Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

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Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Nena »

Time for a new thread :) Join if you are in between 20 and 29!

Lex Odyssey Question #2
Who votes against Bella becoming a vampire in NM?

a) only Edward (page 4, post 7, line 6, word 2)
b) Rosalie and Edward (page 6, post 1, line 1, word 6)
c) Jasper and Edward (page 1, post 8, line 3, word 3)
d) Jasper, Rosalie and Edward (page 2, post 4, line 3, word 4)
e) none of the above (page 11, post 2, line 6, word 8)
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by DHSHolly »

Jasmine. Darcy and I are in a long distance relationship. I live in Tennessee and he lives in Canada. We are working to change that but for now we see each other about twice a year

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by MRK »

Happy Shiny new thread guys!!!

Just read the article KStew did with D Hopper and this was interesting to me:

"There are certain things in "Twilight" ... As much as I'm proud of that movie and I do like it, I feel like maybe I brought too much of myself to the character. I feel like I really know Bella now."

That makes me happy!! Yay! Maybe they really do listen to us fans ;)
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by roseaurora »

New thread = random post from Rachel :D

Hello Lexilings!!!

Thanks for posting that MRK, that is promising. That makes her more likable to me, its nice to see that she is able to admit something like that! Good for her!

I have a midterm this Sunday... another on Monday... and one more next Sunday, so I have to get back to studying on this fabulous Friday night. Boo! :(
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear »

*does silly happy new-thread dance*

Lexlings rock! How many threads is it now? I'm gonna go count and then come back and answer :mrgreen:
(edit: this is our 6th thread people!!!)

Have nothing really to say.
Just wanted to post in the shiny new thread :roll:
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl »

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by ihadanEdwardRush »

C'MON F****EN shiny new thread!!!

Great! It's my first time again after ages but yeah FEELS GOOD TO BE HOME AGAIN =)

have to go to the old posts and I think I have to answer Obbie's survey warever she calls it. Be back!

Name: Hossana but puh-leez HONEY only!
Year you graced us by being born: 1982
Locale: Manila, Philippines but my hometown is called Batangas..approximately 100kms from Manila (the capital of this country)
Slave to da man? : Web Analyst for Colorado-based IT (Internet security) company.(That explains me staying till the morning here or getting in the office very early because I have to Skype the boss)
Spawn?: ahh none
Doing anyone? : Well, I hope I'm doing anyone right now. So c'mon hookups from your friends is prolly good for me LOL.
Tats/Piercings: Just piercings on my ears
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Turn offs : discrimination, super vain for the guys (hate it!)
TV Watching: Can't watch TV nowadays cos I'm literally tied up with the work :( and how I missed my TV days before! But I love Greys, SNL, 30 Rock, The Office (I sooo love Tina Fey) and some reality shows too!
Reading: I'm into FF right now..trying all the FF's Obbie is recommending here. Thanks for the new FF list there I think posted by Pharmer
Lex member you want to recommend: NOW SERIOUSLY! I want to recommend you all!
Favorite movie of all time: TWILIGHT! hahaha..and New Moon and Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (fingers crossed) lol But my fave is "The Notebook" and John Hughes' "Pretty in Pink"
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by pharmer4 »

obs the freaking wacky one wrote:Insurance here pretty much sucks, which is why our government is fighting over a new plan. A ton of people in the states have no healthcare at all and are in need. I know of a ton of doctors who won't see patients without insurance, and won't take straight cash. A lot of docs are scared about liability seeing as how US peeps are sue-happy. There was a story in the Dallas paper recently about a guy who bled to death waiting at one of our ghetto hospitals for treatment for a gunshot wound (that particular hospital gets a lot of those) because there are so many people waiting there. That hospital is one of the only ones around that will treat you (eventually) without insurance because it gets government funding. The nicer ones usually will find a way not to treat you without insurance. It's all very smarmy. I like that word:) Anyways, yes, me and mine do have insurance through my job, since hubs job doesn't offer it (they don't have to---employers usually get a choice if they don't have x number of employees or make x amount of money per year, etc) so I carry the weight of that. For the whole fam to be insured I pay around 500 bucks a month, around 250 each paycheck----and keep in mind this is a GOOD deal lol. We have everything---medical, vision and dental. We still have a deductible we have to meet before insurance pays. We also still have copays to pay after that. The medical field makes money dudes. Even though I'm insured for example, I still have to pay $600 to the doctor for delivery of a baby BEFOREHAND, then I'll pay around a grand to the hospital after the delivery because insurance will only pay 80 percent. I'll also have to pay around 500-700 to the anese-whatever dude that puts my magic epidural thing in. So yeah---even insured it's expensive. I'd hate to think what it would cost without all this. Of course, there is my sister in law and brother in law, who are on some form of welfare I think, and they don't pay anything at all. Sort of makes you resentful lol.
I agree about medical costs being large, but in the US it is ridiculous. I may have related this already, but a customer of mine was in the US for three weeks, and got sick. It cost her $400 to see the doctor, and $600 for 2 puffers for her chest infection. Now, fair's fair, but that is a ridiculous amount of money.

