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Re: Adult Thread ~ BDB series ~ Bow chika bow

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2011 6:49 pm
by cullengirl
I got 2 wrong too. :(

You can get chocolate covered bacon? Ah, yes the spinach crepes. I'm trying to remember all that food Rhage ordered at the diner. I loved that scene!

I don't think it's cheeky, but then again I would do the same for the cop. *Grins*

Re: Adult Thread ~ BDB series ~ Bow chika bow

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2011 9:46 pm
by fanMNM
Umm...maybe it's a pattern?? I got 2 wrong as well :blush:

Re: Adult Thread ~ BDB series ~ Bow chika bow

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:58 pm
by nissanmama

(Sorry about the length, but there's a lot of info and this is just what I did from memory!)

Let me start by saying that if you ever have a chance to go to one of her signings, you should make the effort. The woman is a rock star. Seriously, the Q&A was an hour long stand-up routine. My cheeks haven't hurt from laughing like that for a long time. I didn't expect her to be SO FUNNY!! :lol: :lol: She's also quite gracious. We had a big thunderstorm, lighting, accidents, the whole nine yards. I guess Ward doesn't fly and actually lives somewhere south of me in Kentucky. So she was driving up and was about 30 minutes late because of the weather. I wasn't star-struck until she completely disarmed me by apologizing to me personally for being late. Ward was dressed all in black and had her hair back in the updo that you see in all her pictures. She had dark glasses on, but not sunglasses. You could still see her eyes. I realized later that with all the flashes going off, the dark glasses were as much self-preservation as they were mystique. We had to joke about her security though. They were dressed in black slacks, black shirts, white ties, and black fedoras with dark sunglasses. :hello: The joke was they were little. We decided they must be pre-trans.

There were roughly 400 people crammed into the store, but management and staff handled it well. Her people took our cameras and used them to take our pictures as we came through the signing line. She did not pose for any pictures, signed only two books and wouldn't do personalizations. That said, however, one of the women in our group has made it her habit of asking authors to write one word rather than a signature. Ward wrote, "Thunderstorm" in her book. She signed books BEFORE the Q&A. Because we had come early to get our line tickets, we were in the first 50 books she signed and got seats in the third row for the Q&A. WE did not have to stand!

Ah...the Q&A, that's what you really want to know (and assumes you've read thru Payne's book):
Stop reading now if you don't want spoilers.

Some of this is not a surprise, just stuff she confirmed. You'll notice a few tidbits thrown in that are new including *drum roll* the answer to the coffin question!!:

The first thing Ward did was warn the store's staff. She said, "I have kind of a potty mouth and I'm not sure you want me mic'd to the whole store!" The people at the back couldn't begin to hear so she did have use the mic, but it was often static-y and she made jokes about her electrifying *ss.

JM and Muhrder will have a confrontation at some point.

We WILL eventually find out what happened to Quinn’s brother

Because of Payne's healing powers, like Manny, George will live forever. She said this came from a personal love for her own retriever. Payne's healing ability is a regenerating power. She can't give someone back an arm that's been cut off or give Wrath his eyesight back. She said that healing takes so much out of Payne that she's good for one healing so it's not like she can make the Brotherhood invincible. The lessers :worried: are not going away and neither is the Omega. Butch can't suck away them all and the Omega is necessary in the balance of things with the SV, even if his power is slightly diminished. In discussing Payne, it was noted that Payne didn't require arousal to get her "glow on" which is why she was able to kill her father and melt away the shackles in which Xcor held her. Ward made a joke about Payne's "glow chicka wow wow" and actually blushed. The woman put the mic down, laughed, and you could see the color just go right up her neck to her cheeks.

Ward indicated that we may be seeing Lash again before her publicist squashed anything further. (You'll recall that JM held him down while Xhex stabbed him. He was not inhaled by Butch.)

Payne will eventually become a member of the Brotherhood.

My favorite t-shirt said, "Team Vutch". The t-shirt I would most likely buy for myself said, "MINE is the sexiest word in the human language." When asked if we would be seeing Candy again, the prostitute from the motel scene, Ward talked at length about how steamy it was to write, how she kept waiting for Throe to leave the room, but he wouldn't go and then there he was in the mix. Her publisher wanted to know why he couldn't just hold a video camera in the corner or something less participatory. While Candy was really quite enthusiastic and remarkble, taking real pride in her work, we will not see Candy again as there were plenty more women, many of them at the signing, who would be more than willing to volunteer. After some joking she asked her publicist if they could do a t-shirt that said, "Ho Patrol".

