Hobbit Village~ The LoTR General Discussion Thread

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Hobbit Village~ The LoTR General Discussion Thread

Post by Nena »

Discuss everything to do with The Lord of The Rings here.

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Re: Hobbit Village~ The LoTR General Discussion Thread

Post by dimber »

Well done, Nena!!!! LoTR deserved a thread of his own...

I must confess I'm a LoTR freak: I'm even getting married on September 22nd :mrgreen: I read the whole saga once a year and own several different copies and editions of the book. Any other huge fan of the book?
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Re: Hobbit Village~ The LoTR General Discussion Thread

Post by keds723 »

I'm a huge fan of the first two books, but it took me a LONG TIME to read and I haven't had time to move to the last one. I absolutely loved the Hobbit too. The movies were amazing what with the ginormous budget they had. Did anyone watch the extended version of Return of the King? I loved the two minute coughing scene performed by Gandalf and then equally as long scene of Gimli blowing and chasing away dust motes. Classic.

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Re: Hobbit Village~ The LoTR General Discussion Thread

Post by una »

I LOVE this series, thanks for the thread Nena! I've read The Hobbit through the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. It truly is a fantastic series and the details, language, writing, the world is so completely created. I think I've been lost in it before.

I thought the extended versions of the three movies were great! I have heard rumors of them going back and now doing The Hobbit. I really hope they do it!
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Re: Hobbit Village~ The LoTR General Discussion Thread

Post by keds723 »

Good! I wasn't the only one who had heard that rumor. I really hope they film the hobbit since it was one of my favorites. I think I need to reread all of the books. I hope I can find them :-/

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Re: Hobbit Village~ The LoTR General Discussion Thread

Post by love_is_noise »

i am a huge fan of LOTR, because of my age i did see the films before reading the books though...but they are amazing films!
even though they are so different from the books i love them....
i love the booktoo, though i've only read the hobbit, the fellowship of the ring, and i am 3/4 of the way through the two towers...i got the sequel to a series i was into so i stopped two towers and read tht, i'm starting it back up again once i've finished reading the 3 books i've got on the go aat the mo.

the hobbit was my fav..i really hope they go ahead with the film..i've heard that rumor, but it's been going around for a while so i don't know if they are doing it or not.

so what do you guy's think?
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Re: Hobbit Village~ The LoTR General Discussion Thread

Post by LadyViolet »

:shock: we have a LotR thread?!?! AWESOME!! (sorry i over-use that word at the mo)
I will confess i have only read the books through once but i adore the films to the point that i have watched all three extended versions and most of the special features upon said dvds (im a freak i know) and i can probably tell you a large variety of random trivia from when they were filming the movies plus i can recite quite a few of the lines along with the characters - much to the annoyance of whoever im watching the films with :oops:
I did recently buy a box set of the books to re-read and i have started Fellowship but i don't know how long it will take me as im easily distracted by other books.
I bought the Empire magazine which had a sizeable article on the Hobbit film - it said that it might start shooting in 2010 with Guillermo del Toro directing with Pete Jackson producing it (and writing) it will be two films showing the events of the Hobbit and the intervening years between the end of that book and the start of the Fellowship. the first film will be out 2011-ish and the second in 2012. :D
I will have to read the Hobbit soon methinks
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Re: Hobbit Village~ The LoTR General Discussion Thread

Post by Starless*Eyes »

I've actually never read the LOTR series. *hides* But I love love love the movies, they're so epic. I actually found the three LOTR books in my grandparents basement a few months ago so I'm going to start reading the series in the summer. After I read The Hobbit of course.
The books I found must have been my uncles when he was a kid though because they were sorta worn and still had the price sticker on them. Can you believe they were only $2.00! :o (well, it's not that big of a suprise I suppose haha)
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Re: Hobbit Village~ The LoTR General Discussion Thread

Post by Lacuna Scion »

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

we have a LOTR thread? YES!

This is great because just last week we got into a major LOTR phase on the "Who Would Win" thread. :lol:

love_is_noise I so prefer Legolas. Only because I have a love for elves. Who doesn't want to be able to see miles in the distance, walk on snow, and manipulate a bow and arrow like that?

Visually, I believe LOTR are some of the best movies I've ever seen. And it's one of my all time favorite series. Probably just in between HP and TW.

And they should definitely make a Hobbit movie. Show all those that haven't read the series where it all started. Lord knows they have the funds.
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Re: Hobbit Village~ The LoTR General Discussion Thread

Post by dandyvampgirl_13 »


Just to point out, there are a lot more books on the world of Arda than just LOTR and the Hobbit.
For instance, the Children of Hurin. That. Was. Pathectically. Amazing.
Seriously the most depressing book I've ever read, but it was still beautiful.

I can't wait till they come out with the Hobbit, but if that rumor I heard that Orlando Bloom will play Thranduil is true, I will flip. Legolas cannot also play his dad!!

*coughs* Legolas is still single.... He's mine. I have a serious thing for elves of any type. (That doesn't stop Aragron from being very sexy and manly, though.)

Has anyone ever been to Neverast.com...? Its a very old LOTR fansite, but they have an Elvish dictionary, which I use frequently. I just translated the Lament of Rohan into Elvish.
Yes, I am a serious dork. I know waaaaaay too much.

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