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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl » Tue Nov 24, 2009 12:21 pm

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by MRK » Tue Nov 24, 2009 10:27 pm

It was totally dorky and cheesy, but thanks anyway guys lol (will NOT put it on youtube tho lol)

Happy Turkey Day to all my American homies!! Im really thankful for all of you fine ladies (and men)!!

Hey McMeg, I just saw a commercial for the Harry Potter Park in Orlando coming in 2010...We SOOOOOOO gotta go! ROAD TRIP!!! LOL (ok Id prob rather save to fly)

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by xhopeonaropex » Wed Nov 25, 2009 5:24 am

Hi guys!!! Just wanted to introduce myself again since I haven't been on the Lex for over a year

Name: Hope
Year you graced us by being born: 1989
Locale: Los Angeles, CA but my parents are from Lebanon
Slave to da man? : Borders Bookstores in Pasadena for a year now. I love my job!!!
Spawn?: Hmmmm nothing that comes to mind now
Doing anyone?: Single right now and not really looking, but if the opportunity comes for a great guy then why not??? Most important thing: MUST LOVE TWILIGHT!!! lol
Attracted to: a great guy with alot of confidence but also appreciates me and my self respect. Plus if he can love just a tenth of the way Edward loves Bella that would be awesome!! Ummmmm must have some good morals and ethics. Loves books. And prefers regular hanging out time than going to a party (I just hate them!!!)
TV Watching: Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice. The Tudors!!!!!! True Blood, Gossip Girl and Heroes
Reading: I'm rereading New Moon. I will start reading Wolf Hall afterwards. In the past couple of moths I have read Sookie Stackhouse series, Lost Symbol for Dan Brown, The Wild Things for Dave Eggers, Sense and Sensabil;ity and Seamonsters.... and a whole bunch of others
Lex member you want to recommend: Everyone I have met and known!!! YOu guys are the nicest Lex people I know and welcome everyone in loving open arms
Favorite movie of all time: A walk to remember is one of my favortie. I loved New Moon more than Twilight honestly. I hated Knowing and thought it was rally dumb. I wanna go see the Bliind Side because I love Sandra Bullock, as well as many new movies to be released. Star Trek this year was amaziiiiiiiiiing. And Up made me cry and was very touching and funny.

I loooooooooooooove reading. I'm an Eng Lit major but right now I'm not in school due to some financial reasons. But I'm hoping to go back in the next year or so. I love shopping qand movies and hang out time. Half the time I just like going to a bookstore, even though I spend most of my days there working, and just grab a cup of hot chocolate and read.I like hanging with my cousins alot. Can't wait till Thanksgiving. BTW Happy THanksgiving to you all!!! I'm easy to get along with. I say what I think and I'm honest, but I know my limits of how honest I should be. I could be a little pushy but it's because I have so much faith in people to do better. I even push myself. Go figure. And I talk alot. LOL. I'm very social and friendly. PM m anytime. I would loive to make new friends!!!


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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine » Wed Nov 25, 2009 5:46 am

@MRK thats seriously awesome! at least bput it up on the lexily facebook group so i can read it back whenever i want..please?

OKay, so most of you have seen the greatnees that becca send....sid ihas been GLOWING ever since...i mean..tons of chocolate AND whisky...damn, thats like a fantasy coming true.btw, you know whats really weird? Sids LOVING the Aeros with the perppermint in them, and then we went shopping and in this one store we saw Aeros!? with white in them. really really weird, havent seen them ever before..weird coincidence. And lets not forget the kilt towel, hes been wearing it around the house ever since...
Obie, you havent seen it yet, have you? : ... 1309688754

I freaking LOVE the makeup becca send me, have been wearing it to work :)
Wish i could buy it around here, its seriously GOOD stuff(and it s gorgeous!).

I wont talk about new moon since im not allowed yet...but sid bought some new moon posters yesterday...seriously, hahahah.
And his teamleader gave him some giftcertificates for the we might be seeing new moon again this weekend :)

other than that, im kinds pissed off about something, but i dont think i can post it here, since this is public and all. i seriously need to rant about something. *sigh*.

but thats just a side thing, its pretty Forksy weather around here, with a lot of stormy wind. i wanted to go to the market today, but im not sure if itll even be there in this weather, it might get blown apart.

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl » Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:25 am

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear » Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:26 am

Welcome Hope!
I'm Ninna, 25 (better type that a lot now, it changes in 1½ weeks) from Finland and currently staying at home with a 2 week old pup named Linus who have wrapped this entire lexily around his pinky without ever meeting them :mrgreen:
I saw you asking about the Sookie books in another thread, quite a few people here have read them.