She noted that Jose's new partner Veck will feature prominently in Envy, book #3 in the Fallen Angels series. She is about 40 pages from completing Envy and it will be released in September. Her plan is to release a BDB book each spring and a Fallen Angels book every fall. The novellas will fall in between and in addition to that publishing schedule.

Jose' de la Cruz will NOT eventually find Butch.

Lassiter will be getting his own book. He will NOT be a Brother. This is where she did a hilarious routine of Lassiter with knife stabbing a lesser and whining because some blood got on him and needing to run home wash it off and watch Beaches.

We will see more of Lassiter in Tohr’s book, which you know, is the next book. You also know that No One will be his new shellen. Someone asked about reader apprehension since we still love Wellsie and Ward said that it was time for him to get on with his life. She has had some scenes from his book in her head for as much as five years and it was just time. She said invest in Kleenex because it's going to be a seriously emotional book.

Wellsie will make an appearance in Tohr's book. Her publicist wouldn't let her expand on that so we don't know if it's as a memory, a visit from the Fade, or what.

Xcor is pronounced "core" and will be getting his own book, but, "He has some issues to workout first. The boy needs some time in therapy."

Throe, who originally came from the glymera around the time his sister was wronged, will get his own book.
  • Pg. 73 Although when it came to Throe, that male had been bound to him far earlier than that, hadn't he... pg. 287 "Forgive me," Throe bowed slightly, "My debt to you remains. As does my loyalty." Such a sap. Although in truth, Xcor murdering the male who had defiled Throe's sister had been a very worthwhile investment of time and blade, for it had tied this steadfast and true fighter to him E'ermore. Throe had sold himself to Xcor to get the deed done... Such a shame his bloodline hadn't seen the transformation as an improvement--in spit of the fact that his father had been a Brother, for godsakes. You'd think the family would have been grateful. Alas, they had disowned the poor f**ker.
When asked if No One was his "defiled sister," Ward started to answer and was stopped by her publicist. There was a long grinning pause and she finally said, "Keep reading."

IAm and Trez will both get their own book. The way she said it made me believe they would EACH get their own book. She said if she could be anyone in her books, she would be a shade. She thinks they're very cool. When asked at this point if there would be other species introduced she said there was one word that answered that question. You'll find it on page two of Payne's book. Because I'm nice, I'll quote it for you so you don't have to go look it up:
  • ...Handpicked and chosen wisely, these males were deadly against the enemy and codeless when it came to vampire society. Codeless when it came to killing as well: It mattered not whether the prey was slayer or human or animal or wolfen. Blood would flow.
When asked when Layla was going to get her HEA, Ward laughed and laughed and made a joke about poor Layla. Here's an Eros surrounded by all these men and she "couldn't get laid if she tripped and fell down face up." Ultimately, Ward did not actually answer the question, but it prompted the quote of the night, "I'm a good Christian woman. Now drop your pants!"

Boo is not just a cat. (No expansion on that whatsoever!)

Yes, we will revisit the Sympath colony.

Mary and Rhage will have a novella, which is already almost complete, about their journey to become parents. (You'll recall that Mary can't have children and that invetro isn't an option for vampires. So if they want to have a biological child of Rhage's, he'll have to lay with someone.) Oh, and she confirmed that Rhage does drink from Mary, he just can't be sustained on her blood. No one asked about Jane and Vishous.

Wrath and Beth will have a novella also. Wrath doesn't want Beth to become pregnant because he's not willing to endanger her life. But when the needing must respond. Because Beth is a half-breed, her needing will hit before the first ten years of her transition is up. Ward suggested it would be more like five years out.

Qhuinn and Blaylock...*sigh* Qhuinn and Blay WILL get together, but it will be in a novella. This accomplishes a couple of things. First of all, those who don't wish to read about that particular kind of relationship can choose to skip it. Ward intimated that it would be "steamy" on par with the motel three-way in Payne's book. Those who want to read about this pairing won't have to wade through the subplots of a longer book (here she suggested it would be more like Wrath or Rhage's book where it really just concentrates on the pairing) and no other characters will have to share their book with Qhuinn and Blay's relationship as a subplot. This was compromise that she reached with her publisher, without whom she was quick to point out, there would be no series, to publish a story at all about the pair rather than veto it outright.

