The Dating Thread -- take 3

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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by xhopeonaropex »

Wow haven't been on here for forever. Missed everyone on here. I've been through a rough 6 months and I know it's gonna get harder bur I'm keeping my chin up for myself and my family. I've been single for a long time. Over a year. But the guy I dated for 4 yrs on and off got in touch with me a few weeks ago on FB. After not talking to him since I broke it off completely it surprised me. I though I would never hear from him again. but he sent me a msg about how he apologizes about everything he's done and he knows no matter how much he is sorry it's not enough, and he knew what a huge jerk he was for what he put me through. When I saw his name on the msg my ehart skipped a beat and I stopped breathing. I felt so scared and my heart beated really fast. I ended up talking to him after a week and he really worked on geting himself better. But I made myself very clear that the guy I fell in love with was one and will never exist anymore. And that I stuck to the relationship after out of deseration, denial and fear of being alone. Although I knew he wasnt the person I fell in love with to begin with I held on because I thought I could bring him back. And it took me 3 yrs to realize that would never happened. And even though he's better and changed, the damage was done. So I moved on and got my closure. And now I'm just waiting for my own Edward to come by and sweep me off my feet :)
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Re: The Dating Thread -- take 3

Post by Starless*Eyes »

Alright ladies, I've got a dilemma on my hands so advice would be appreciated. =]

I recently went on a trip with a group of other teens to Australia and New Zealand and ended up falling for my junior counselor. I was only there for 17 days but that's all it took for me to start crushing.
The issue? He's from the States whereas I'm from Canada, so he lives 13 hours away from me in driving distance. He's also in Fiji right now (which was a trip I also had the chance to go on and I'm really kicking myself right now because had I gone I would've got to spend more time with him). He gets home on the 15th I believe but is leaving for his second year of university on the 17th. I really don't know what to do. I can't seem to get him out of my head but what am I to do when he lives so far away. And I'm not even sure if he feels the same way.
He's just the perfect guy. He's sweet, kind, funny, cute, and I don't just mean in looks, his personality is adorable. And his accent is just so so so cute! Plus, he's a real southern gentleman. He lent me his jacket when it was raining and held my hand after I injured my foot and was getting medical attention. He also took my hand and helped me walk down this steep mud hill after my injury.
AND my other counselor said we should get married because we're total opposites when it comes to food. He loves meat and hates vegetables whereas I'm a vegetarian. So the guy said we'd be perfect for eachother because if we went out I would eat his vegetables and he would eat my meat.

Am I just reading too into this or could there be something there? And what about the distance? Could we make it work or should I just try and move on? I really don't want to. =(
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