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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Dazzled_by_Cullens »


Megs is jealous at least you get greys!! Hmpph!! We are still on what is it now Misty…week #4 of repeats… Megs guesses she have no excuses to not put of the cleaning anymore… OR WAIT….yes our shared head/chest cold! Ahhhhh Me thinks the couch beacons. Now that Megs has officially finished up work for the day. And did not spend the last hour online *whistles* nope not at all….LOL. So it is decided cleaning/groceries def put off till the weekend!!!

All this talk of subway and sub sandwiches really makes me want to go and get one. HOWEVER Megs really wants Teddy’s chicken noodle soup that Misty speaks of!! I guess I will settle for what there is here…hmmm me thinks starbucks is in order too. Yes Megs also swears she isn’t this pathetic also. Becca and Megs often sync up brains and schedules and moods and things…so this must be what is going on.

VIKCY I AGREE!!! I think 3rd person will def help me remember all the new kids on the block here now…since well me be an oldie but a goodie *winks* LOL and waves at Becca’s shiny new list to help remember too. This is what helped Megs before in the beginning too.

BECCA!!!! Hmmmmm Just had a thought. Yes I know ME THINK…..MY friend is having an 80’s themed BDAY party for her 30th on June 12th I believe….just so you know *wink wink* not sure of the schedules and things….
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by bored by the sea »

megs Vicky is glad she's not the only one with a poor memory for names etc :lol:

Becca tommorow night is Laura Marling night whoop!! and then Vicky shall be going to whatever there is on in town afterwards, or to the pub for a nice pint of Brothers, Vicky loves her some Lemon cider :lol: sadly nowt to rock n roll :lol:
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl »

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear »

Ninna is awfully sorry that she called Megs Sami... :oops:
And if she is to nitpick, Ninna sees more than a fair share of I's an me's though those are forbidden!
*summons the dragon-minions and sends them to hide all that is chocolate and booze in the perpetrators homes*

Ninna has finished cleaning for the night (it's past 11PM after all) and now it's only the dishes left. Ninna's saving those for tomorrow, as pup loves to watch his mommy do dishes. He's a bit of a man-pig already, isn't he?

Ninna will now go to bed without making another hat. Hat-making is addictive, especially when making for someone else's baby(girl), and what's up is a white ski-hat with cerise cuff around the face and matching deco-seams
Terry, do Alice Rose require a hat for the coming fall (since Ninna seemingly has a tendency to make the hats a few years too big...)
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Dazzled_by_Cullens »

Ninna better be sorry-so you can let the I’s and me’s slip. Besides Megs “worked” 9 hours today which was laughable at best more like work beat Megs up and is also battling one furious cold right now and doesn’t feel well…so her head isn’t all there. Can Megs please be forgiven?? Or will chains/whips/and various torture devices be needed???? But please don’t hide megs chocolate and booze-esp not the peppermint schnapps!!! *grabs megs newly bough hazelnut coffee and sips it lovingly* you’ll never have this!!!

Megs is in love with her couch, just thought you all should know. Misty and Sarah have both experiences its’ AWESOMENESS!!! And soon so shall BECCA mwuahahaha!!! The couch and megs have a date tonight…who wants to join McMegs??? Megs will buy you a sweater or better yet have Ninna or Janny make you one w/their made sewing skills w/the little ballerina type skirt on it and you must wear the back brace too while trying to drink!!! Haha =)

Bex yes megs takes full blame for the cold!! And she doesn’t know how the shared germs work over thousands of miles, oceans and countries but it does. We have magical brain wave capabilities. Now if we could only use our powers for good …..NAH!!!

Obi….come out and play with us!!! *taunts some Ben and Jerrys in her face * Did megs mention said Ben & Jerrys was being held captive by the member of the Black Dagger Brotherhood!!! :lol: :mrgreen:
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by SenorGimp »

Codaniel decided to pop in after trying to read the better part of 8 pages, and say hello to his lovely lexlings, old and new
So "Hello lovely lexlings"
Codaniel doesn't know if Twilight<3 is still here, but if she is, he wants to say that he has no idea about the Doctor Who series whatsoever (much to his popinjay's chagrin), and therefore was not in any way offended by your statements about which doctor is a better who..
Codaniel thinks that statement might not have made much sense, but decides that, this being the Gen Y thread, and with Obie to take some of the attention of of him with HER wild shenanigans, it doesn't much matter.
Codaniel welcomes all the newbies, and swears up and down that he really is an "OG", even if he's not had a lot of time or opportunities to post on here lately.
Codaniel used to post entire page length posts, well maybe not quite that much, but he would respond to everyone, and knew them all personally, knew everything that was going on with them, but now that Codaniel has a job (2 jobs) and little to no free time, Codaniel finds it a lot harder to be an active member of this site, but is doing his best, he really is.
Codaniel Love all of his lexlings, and is glad to welcome Sid back to the lex, as he has felt rather lonely being the only active twi-guy on here for a good long while.
Codaniel also welcomes Harry Tuttle and any other new twiguys who may be on here, and offers them to PM him if they want another guy to chat to, if they get overwhelmed with the (still) incredibly uneven ratio of girls to guys on the site.
Codaniel has to go now, but wants to wish Obs luck with her Untouched Temp, and finds it unbelievable that she pointed out how much she detests gogurt, instead of making what should have been an obvious innuendo-ridden reference to him squirting his gogurt on her moist muffin and the two of them eating it together, or something.
Ok, Codaniel thinks that maybe that is too gross, and that that is the reason Obs didn't make said reference. Codaniel now feels like a sicko for bringing up a reference that even Obs wouldn't make.
Codaniel also loves his sweet li'l Popinjay, and is so excited and thrilled that she is going to come and spend the entire summer with him, and hopes that he has allayed everyone's fears that he is a creepy-creeper or a secret murderer.
Codaniel is a lover, not a fighter, although he has been known to be a biter.
Ok, enough of that.
Codaniel really has to go now, but sends his love, and apologizes that he couldn't respond to anyone really, he just can't retain the amount of info that was posted after missing 8 pages of posts, and trying to come back and catch up, but he hopes everyone is well, and sends his love to all of his lexlings, which he just now recalls he already did..
Codaniel needs more coffee, so he shall now bid you adieu.
Much Love,
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Ally_Cat »