Ward took some time after giving us the above about Qhuinn and Blaylock to note that her novellas are more like other people's books. The average romance book is about 100 to 120,000 words. Her novellas are roughly 90-100,000 words. Her books are roughly 140,000 words. So Qhuinn/Blay lovers should not feel gypped.

Qhuinn will not have any additional visions. That talent will stay with Vishous.

I know, I know...what about the d*mn coffins?! Ward prefaced her comment by saying she felt this explanation was a "theory," but that it felt right with her internal logic. *drum roll* The coffins contain the remains of the original Brothers. When the vampire community left the old country, they didn't abandon their dead. Their dead were part of their identity and now that their "base" was here in the new world, their dead should be with them. (We spent a while over dinner discussing why they were just stacked in the garage and not buried or in the cave where they store the lesser jars and do initiations.)

My dinner afterward went really well. My guests stayed more than five hours, eating and talking. I did Fritz proud with the table and served spinach crepes and chocolate covered bacon as appetizers. I have to say, the bacon/chocolate was remarkably good. Dinner was marinated flank steak cooked on the grill outside, fresh green beans with roasted onions, roasted new potatoes, lemonade and someone brought some wine. For dessert we had strawberries and pineapple with chocolate dipping sauce and a specialty cake made by a woman who does this for a living. She's had a lot of requests to ship her cakes and ours was a dry run at shipping. (It didn't matter for us if the cake came damaged.) She sent us a chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse filling. It was a little squashed, but tasted divine!

I have pics of everything, but my daughter took my camera when she went out tonight. I'll try to get on and post them tomorrow.

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Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:16 am
by nissanmama
Best quote from the signing: "I'm a good Christian woman. Now drop your pants!"

Ward's pre-trans security detail

The crowd at the Q&A

Ward signing my books

The word "Thunderstorm" in my girlfriend's book

Ward during the Q&A

Bacon-Chocolate, naturally served on a silver platter ;)

Fritz did dinner up right

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Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 5:50 pm
by fanMNM
Thank you for sharing all of that nissanmama!! I know some people don't like knowing anything before they read a book, but I love all the clues and hints :) It's still fun to see them all come together once you get to that character's book!

I'm glad the signing was able to happen despite the storms! And I'm glad you had such a great the signing and at your dinner. I have to admit that while the chocolate covered bacon looked interesting, I just cannot imagine those two different flavors together! :shock:

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Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 12:13 pm
by somethingblue
[quote="nissanmama"]WARDEN SIGNING REPORT:

Nissanmama - Thank you so much for this awesome report! I'm so proud of you and happy you were there to capture the magic and details for those of us who could not attend! Next time, I'm going to try to come by you and we can go together! YAY!

Thanks again, darling! ... 5&p=508373#


Re: Adult Thread ~ BDB series ~ Bow chika bow

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 12:40 pm
by nissanmama
This afternoon I remembered what she said about her writing process. She said she outlines very heavily, like 50 pages, and that's where she does all her "thinking." She doesn't start actually writing until that outline is done and fleshed out. (pun intended) *snicker* She said when she has an idea or a scene comes into her head, she does NOT keep notes. She remembers them the way you remember something your friend did five years ago.

Re: Adult Thread ~ BDB series ~ Bow chika bow

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:17 pm
by DHSHolly
Hello Everyone, I'm new to this thread. I spend most of my time over on the 20 somethings thread, even though I'm now 31. Old habits die hard I guess. But I started reading the bdb series since last january and fell in love instantly. I just finished Pain's book. I've read them all in audio form. Looking forward to reading this thread.

Re: Adult Thread ~ BDB series ~ Bow chika bow

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 6:45 pm
Nissanmama, you so totally ROCK!!! This is the best account I've read by far!! Thank you so much!!!

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Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:34 pm
by twilightmom
NIMA: That completely rocked! Thank you so much!

I find it insightful to Ward's behavior that she was frequently "hushed" by her publicist. I think Ward is so excited about the BDB world, she just truly wants to spill the beans.