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Time Zones

Post by una »

This is a thread to discuss time zones. What time zone are you in? How confusing are they? How do you keep them straight with some places observing daylight savings time?!? Does your time zone observe daylight savings time?
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Re: Time Zones

Post by debussygirl »

I'm Pacific standard time.
So basically when American Idol and all of those shows are being recorded live two hours away from me, I have to wait three hours to see them. It kinda stinks like that, how besides Hawaii my time zone is the last to get everything in the US.
But I think it's so fun how on the lex we're all in different time zones but talking at the same time. It's craziness.
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Re: Time Zones

Post by psugar »

In the good ol' Eastern. Oh, DST, it's so confusing. We seriously spend a day changing clocks, so bothersome.
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Re: Time Zones

Post by n0vaice »

I'm from the Philippines, South East Asia in General. Our time zone is GMT+8.
Time zones for me aren't really confusing, I find them interesting actually.
The only downside is spending time with family and friends who are across
the globe, most of the time we have conflicting time schedules. So chatting
or talking to them can be hard.

We don't observe daylight savings time.
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Re: Time Zones

Post by blasphemous_contessa »

Pacific. West Coast. Used to be Central. Texas. I liek this better cuz I don't have to calculate what time my shows come on cuz they all say "eastern/pacific" like a video lag or whatever.
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Re: Time Zones

Post by i am bella »

reppin the est baby! :lol: eastern standard time for those of yall who dont know!
daylight savings time is soo annoying! it screws with my head sooo bad!
i do like time zones though, i like figuring out what time it is for everyone and laughing at the fact that it might just be day when im asleep there :lol:
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Re: Time Zones

Post by aussie-twigirl »

Well, I'm in Australia so mostly when it's day for me, it's night for my American and European lex friends, and vice versa. Right now it's 1:00pm on a Wednesday afternoon. Where I live in Aus, we're half-an-hour behind the eastern coast, so where the live shows are recorded (idol and such) we get them half-hour later. I thought that was annoying but having to wait 3 hours would be worse!

Argh, daylight savings is so annoying. Really does mess up your body for a few days. But i love it being lighter at night in the summer :D But as it's winter here right now, we're not in daylight savings at the moment.
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Re: Time Zones

Post by TheLionsLamb »

I live in Australia. The time now is 1:47 in the afternoon.
So to all those who are living in the 'past' hi!!!

And no, I don't know the lotto numbers. *giggle*
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Re: Time Zones

Post by 21Twilight21 »

My time zone is Mountain Time :)! We have daylight savings! It is currently 10:11 p.m. :)! It's crazy how when I'm going to sleep people here on the board are saying good morning lol!
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Re: Time Zones

Post by marielle »

Time zones.....*groans*...
I never thought they could be so annoying, but since I'm posting on lex I found them really annoying...

all the good gossip is released while I'm sleeping. ;)

I'm in Holland we are +1 GMT....most of the time I have no idea what time it is at the other side of the world...
the only thing I know is the 16.00 here is like 9.00 in NY and the 14.00 is the same as 24.00 in Australia...
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