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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:46 am
by Wingtear
Ninna offers pup if Ally needs an alibi :roll:
Ninna wonders why Misty thinks she'd complicated? She thought it was really easy, just put a mad-hatter-hat on a dragon and add the avatar pup and you're done *say the dragon who couldn't draw a recognizable stick-figure if her pups life depended on it*
Anna-Mae needs to stop teasing the other children before she ends up in the corner. Without vinegar! And without Obie's banner too!
Sarah, here's the pup-in-hats that you requested

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 5:54 am
by SarahGoddard
Sarah is totally loving Obie's “Mine” banner too. Sarah had CW&IA flashbacks of dominating-ward and sexy underwear and general kinkiness. Sarah is now lost in fantasy and her man is 5000 miles away. This is NOT ok in the world of Sarah!

Sarah is glad everyone is forgiving her spoilt brat comment. She has apologised to MRK and offered to do the dishes, laundry AND make up her bed in return. (Sarah would like Becca and Vicky to note that she did not say “washing up, washing and making her bed” Sarah must remedy immediately. “Wait a minute. “Sodding, blimey, shagging, knickers, bollocks. Oh, God. I'm English.”) OMG! Whilst searching for the exact quote she found this on YouTube! Sarah is having hysterics as she types! Perhaps the gamers can tell the Lexily more about this game? ... re=related

Sarah loves Fernando’s snuggles. Just saying...cant deny the truth. :D *Shoots a furtive look at Codaniel. Notices him looking slightly p’d at the mention of her snuggling another guy. He hasn’t realised the Lexily is talking about an inanimate object that is McMegs sofa (as good as those snuggles are!) Sarah offers cookies and coffee to soothe him whist she explains with a cuddle and a kiss*

Sarah thinks Ally’s day sounded amazingly fun! Sarah cannot believe that cake! Her eyes literally widened and her mouth watered a little bit at the thought of it! Sarah is “Woop woop”ing and doing her “YOUR AMAZING” dance for Ally winning the vice-chair award!

Sarah would like to remind Ally that she did not only go to one but TWO toystores by herself in NY but she also played on the giant piano. (Sarah has no shame...) Sarah thinks no one ever needs an excuse or alibi to go to a toyshop. Although the pup is a brilliant one.

Sarah was called “The female Peter Pan – perpetually 14” last weekend by her friend. (Did she already tell her Lexily this? :? ) This does not bother Sarah as she thinks thats pretty cool. As long as she has more wisdom and learns life lessons (which she thinks she is doing slowly but surely) than a 14 year old Sarah shall remain carefree and fun loving her whole life. Remember – this is not a dress rehearsal.

Sarah LOVES Pup’s hats! Sarah thinks Ninna truly is a mad dragon hatter! :lol:

Last but not least Sarah would like to pimp her MRK original! Sarah LOVES Luna, although she is a little mad Sarah thinks all the best people are. And Misty’s reasons for likening her to Luna were SO sweet! Sarah loves Misty and her awesome creative super talent VERY much!

Just before she goes Sarah needs to admit her *face palm* moment. Sarah JUST realised after she posted Misty’s screen name in inch high letters WHY her screename is MRK. Can anyone say Muppette? :shock:

PS: Can someone tell Sarah how to get little hearts on her signature please? Sarah feels they may have had this discussion before but Sarah forgotted. Sarah thanks you all muchly and sends Lexily love hugs! :mrgreen:

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 8:19 am
by Wingtear
Ninna shows Sarah how to use her keyboard correctly, just hold Alt and press 3 on the num-pad
(Ninna totally learned that from the seductive M ;) who posted a link to a list with all sorts of odd little figurines a few pages back, OK, more like half the thread back but still...)
Before that, Ninna always took Preview and copy/pasted the hearts from her siggy, and those she originally copy/pasted from someone else...

Ninna thinks Fernando sounds HAWT! and totally wanna do him too :twisted:

Ninna is getting cranky... FB refuses to load on any of the available computers, and now that puppy sleeps next to his daddy was Ninna's play-farmville-on-BIG-puter-instead-of-EeePC time :evil: She bets her crops are withered when she finally gets there
Also, FB being as tight up as Ruthicon means little to no chance for Ninna to see Janny's fabulous outfit

Ninna has more or less decided to make the coolness-spawn (yeah, I named her that now) a hat of some sorts, but cannot decide on color. Ninna is strongly believing that girls do not die or become pussywhipped because they wear pink or that boys become male chauvinists 'cos they wear blue. Just sayin'...
*Ninna gets hunted down and nailed on a cross by "genus-freaks" in her surrounding*
Ninna still thinks of a cute little white hat with pink cuff/ties/straps/whatever they're called...
*gets whipped for insubordination*
Ninna LURVES instant spell-checking on the computer, makes her capable of typing difficult and elaborate words without coming across as a moron... Ninna will take no responsibility to if she uses the words in the wrong context.

