Where do you read?

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Re: Where do you read?

Post by dazzel21 »

My bedroom!! Doors looked and sprawled on my bed with all the lights turned off, light source only came from my bed lamp...
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Re: Where do you read?

Post by vampirenerd »

If i have a book that I'm really into I will read anywhere. My favorite place to read is outside when the sun is out and there is a nice breeze. We also have this HUGE overstuffed recliner in our game room and when my husband isn't in it playing Call, I like to curl up in it and read. Wherever I read though there has to be music and NOTHING else going on or I can't concentrate.
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Re: Where do you read?

Post by Edwards Ragazza »

Usually on the couch. The only time I can is when my lil ones go down for their naps and when they go to bed at night. I usually read til midnight or 1 in the morning since my daughter still get up for her midnight feeding.
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Re: Where do you read?

Post by Edwards_Bella »

the toilet
my bedroom
the lounge
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Re: Where do you read?

Post by roo-roo91 »

mainly me and my bros bedroom.
but the living room and family room as well.
only in the bathroom when i really don't want to put the book down when i have to go.
and occasionally outside.
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Re: Where do you read?

Post by Jestak »

I'm a "just about anywhere" person when it comes to reading. I can be found reading in almost any room in my home--well, not the bathroom or kitchen. At work I read in my office, and when my students are going to be taking a test or doing group work I bring a book to class. I frequently take a book if I go out to a restaurant or for a walk in the park. When you read as much as I do, almost anywhere will do.
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