What's your eye color?

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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by faizacullen »

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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by Michiyuki »

My eye color at birth was a distant dim jade color (the reason why my middle name is jade) but now they are a light brown with a tint of the jade still in the iris.....

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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by ashiekins16 »

They change color..between brown and green..but I just call them hazel..they're usually in between
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by vampire_elf »

Light blue with golden specks in the middle. And due to my slightly bluish tinted contacts they seem bluer than they really are :D

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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by ChristinasHeadache »

My eyes are hazel... at least that's what my driver's license says. I wonder tho, what does hazel really mean? My eyes look mostly brownish to me lol. I wish they were golden tho because it would mean I found the Cullens and convinced them to keep me lol.
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by LipsForeverSealed »

Ok so I've been here before telling you all my eye colour, but alas times have a-change-ed...
Que dramatic music...
My eyes appear not to be truly brown!!
there I was looking in the mirror doing that fun thing with a light and shrinking and growing pupil...., when I noticed there is green within my brown eyes!

hahaha ok a tad too dramatic I'm being but it was soo weird spotting that green.., you can only see it when flashing a light in my eye though...
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by bite_me »

brownish greenish.

I can never remember what colour hazel is!! is it brownish greenish or brownish blueish or what???
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by Amethyst1 »

bite_me wrote:brownish greenish.

I can never remember what colour hazel is!! is it brownish greenish or brownish blueish or what???
hazel is a mix of colours--it has all three pigments or 2 of the three. yellow, brown and blue. or brown and yellow.
it's usually brown, amber, greenish or blue, brownish, amberish. haha

i have hazel eyes. mine are brown and have amber mixed in them. they look bright orange under sunlight. i love my eyes <3
i wish i had green in them though.

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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by A.H »

My eyes are really dark brown and almost black and I don't really like it. I wish I had lighter eyes. Brown is really dull.
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by nightrunner »

ive always said i had hazel eyes coz ive never been sure... somedays my eyes look browny, bluey but recently they have started looking more green
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