My dating life is still pretty slow. (Pretty slow? What am I talking about? It's at a total standstill!) People are always taking about having "summer flings", and to be honest I don't really know anyone who has ever had one of these. It's not like I'm some social loser who never leaves their house and therefore would never meet new guys. I've met a lot of people this summer, but none of them were like "Oh yeah, summer fling here I come!" (Or even "Long term relationship, here I come!) Bleh. Whatever.

I also think spending a whole summer away from John has helped my figure out my real feelings for him. He's a great guy, I'll be the first to say, but I just don't think the two of us could ever work. Did I ever tell y'all we dated before? It was a long time ago, and I ended up dumping him because it was honestly so weird and awkward that I couldn't stand it. Have you ever had one of those things where you're really good friends with someone and then when something happens, it's like you don't even know them anymore? It was like that. I don't think it'd be like that now, just because we're a little more sure of ourselves, but I just don't think we'd be happy together.

I hoping we'll get another cute exchange student (we've had guys come from France and Germany, and they were both SO BEAUTIFUL!), or a new kid who looks like Viggo Mortensen ( ... .widec.jpg), my dream husband. God, he is so hot. [Shivers] I think we'd get along well together, hee hee. :]

Love y'all,
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by Wolf-Girl90 »

BearHug I think you should see how it goes with this new guy. Your ex does sound sweet but he lives far away by the sounds of it and this new guy sounds really nice. I mean, by all means stay in contact with your ex but it'd be a shame if you jeopardised this new relationship before you had a chance to see how it goes. Let us know what you decide! :D

V Babe, I totally feel your pain over the summer fling thing. Bleh indeed! It's good that you've had time to think about John. I never know you dated before though! I totally understand what you mean about the whole "good friends" thing. It can be totally weird and feel so different when things actually start happening. I'm so so so so jealous about the whole exchange student’s thing! Why are there loads of hot french guys? It always baffles me! I cannot believe you have a guy in your school who looks like Viggo Mortensen!! When can I enroll? I'm not even joking either! :lol: I'm not going to Scotland now either..... I'm not happy. :( Anyway, don't be away so long! :D

Up-date For the first time ever Woody has annoyed me. Well, not earth shatteringly annoyed me, but slightly irritated me. We've been texting loads lately and it's been going really well and he was moaning about not having anything to do Friday afternoon so I invited him around for tea. I was at my grandma's house and she loves meeting my friends so she made all these scones and cleaned the swimming pool in case we wanted a swim. I was really excited as well. At about 1 o'clock though I got a text saying that he was going to have "cancel our plans" because he forgot he had "another arrangement" but he was "unbelievably sorry" and we'll "100% hang out next week."
I was too embarrassed to tell me grandma that he'd bailed so I just said he was ill.
I mean, I can't be too annoyed at him because it's Woody but he's going to have make a serious effort next week which he promised he would. On the bight side there were more scones for me! :mrgreen:
Anyway, enough of my moaning! I'm actually in a really good mood! My friend's coming over later for a girls night in so I'll ask her advice on it.
Love you all

By the way I found this in youtube.

It's Thom Yorke playing one of my ultimate songs at Latitude and I was basically right next to the guy recording this.
It gave me goosebumps.

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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by psugar »

Back from another vacation. I go for another next week. I've been at my home for about a week or two all summer. Anyway I'm just going to update.

Update: There are so many cute boys at the beach, I've been talking to Spencer a lot of FB. We discussed the virus on my computer(he's smarticle in that area) and such. He talked about fixing it for me but I said against it, there is alot of embarassing stuff for him to find(My x-rays/notes from my many doctors, a direct link to this thread...).
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by virginiax7 »

OK, I know this isn't dating related, but I just went onto the "Why are you happy?" thread and there is some kid over there who has 12,000 posts.12,000.(Where is his/her life?) Sigh. It made me remember the old Lex, where I had a few thousand myself, ha ha. I was a tiny bit of a loser, and still am, just with less posts. :]

I'm done now. And look-- this will get me up to 94 posts...dream big!

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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by lovemesomecullensss »

So, I feel horrible, because I read allllll your updates, but I don't have time to comment. I shall start commenting from here on out. :]
SO I'M BACK! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Actually, being home is rather lame. Camp was much more exciting.
But the reason I can't reply to your posts is because I have a MAJOR UPDATE:

That's right, ladies, I am no longer apart of the Virgin Lips Club. :]

His name is Seth.
We met the final week of GSP. Why we didn't meet sooner is BEYOND me. Anyway.
So we hung out a few times during the week, within a group of friends and stuff.
Then on Thursday, we decided to hang out one-on-one.
We walked to Baskin Robbins together, but we ran into his friends so we hung out with them there. It was a tad awkward, but it was still fun. Then afterward, we were walking with them and he was like, "Let's ditch my friends now." Haha. So we did. We went to this little park by a church and sat on a bench in front of a prayer circle (more on that in a minute).
And we just talked, for about two hours. Just getting to know each other. We covered pretty much EVERYTHING: family, music, movies, books, activities, friends, religion, politics, etc, etc. We're very similar. And I told him that I'd never been kissed... And we kept dropping hints about liking each other. Like, when I was telling him that all my guy friends end up having crushes on me and so they make it awkward, I said, "It looks like a few positions for being my friend are open, if you're interested." And he said, "I'm definitely interested, but I can't promise I don't already have a crush on you..." :]
So then we got up and walked the prayer circle. Which is basically this big circle with a path that winds inside it, and you're supposed to follow the path. It's supposed to be meditative. And so we walked it in silence, both just thinking about everything. And it was really nice. So we finally got to the middle and sat down and kept talking. Then we were silent for a while. And he said, "We have to stay in touch, okay? Because I can feel some pretty awesome stuff happening right now." :]
So we had about twenty minutes till curfew, so we decided to walk back to campus. When we neared my dorm, he said, "I don't want you to go..." So we decided to walk around campus. So we did, pretty much in silence. Then we got closer to my dorm and he stopped and said, "I really don't want you to go." So I asked if I could hug him and he said, "Yes, please!" So we hugged for about five minutes. Then he said, "I'm really debating whether or not to give you your first kiss... I don't want to be too forward or anything..." And I said, "Oh no, I think it'd be okay..." So we kissed. A soft little peck-like kiss. And then I just hugged him. And he said, "I'm honored to be your first kiss." And I said thank you, and he said, "Maybe I could be your second..? *insert kiss here* And your third..? *insert kiss here* And your fourth..? *insert kiss here* And your fifth..? *insert kiss here*" So at that point, I'm totally swept off my feet, but it's like two minutes to curfew, so we say good night, hug, and part ways.
And on Friday, we hung out shortly alone and just talked. Then that night we had a lock-in/dance and I dance with him and his friends all night. We even slow danced once. :]
And Saturday morning, we woke up early to hang out before Closing Ceremony. We sat on this bench on campus and held hands and kissed a little more and just kind of moped about having to leave each other.
So that's basically it.
A little bit about him:
He lives two hours away. :[ :[
He wants to be a film maker.
He wants to go to Brown.
He plays the drums.
He's on academic team.
His best friend is 1/4 Tunisian.
He's adorable.
He loves skinny jeans.
He lives with him mom and his grandma.
He said I'm like sunshine.
I don't know, he's just amazing. :]

Here's a pretty good picture of him. He's blonde with glasses and a cute smile. :] ... 8811_n.jpg

So yeah. That's my story. :]
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