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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by HarryTuttle »

animegaijingirl wrote:Lexlings List
(List Updated April 2010)

Ally_Cat --Ally-- 1989 USA
animegaijingirl --Becca/Becs/Bex-- 1981 Scotland/USA
BellsEdwardalways --Amber/Bells-- 1984 USA
blasphemous_contessa --Sami/Cocoa-- 1990 USA
bored by the sea --Victoria/Vicky/Vic-- 1982 UK
CantBreathe --Sami/Samantha-- 1985 USA
Cappugirl (Finnish) --Maria-- 1982 Finland
cascsiany --Lindsay/Cas-- 1987 USA
Cymbrelynn --Kim-- 1986 USA
dazzel21 (Filipino/Tagalog) --Raine-- 1984 Philippines
Dazzled_by_Cullens --Megan/Megs-- 1983 USA
Dimber (Italian) --Chiara-- 1979 Italy
DHSHolly --Holly-- 1980 USA (BLIND)
EddieC --Eddie-- 1988 Canada TWIGUY
IhadanEdwardRush (Filipino/Tagalog) --Honey-- 1982 Philippines
Jasmine (Dutch) --Janny/Jasmine-- 1981 the Netherlands
Lieziewiezie (Flemish) --Lies-- 1984 Belgium
MRK --Misty-- 1979 USA
Nocturnal Lure (Dutch) --Sidney/Sid-- 1975 the Netherlands TWIGUY
n0vaice (Filipino/Tagalog) --Karl-- 1987 Philippines TWIGUY
obieewok --Terri/Obs-- 1980 USA
PaulinhaBrasil (Portuguese) --Paula-- 1981 Brazil
pharmer4 --Jarrod-- 1979 Australia TWIGUY
roseaurora --Rachel/Rose-- USA
sachael (Filipino/Tagalog) --Kimmy/Sach-- 1986 Philippines
SarahGoddard --Sarah-- 1987 UK
SenorGimp --Codaniel/Cody-- 1985 USA TWIGUY
Siberian Kiss (Spanish) --Ana-- 1983 Spain
Tabs --Tabs/Tabitha-- 1980 Australia
therealmrswhitlock --Jen-- 1985 USA
TillyWhitlock --Amanda/Tilly-- 1987 USA
twilight813 --Lyndsay/Lily-- 1985 USA
vampire_elf (German) --Malu-- 1982 Germany
vampirenerd --Emily/Em/Emmy-- 1987 USA
Velvet Voice (Italian) --Sonia-- 1982 Italy
Wingtear (Swedish) --Ninna-- 1983 Finland
What about me? i'm American and born in 1982.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear »

dimber wrote:Chiara
Finally, Chiara wants to know if the mods are sleeping or what? When will the new thread be available?
Sweet little baby-carrier, the Lexily are officially allowed to rock on to page 200, and if the Lexily gets there fast they might even be granted the mystical 500 :mrgreen: damn, the Lexily rocks :mrgreen:
HarryTuttle wrote: What about me? i'm American and born in 1982.
What do you prefer to be called? tell the lexily and they'll add you

by the way, Newbies: if you're interested, join the lexily on the book of faces (totally stole that from Sarah) ... 157&ref=ts just send Wingtear a PM here so she know to accept you. She is ruthless, only lexlings are allowed in the lexily... Good thing it's so easy to become one :mrgreen:
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine »

Jasmine wonders if the mods realize we never let people go once they get in the gen Y. Look at sid, hell be turning 35 this year. Oh damn, she wasnt supposed to say that out loud... now hell turn hes angry stare at me. (as if thats works on me :lol: )

Anyway, jasmine has once again woken up with a headache, and is wondering if she should measure her bloodpressure again. Worrying and dreaming about an eff costume for months cant be good for the pressure.

Jasmine has exactly one day left to make sure everything is finished, that would be today. Because tomorrow, IF sids salary is here today, she and him will go to Haarlem to fix/buy some leather pants. Can you say Sid in LEATHER pants? Yeah baby!
she is also freaking out a bit because she knows how much work theres still to be done.

Jasmine wonders if people looked at the blog today and if they know Queensday.
Jasmine is also very happy that she has 46 followers....hopefully she will get 50 within the week.

She doesnt really like speaking in 3rd person day, because her mind always has to be set to soeka in english, let alone in a diff person. Also, the people she knows who really speak like this are always extremely annoying and arrogant people.
BUT she will cooperate, because her lexlings are so awesome..

*sigh* jasmine is tired and the day has just started (for her that is), so much to do, so little little energy.

Jasmine is glad it will be very nice weather this sunday, BUT she is also a bit afraid she will metl in all the lathe she will be wearing. They say it will get 20-24 degreees celsius! Damn.!

Jasmine is stopping now or otherwise she will never get her butt behind the sewingmachine..

oh and btw, don't get too excited, jasmine saw a thread on this forum with 187 pages..

