What's your eye color?

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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by pallorxmortis »

WhenTheSunGoesDown wrote:I hve hazel eye there very weird.... i got long dark eye lashes, smaller slits and a purpleish/brown color around my iris really weird but i loooooove them.

i have a friend whos eye change like every day it weird... like once they were purple!!!!!! she got eye problems man.,. lol

My great-grandfather had bright red hair and violet eyes.
I hope my kids get his genes. XD

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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by team_edward_cullen1 »

Mine change color every week or so. Sometimes its longer, they are blue, grey, this color of brown, and most of the time, and this color green It gets annoying when people ask you why your eyes were blue yesterday and green today. Its pretty cool though. :)
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by justdeal »

My eyes change color constantly, but theyre my favorite part of me! Usally they switch between emerald green, and a very strange grey. Other times their teal or tuquise. Whenever my eyes are grey, I almost always have a really good day. They change based on weather, clothes and mood. When I buy shirts I think "what color will my eyes be if I wear this" My eyes also display my emotions. Im rambling now, but I love my eyes!
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by skylarblue »

I have hazel eyes but I think depending on my mood the colors change.
I usually have a lot of green but then I get a brown or yellow mixture in there.
I think they look cool when I get alot of yellow mixed in with the green.
I love my eyes but I wish they were alot greener.

For all those that have lighter eyes, do you find that the sun or bright lights hurt them?
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by BellsEdwardalways »

I have blue eyes but they're a dark blue. So, not the kind of blue eyes that just pops out to people. Obviously :D
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by Wolf-Girl90 »

samajama wrote:Purpleish? That's awesome!!!

I love my eyes. Lately, they've been looking more greenish.
Well, my avie has a picture of my eye, but it's a little shotty. So I'll post a better quallity pic.
. . .
http://i403.photobucket.com/albums/pp11 ... 300308.jpg
Ta da!
OMG you have gorgeous eye's! Fro serious! I'm so jelous!
Mine are this very boring Hazel colour!
My frined and I read the Host together and she told me my eye's were exactly how Mel's were described!
I think they're more green though!
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by -Jasper »

skylarblue wrote: For all those that have lighter eyes, do you find that the sun or bright lights hurt them?
I have blue eyes, and the sun or bright lights hurt them. I can't look up into the sun when it's bright, and some of my friends with different coloured eyes can.
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by tsvety »

Ohhh! Today I saw this girl that had real golden-yellowish eyes!!! Like the real thing and she wasn't wearing contacts. And she was blond and kinda pale! No kidding. And then I said to myself "oook girl, too much twilight" :lol: :lol: I was in shock hahah, they looked sooo cool!
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by love_is_noise »

i wish i had green or dark brown eyes, y friends has the most bearutiful eyes ever, she is soo lucky. They are really big and a lovely dark brown, in places almost black but when theycatch the light they are reall nice bright brown with hazel in them!
i really wish i had her eyes, or a really vibrant green!

but i don't i have very ordinary vey boring blue! with abit of green and grey in thre too. they are quite hazy.
they have a dark blue ring around the outside
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by QueenJane »

So I am with a lot of you.....very dark brown eyes.

My son on the other hand has these really cool golden hazel eyes. Not to mention that he has dark red hair (I have always called it copper). Maybe I can hold him down and get a pic of those eyes.
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