animegaijingirl wrote:Ally, that gave me visions of me being the Mr Miyagi of movies to you LOL I'm here for movie chats whenever...just help me paint my fence first, it's all about training I swear... ;)
I already am thinking you could have horror week at halloween, some creature features, cult classics, nostalgia fest, best good/bad action movies, kung fu movies, theme for rom coms (ie they all have to have the ubiquitous clothes montage lol), you could do a tie in with the other entertainment, do dance movies, dance lessons, have a dance...ok I'll stop while I'm ahead lol
Becs - Ally tried to come up with a cool movie mentor name and could only come up with Dumbledore and Yoda at that time. Ally likes the Mr. Miyagi reference :D
Ally and her vice chairs had the same festival/features ideas as you - great minds do think alike! However the problem Ally still waits to confront is BUDGET - ahhh, evil should be a four letter word. Ally's school is down on funds because south carolina care zero for it college students.
Ally is looking forward to discussing with her advisor replacing the halloween drive in, which gets little attendance, with a classic mini movie marathon - like halloween, gremlins, and poltergeist (sp?).
Ally will def. keep Becs updated because she wants all the ideas she can get :D

Sarah - Ally is excited for Sarah's possible visit to Colorado again! Ally wants to thank Sarah for thinking of her and her paper. Unfortunately Ally did not get to sleep in.

Ally likes that Gen Y gets 200 pages and a longer thread life!

Ally now must go work on a website for her awful info systems class. :roll:
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by vampirenerd »

So, Emily hasn't had a very interesting life lately. She totally called in sick yesterday though, when she really wasn't. The hubby had off and Cosmo says you should play hookey everyonce in awhile to spice up your life, so that's exactly what Em did. It was actually very nice to be able to sleep late on a week day, go eat sushi with the hubby, and just laze about all day.

Em is SO ready for the weekend, even with my day off. Hopefully she will be going to the hubby's brother's house to eat crawfish with him, his wife, and their ADORABLE new baby. But said baby is getting his one month shots tomorrow so if he's cranky we won't be going since they're an hour and a half drive away. Em would really love some crawfish though...haven't had any yet this year and that's just not normal.

Next weekend should DEFINITELY be interesting. Em will be attending her first "adult" toy party. She's been invited to a few but never had a chance to go so next Friday night Em, her new sister-in-law, and her best friend will be attending their first. Should definitely be interesting and of course the hubby is SUPER excited and actually gave her the go ahead to spend as much money as she wants...and that NEVER happens lol.

So, the parents are out of town this week...they went to VEGAS (super jealous) so the hubby and em are baby-sitting her little brother. Had to take him to his band concert tonight and tomorrow he has showchoir tryouts and last weekend he had championship soccer games. Em is totally getting a crash course in parenthood lol.

Well, Em totally slacked off and served pizza for supper tonight BUT she got the whole house cleaned and is washing the last load of clothes. Watching the NFL draft...waiting to see who New Orleans Saints pick for their first round choice (they being the closest to a home team we have) and then she's going to bed.

So, GOODNIGHT Lex, Em will be taking her butt to bed VERY soon
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by MRK »

Misty hands McMeg some of Teddy's chicken noodle soup then she rubs Ninna's itchy's been awhile, mama!!

Misty is a bit distracted by the NFL draft and her pychology homework at the moment...Misty's brain is spinning with terms like, "biopsychosocial understanding of aggression" Misty does not know how McMeg ever survived this shiznet. This crap makes Misty want to run back to her art major LOL....

Um...Misty could use McMeg's couch right now LOLz....zzzzz........
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by dimber »

Chiarasays a big "good morning" to everybody, first of all. The day is cloudy and she has no will to start working on the papers to grade so she will enjoy this unexpted 3rd person new wave for a bit.

Chiara yesterday had the medical check and discovered the baby can suck his/her thumb. So nice to see it on the screen :mrgreen: (you can watch it here ... unista.jpg) The baby is more than ok but Chiara is not. She has to take a lot of medications for 20 days and maybe see another doctor for problems related to food allergies and intolerance which are getting worse due to pregnancy :(

Notwithstanding this, Chiara is really happy to have still more than a week off work to rest. She's extremely enjoying the potentialities of streaming and falling again for Joshua Jackson who, she thinks, got even hotter - if that is possible :mrgreen: She's also excited about Lost's incoming series finale though she has no clues about how it will end. She really hopes it won't be as bad as the X-Files's finale, otherwise she has decided to go to L.A. and kill J.J. Abrams :twisted: She wonders if anybody in here has any good idea about the finale...

Regarding the Dr. Who debate she must confess she has never seen a single episode and, after debating a lot with herself, she's come to realize that she doesn't want to...there are too many series on her mind and this isn't properly the right time to put another one in, especially with the school exams approaching :roll:

Finally, Chiara wants to know if the mods are sleeping or what? When will the new thread be available?
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