Where do you read?

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Re: Where do you read?

Post by A.H »


Mostly in my room when it's nice and quiet.
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Re: Where do you read?

Post by ~*~Emily~*~ »

I read in my room,sitting in my "nest" chair or on my Futon.And I prefer to read by myself,when it's quiet .I CANNOT concentrate when there's too much going on.I actually have different books that I read at certain times.There's the "at night when it's totally quiet" books,the "During the day-uplifting-light" books,the "anytime" books...ect.Yes,I categorize my books.I'm just a *little* obsessed ;)
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Re: Where do you read?

Post by tinuviel2006 »

I mostly read in my room, on my bed, but when it's sunny outside I always read on my terrace. There's nothing like being in the fresh air while you read!
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Re: Where do you read?

Post by eliselovesedwardx »

Honesty..Anywhere I have a book..

I read an entire book in the kitchen yesterday..
Bed, lounge room, deck, by the pool, beach, mountain, bathroom, in the car, on the bus, at school, on the train, in front of the TV, anywhere..
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Re: Where do you read?

Post by Jazzy'sgirl112108 »

i usually read in my room, alone. but i really like reading outside, like in a park. i do that when i can. i can also be found in the library A LOT!! after shcool usually, thats where i hang out to read.
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Re: Where do you read?

Post by xXBeSafeXx »

A lot of the time it's too loud to read/study in my dorm/suite, so I'll go to the laundry room.
It's warm from all the dryers, there's a little noise from the washers/dryers, like how I leave my fan on all the time when I'm home, there's a sofa and a table with chairs, and it's never too full, except around 6 or 7 when people come in to use the microwave.
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Re: Where do you read?

Post by whoahorsee »

I will read practically anywhere where I have a book, but my favorite places to read are in my room or on the couch and I also LOVE to go to the library and sit in these huge comfy chairs and read. But whenever I am reading there has to be music playing.
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Re: Where do you read?

Post by clpviolet »

Anywhere that I'm comfortable....the couch, my bed, the bathroom, my car....(I get a long lunch break)...lol. My preferred place to read is my room late at night (when I dont have to get up for work) maybe wearing my headphones listening to some music that either has no lyrics or I know it so well I dont need to pay attention to them. I havent been reading much lately cause I've been online all the time :roll: .
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Re: Where do you read?

Post by SweetImpakt »

I read everywhere i have a book, where i'm comfortable and it doesn't even have to be quiet for me to be able to read. I can read anywhere, because most of the time i'm totaly consumed by my book and i don't really care about where i am.

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Re: Where do you read?

Post by missp »

Sitting on the sofa curled up in a blanket with the Pomeranian on my lap
Sitting in my oversized arm chair wrapped up in a blanket and the Pomeranian between me and the arm
Lying in bed with the covers pulled up and the Pomeranian on her pillow next to my head
Sitting in the massage chair getting a pedicure
Sitting in the waiting room at the doctor's office
Laying in a lounge chair out by the pool
Stretched out on the sofa on my bf's veranda
Lounging in my beach chair on the beach
Sitting in the lounge chair on the balcony of the beach condo
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