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by CappuGirl »

Maria still needs a good nicname to put on these things 'cause she's not comfortable with her own name. She also isn't sure she should be posting this here because she's had tendencies of being a downer this week. *curses the flu and having kids get sick too* Just as M's kids are getting better, she is getting worse. This has lasted about 5-6 days now so M guesses it should be midpoint and start healing soon. She also 'stole' some of the kids' antibiotics for her self since there's always leftover. How wise is that? :oops: M should go show her ears and throat to a doctor but couldn't get an appointment. sucky healthcare.
M should be cleaning but instead she's heating some fish soup and added more shrimp to it because it was getting rather thin. M will be zipping that all afternoon while trying to be a good housewife and clean this house, which is ALWAYS on it's worst when there are visitors coming. What the f is up with that??!!! Even though her family is sick right now, M couldn't say no when a friend asked to come for a refuge for the weekend. M knew it was a bad idea for her friend to move in for a couple of months with her mom and stepdad; the latter causing the need of refuge. The whole situation reminds M of why she puts up with her moody hubby, since when M told him her friend was coming again, hubs said "of course she can come", again, non the less, as in second time. He used to be a lot more crumpy about M's friend visiting but M's friend made a point of it which turned into a fight with the hubs one time and the behavior has been better ever since. :lol: M could learn some confrontation skills like that.

M is happy to see the thread being so lively and given extra lifetime. It feels as if suddenly telling people they can live longer than 100 years. lol. She also enjoyed the long post of Codaniel and she's also happy she's not the only one having trouble keeping up with stuff. She'd like to answer people more speceficly, but her hazy head just forgot everything she read.

M is happy about Chiara's pregnancy going strong, thumb sucking and all :D M also hopes the troubles get better soon.


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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by SarahGoddard »

Sarah has been Reading for the last 4 pages. She planned an epic length post at lunch today but OF COURSE the net is down. Grr!

So Sarah sends lexily love to all until this evening when she can reply properly.

Love love love!!!

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Nocturnal Lure »

Sidney hates money....

Not that Sidney wants to get rid of it, not that Sidney doesn't know what to do with it, but the way it still manages to tie Sidney to "the machine". Sidney knows of so many things he would do, could do and wants to do if Sidney was free from these bounds. Back to school, spend more time on his painting, enjoy nature. But rent has to be paid, groceries have to be done, bills have to be paid.

Sidney's health suffers, Sidney's glucose levels react very directly to moods and stress... and with it his emotional state suffers. So Sidney hates money. As you might have gathered Sidney is not in a good mood today... so he thought he'd share.

-here ends the frustration part of Sidney's post-

SenorGimp : Good to be back man... and good to see you're around. Time we induce some testosterone into this female dominated forum... huh huh, female domination...

Obie : Are you sure that your temp likes ...uh... muffins? Otherwise Sidney can not imagine why he has not yet offered himself to be your eternal pleasure slave... huh huh, female domination...

awesome how Sidney's mood actually shifted while posting here, guess lexlings are a possitive influence...

Sidney just saw some collegues playing soccer with a cellphone. Some of us here get a company mobile, the only way to receive another one is when your's is broken. A new model just became availlable, so basically every company mobile here is having an "accident" this week.

Okay, so here end another rather useless post... sorry for wasting your time...

May the moon light your path,

Nocturnal Lure

PS: "This forum is getting Tuttel/le domitated, I count three"
PPS: "Huh huh, Tuttel domination"
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine »

Can you belivee Jasmine has to live with THAT?

Yeah she can't stop smiling either... :mrgreen:

Ah yes, jasmine clearly lost her mind: she is now singing along with the song of the Ateam..OUT LOUD!. Tuuuutututuuuu tu tu tuuuuuuuuu....*sigh*

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Nocturnal Lure »

Jasmine is weird, cute but weird... guess that is why Sidney loves her so much.

Sidney's mood is shifting rapidly today... on one hand the weather is getting better and a fun weekend is drawing close. On the other hand today is too stressed and Sidney has too many issues in the back of his head.

Sidney wishes it was saturday, or at least 17:00 hrs. Sidney thinks some Halo tonight might help. Or perhaps some other, more physical form of stress relieve... ;)

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl »

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Dazzled_by_Cullens »

MMm thanks for the chicken noodle soup Misty. And Megs would glady share her couch any time with you. But McMegs thinks as soon as her work day is over she is going back to her supremely comfy bed and fluffy pillows!! Megs shall bring the laptop, movies and of course the Kleenex box! LOL. EXCITING FRIDAY NIGHT I HAVE PLANNED!!! lmao

As for surviving & having her degree in this shiznit…haha well Megs enjoyed getting into the human psyche and understanding the facets of the human brain and the weirdos and creepos and sociopaths too. This is why Megs watches shows called Lockup, GangLand, America’s Prisons, To Catch A predator, etc…yes Megs knows she is weird. LOL. But you all LOVE ME!!!

Chiara-ohh, ohhh, ohhhh. MEGS CANT WAIT TO SEE HOW LOST ENDS!!! But DAMN SKIPPY they better not end it crappy. Megs will be SUPER disappointed if it ends up really stupid after all these years.

Janny-Cant wait to see how the outfit turns out!! Ohhh SID IN LEATHER PANTS…..HIDE HIM FROM OBI!!!! LOL

Sid-You know you like the female domination!! LMAO Hope you feel better!! And Megs hates money too…. well not exactly just that she just wishes she had more of it to go around and is planning on buying a lotto ticket tonight. It can’t hurt right? Have to play to win.

And psssstttt….HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!
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