Even before our government kicks in a co-payment to the doctor, here is costs only $50 for a standard consultation. On top of that, the two drugs she bought were Seretide and Ventolin. In Australia, you can buy Ventolin without a prescription for $10, and with a script, the seretide costs the customer a maximum of $32 (govt covers some cost), or for fully subsidised patients, the government pays $56.

So, ignoring exchange rates (which work in our favour anyway), she got "ripped off" about $800 just be having her health looked after in the US. That is just ridiculous, and it opened my eyes to why a lot of people hate drug companies.
Ally_Cat wrote:Pharmer- I was 12 when I read Goblet of Fire - it took me 4 days with interuptions from school, homework, and family stuff. If she is around that age or older I don't think she'll have a problem, especially if she like the first three. Personally, I love book 3, but I think book 4 is when the series hits a whole new level of addicting.
She's 7.

Your views on the health care system in the US are quite insightful - the Australia system is one that works, but only here. The UK has a similar system, but it is falling apart (in comparison). Why? Population size. Australia is small, so we've got a more manageable budget. I'd shudder to think of the costs in the US.
jasmine chicky babse (as her facebook calls her wrote:ive always chosen the highest insurance available(they have them in categories with each diff insurance company, the more own risk you want, the lower the insurance is). Anyway. around here you can get any insurance you want, -until- you get something. LIke sid, with his diabetes, if he wanted a diff insurance now, they could refuse him. but since we already have the highest one, they cant. so they have to pay..for everything. and i even made them pay some stuff they usually dont pay. the lill paperthingies you use for measuting your bloodsugar are pretty expensive, ariund 65 euro for a lill jar. Especially when we didnt rerally knew how his sugar reacted , we used those a lot. normally they only pay them when you have typ1, not type 2. but i told them that sid was on the border of type 1(which is true) and if he cant measure at home, his sugar would be to wild, and eventually he would have type 1, and theywould have to pay them anyway. took me long enough, filling in forms and calling many many times. but they pay those now. yeah, i can nag...really really nag. *grin*
Yet again, in Australia, those are not as expensive, but it's artificial. Unlike the drugs I mentioned above, the cost you mention for Blood Glucose Meter Electrodes is similar, but here there is a charity called Diabetes Australia. They have a contract to supply them at drastically reduce prices ($14 is the highest, free for pensioners who have had more than 60 scripts in a year). They are pretty efficient at raising money to cover the costs of these, so it's working OK for now (so long as we are applying this to australia's population).

As you can see, Australia is lucky to have a western lifestyle with a small population - it's a good mix of quality of life vs costs.

Oh, also, Jasmine and Obs mentioned my mums age. She's 51, and I'm 30, not the oldest (my brother in 34). His birthday is before hers.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by roseaurora »

Well, the midterm didn't go so well today. I was a little over confident and ended up brain farting all over my essay :( At least it the midterm, the final is the majority of the grade for the course so I can still do well if I get my act together.

I have another one tomorrow night and I'm hoping not to have a repeat performance of today!

But first I wanted to chime in here :)

Name: Rachel
Year you graced us by being born: 1983
Locale: Sunny San Diego... looking forward to eventually living somewhere with seasons... and rain!
Slave to da man?: Not yet, in law school tho
Spawn?:Nope.. not sure there ever will be either, not really a baby person.
Doing anyone?: Not anytime soon. The husband is in Iraq until next year.
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TV Watching: Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, Survivor (but only because I know one of the contestants... she went to my law school!), Heroes, Bill Mahr, True Blood, Say Yes to the Dress, Law and Order.... I watch too much TV!
Reading: Just finished The Lost Symbol, reading Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Waiting for the next Sookie book and Black Dagger Brotherhood. LOVE Nicholas Sparks, except that he's starting to seem like a sell out to me.
Lex member you want to recommend: For what? haha. You all are great!
Favorite movie of all time: Sleeping Beauty!

I also wanted to say that I have universal health care, in the US (because my husband is in the military), and I LOVE it! Just saying :D

Well, I better get back to the books and learn something....
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Ally_Cat »

Just dropping by to say hi :D

Honey- It is great to see you posting on the Lex again! It has been too long and you were missed!

Pharmer- I don't know anyone that read HP4 at 7, so I can't give any insight. Everyone reads differently at different ages, but I hope she enjoys it.

Rachel- Good Luck with midterms!

I saw Whip It! this weekend and it was amazing. It was a very good indie film and a lot of fun. The roller derby characters are histerical.

That's it, now I must return to doing homework :|
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