Becca *smooch* didn't really have anything to say, just wanted to cuddle :twisted:

Misty ♥ you are amazingly talented and I too vote for you making a youtube out of that one :mrgreen:

about me and pup
He's asleep :D we figured out why he only ate and cried. He ate so much he drained the food supply :roll: well, he's got werewolf in his genes alright... So after 100ml of formula last night, he finally started sleeping. And before that he had eaten for I don't know how many hours straight...
Today/night or tomorrow I'll finally get to see New Moon :mrgreen: and well, it's the alternate way I spoke about earlier :twisted: and according to D the visual is kinda bad but what the heck, I get to see it!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by obieewok » Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:28 am

TO BECCA AND JANNY-----In the words of Eric Cartman---"Screw you guys---I'm going home."
Taunting the Obie with skirt Sid pics? Really? Have you no heart? Et tu Becca? Et tu?

And everything I know about Shakespeare I learned from Freddie Prinze Jr (She's All That) and of course, 10 Things I hate About You. And O (Othello) with Julia Stiles. I'm cultured like that.

Happy day before the great Turkey ingestion of 2009 US folks! Me and mine are heading to my brother in law's house to watch our dallas cowboys hopefully win, then coming home and vegging out, since I have to be one of those schmucks that work on Friday (but only for a couple of hours).

I made turkey cupcakes last night (in honor of Clipped Wings and Inked Armor), so I plan on posting a pic of them tonight on FB. Anyone who wants to know how to make them, let me know, because they are pretty super easy.

On the way in this morning, I was listening to a radio interview from last year with Rob Pattinson. Is there really any better way to kick off your day than hearing him in the morning? Gah.

To NINNA----(and just Ninna, as this is mom speak and she gets it right now)----dude, my milk already is here. You ever try picking up the 16 year old bag boy at Walmart because he's staring at your boobs, only to find he's staring because you are LEAKING like a toyota? Gross! Stupid miracle of life BS.

Fanfic reqs:
I really enjoyed THE TUTOR, probably because the author is so freakawesome. If you like Darkward/Getintroubleallthetimeward + Nerdella, this is for you.

Owning me: Clipped Wings of course, because Tattward rocks, but I also love University of Edward Masen and Master of the Universe. (My smut hookup is Becs by the way---the filthy girl)

To whomever asked about Vampire Diaries the books----Yes, they are different in a lot of respect to Twilight, and that's awesome in my opinion, but there are a lot of similarites too. And yes, they are slow moving. Halls, or DHSHolly on here, is the expert on the books since she's the only person I know who read them all, and says they pick up after the first one or two. So I plan on reading at least until three or so and then seeing what I think. I'm halfway through the second book, and so far, it is pretty good. Plus, I love Damon. So works for me!

So my contribution to Thanksgiving (besides adorable cupcakes) is green bean casserole, because that cheap dish is my kryptonite, and deviled eggs. Some people think deviled eggs are these uniform-everyone-makes-them-the-same-way sort of things, and to that I say "Off with your head". I make two different types of eggs----one in which they are a little sweet and topped with crumbled bacon (because bacon+eggs=world peace) and the other are spicy---and by far in my family, the most popular---I use horseradish (my other kryptonite) and garnish with jalapenos. I make fancy eggs is all. One year for a party I used wasabi powder to make "green eggs" for green eggs and ham. I love deviled eggs---I just hate being around Ray after he's had ten of them. Geez. Crack a window!

I plan on seeing NM again next week.

Ok...I'm signing off since I'm at work and I need to crank this stuff out so I can leave early. This year, I'm most thankful for finding a group of peeps that are as nuts about a teen movie as I am. I am thankful that these freaks think I'm awesome, beautiful (shut up---it's my list), funny, witty, bigger than Jesus, etc. I am thankful for each and every one of you and I hope that wherever you are tomorrow (or today for honeythestripper) you are loved and happy!

"Has anyone ever shown you the difference between good touch and bad touch? 'Cause I'd love to demonstrate. We could start right now.'"

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by stupid_lamb85 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 11:14 am

Hey all, I am gonne reintro myself I haven't been on in a year because I was PREGO and spent all my forum time on mommy forums lol. but I am glad to be back!!!!

