What's your eye color?

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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by YouAreMyLifeNow »

my eyes are a pretty green (if i do say so my self) and they have like little golden liney-thingyes just around the black part. I really like my eyes! :D
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by pallorxmortis »

maddy<3twilight wrote:WOW! My eyes are really really dark. I remember doing this thing where the teacher turned off the lights and we had to look into each others eyes to see our pupils get smaller or bigger. But my partner couldn't see because my eyes are so dark!
I had that problem when I was little.
My parents had to keep me in dim lighting because my eyes were black and they couldn't tell if my pupils were working correctly.

They also thought I was allergic to light for the first few weeks (I'm actually allergic to florescent lighting and because I'm so pale I burn easily thus limiting my exposure to the outside. I burn under cloudy skies. xD)

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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by LaLaLauren »

those are mine. At the time they were grren, they get to be blue, and anywhere in between. Sometimes they are circled by an amber edge... it used to be all the time but something changed.. *pouts*
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by The Architect »

I have Blue eyes, but in my one eye I have a brown spot in it or well a couple spots, i inherited it from my great-grandma.

by the time im 30 if im lucky/unlucky, i may have one blue and one brown eye, doctors are not sure if it will happen. It is coolio though :D
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by Wingtear »

My eye color, I like it!
I adore my hubby's eye color. i have never seen eyes like his. They are the one sported in my signature...
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by *Wanderer* »

I have to say my eye color is pretty boring :( ... black. Or really, really dark brown.

I envy those with pretty eye colors.

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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by SethisMine »

^Well actually my eyes are like that, and I like them. They have sort of... mysterious look to them.
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by Alicia_Cullen »

Some poeple say my eyes are blue, some say green.I put green on my permit, but you can be the judge of it:

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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by Tengo Nubs. »

this is an interesting thread....

oddly enough, i was just contemplating my eye color last night! from a distance, they look brown, further complicated by the fact that my contacts are tinted brown. however! as i've discovered recently from an in-depth examination, my eyes are actually a gray-green color around the outside and then light brown toward the center. they also look greener when my eyes water/i'm crying.

but, alas, unless someone is an inch from my face and there's a good amount of light present, my eyes just look like a boring brown :lol:
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Re: What's your eye color?

Post by Jessalyn118 »

well, when I stare at myself in a mirror, they look DEEP black..kinda boring..
But if I stare at them under the sunlight, the look dark brown.

They look like THIRSTY VAMPIRE EYES! lol
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