Name: Nicole but everyone calls me Nyx or Nicci
Year you graced us by being born: 1985
Locale:Ontario Canada
Slave to da man? :more like slave to the two children lol
Spawn?: 2 boys 2.5 year old Landon John Thomas and 2 month old Linkin JASPER Drake lol
Doing anyone? : my hubby lol
Tats/Piercings: 2 in each ear, a tattoo on my leg of a star and good charlotte song hold on...which is getting covered up tats at 17 not a good idea lol. I want a few more tats and more ear piercings :)
Attracted to: My husband seriously he is my edward. Protective, serious, sweet, family oriented, good looking
Turn offs : cigarettes, drugs, pants below the underwear, too tight pants, lazy
TV Watching: Vampire diairies, MTV reality crap, House, Biggest loser
Reading: Just finished Lover avenged from the BDB series. I am reading inkheart right now because I am out of paranormal until my next bookstore tour
Lex member you want to recommend: I don't really know anyone
Favorite movie of all time: New moon, Boondock saints, I am legend, Nightmare before christmas, PS I love you...I have millions I own 500 dvds
My twilight diet blog

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by SenorGimp » Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:14 pm

That was excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Hope: welcome! I am (pretty much the only active) resident Twi-Guy *(What would you Do-o-o, for a twilight guy? Thanks again for the banner Misty! love it still)* And I am actually very grateful that you mentioned reading sense and sensibility, because it reminded me of something I keep forgetting to bring up on here: I read Wuthering Heights!! Has anybody else read it??
It is probably one of the most tragic portrayals of the absolute monstrosity to which human beings can "aspire"(?), but aside from that and the fact that there is not really one decent character in the whole story, it is really well-written, and elicited in me some very strong emotional responses... But if you don't like reading stories where no one has ANY morals, and where the "happy ending" is still rather tragic, I suggest you definitely do not read that book.
But I WOULD really like to have someone to discuss it with, as I don't think I actually know anyone else who has read it, and being such a frequently referenced part of the Twilight Saga, I feel as though I am obligated (which is not one of the main reasons why, just an excuse I'm using to avoid seeming genuinely interested in intelligent dialogue... lol) to discuss it with someone.
I can definitely see why Edward didn't like it, and having read it, I feel as though I have a much deeper understanding of Bella's character too...
The quote from the book, though, the one where it says something to the effect of: "But until she said otherwise, I would have died by inches before I touched one hair on his head."... When you read that in context... Oh my God! Goosebumps, and tears welling up, and all of the things which usually accompany powerful literarily emotive exerpts (not sure if that made sense?)
Anyway, where was I?
Oh yeah, welcome Hope, name is Codaniel, 24, Fort Collins CO, single, love to read, love my lexily here at Gen Y... Hope to get to know you, we are all pretty close-knit here.
Watch out for Obieewok though... she's something else, definitely unafraid to speak HER mind!! (You know I love you Obie, hee hee)
Anyway, I really hate this stupid hour limit at the library computer, I just barely finished reading all of your posts, and writing this and now I am out of time... GRRRRRR...
So I guess I will try to check back again soon, Hope make yourself at home (because you are), oh yeah "stupidlamb" (Nyx) welcome back, I have I guess joined since you last posted, but I've been a regular here for a while, and it's good to have you back, so... welcome back...
Gotta go all,
Much Love to my wonderful Lexlings, have a happy thanksgiving, and even if you don't celebrate thanksgiving (a lot of you are not american) that doesn't mean that you can't still give thanks, even though our holiday has degenerated into stuff your face day, thanks for the gravy and green-bean casserole... (MMMMM, Green-Bean Casserole... Drools like Homer Simpson)
Love ya
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear » Thu Nov 26, 2009 3:38 am

Ninna is thankful for:
Linus (THE PUP!!!), her hubby, her lexily, the fact that all previous are healthy (though not all of them mentally), that there's food on the table or in the fridge, that I live in the country I do with our social protection, I'm SO thankful for my mom (wouldn't have survived the last 2 weeks without her) and last but not least I'm thankful that there are people like Stephenie Meyer who has the imagination to dream up, and the skill to write down, such wonderful stories as the one that brought us all together here!

Welcome back Nyx! Can't say I remember you, but hey, there's more than just one and two people who've passed through this thread in the last year.

Speaking of which, HAVE ANYONE SEEN PHARMER/JARROD??? Where is he? I'm worried! He's been absent for a month...

Obie, do not speak ill of Toyotas, mine serves me very well thank you (but my boobs seem to have run low on "umph"). But I hear you, could you somehow use it to bother Ruthicon?
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