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 12:40 pm
by CappuGirl
Mmmmm is feeling the love. And giggles at Ninna's comments about James Bond (oh M has invented a thing or few in her life..) and being seductive. Puh-leaaase! M wishes she was seductive. :lol: Oh wait... M whispers: What did that sailor-dude and that other dude from your wedding party tell you? :roll: M thinks all she's got to seduce you guys with are her lovely freshly baked doublechoco muffins that have a mild coffee taste to them, 'cause she used coffee flavored yoghurt. heh, all you yoghurt heaters/muffin lovers should know that best muffins have about 2dl of yoghurt in them. Usually unflavored, but M just loves to experiment with the flavored ones. :D

This is going to have to be a short post since M actually needs to hurry her bum to the sauna right about now. Oh, how she misses sauna. Been too long.. like a week or ten days or something like that. :lol: M is sick of this flu since her voice was totally gone this morning and even whispering made the throat hurt like crazy. Loads of flu-med and tea today. And she also made her self some weird chili-bean-soup experiment for dinner and loved it. Good for the throat too. She's still thinking if she should chase the flu away with some rum tonight. Worked pirates, ej?

M actually came her to tell everyone she loved their post but since she's a selfcentered rambler, she acted like she just got let out of a leash. She apologizes.

Thanks for the laughs and smiles, all you lovely people :D


Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:20 pm
by therealmrswhitlock
Laughing so hard Janny and Sid! Jen's abs literally hurt now! Leather pants! ROFL!

So Jen would like to congratulate herself on a stellar opening night last night! The place was packed, and she didn't forget ANY lines! Can she get a WHOOT? One down, two more to go!

Chiara--Bongiorno! Baby sucking thumb in-utero=major cuteness!

Being away from this thread for like 3 days kills Jen! When she moves next week, and has to wait for internet to get turned on, it's gonna suck even more--there's no way she'll be able to catch up!

Obs--Totally could have told you at the beginning, that any guy that smexy must be gay, LOL. It's Jen's Law of Ratios. The likelihood of a man being gay increases as prettiness increases. At least in Jen's experience. Especially if said pretty guy is actually speaking to her. Then there is NO guesswork. He noticed her, he's gay. Maybe that's just Jen. Being a fairy queen. LOL. Also, LOVE your banner. Looks like the way Jen envisioned Emmett in CW&IA (the tribal tattoos).

Sarah--you and Codaniel are too cute!

Well, that's all. Jen must let her brain rest or she'll totally blank on stage tonight! Wish her luck! (But don't actually say "Good luck" because, if you've ever been in theatre you know it's bad luck to say that--that's why we say "Break a leg!" LOL)

Farewell, parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodnight til it be morrow!

And that "I" doesn't count, since Jen was quoting Shakespeare. Later lexlings!

EDIT: I just finished chapter 2 of my fanfic! Read it here! Treading Water Chapter 2: The Fog

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:04 pm
by bored by the sea
Vicky is noting sarahs american-isms (think i just made up a word :lol: ) and loving the fact that sarah remedied this with totally english words/phrases.
Vicky read obs's mini story thang yesterday but did not have time to post about it, however she is STILL laughing :lol:
Vicky is behind in her Facebook-ness and doesnt want people to think she's being rude not accepting freind requests etc she saw the notifications briefly as she hopped on the fb however has barely had time to breathe yet :lol:
Vicky has not had much spare time as she's been at work boooooo and then a family party (yes it was boring! :lol: ) although vicky did get two free drinks into that bargain good times! :lol:
Vicky is lol-ing at beccareminding us of the old school deep fried mars bars that they now don't do in ye olde england :lol: remembering when they were the thing to eat.
Vicky is loving the new eclipse trailer!

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:37 am
by Wingtear
WTF? :shock:
There's a new Eclipse-trailer and Ninna didn't know :evil: Ninna hates being out of the loop...
*cries in the corner before going to youtube to find said trailer*
Does the above make Ninna trailer-trash?

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 4:16 am
by dimber
Chiara thinks her fellow lexilings writes too much and she cannot keep up :oops:

Chiara saw yesterday the new Eclipse trailer and thinks it totally rooooooooooooooooooooooooocks :mrgreen: She perfectly understands Ninna's disappointment in being the last one to know because she'll surely be in the same situation in a few months.

Going back to the food talk, Chiara must confess she loves jaket potatoes though she's Italian, especially those with mayonnaise and shrimps or mushrooms and bacon. She wishes she could eat one now but the doctor put her on a strictly diet because of her belly problems. She also adores chips with vinegar, which is totally unacceptable in Italy. She doesn't care and will eat a lot of chips as soon as she can, hoping the baby will like them too. :lol:

Chiara has looked carefully at the picture of her baby and has come to realise he/she is probably training to raise a pint of beer because he/she wants to be as good as mommy in this :mrgreen:

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 2:03 pm
by bored by the sea
dimber wrote:[color=#800080
Chiara saw yesterday the new Eclipse trailer and thinks it totally rooooooooooooooooooooooooocks :mrgreen:
Vicky totally agrees!!!! :lol:

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 7:29 pm
by therealmrswhitlock
Jennifer has also seen the new trailer--she found it on, and she loves two things about it. 1) Her fears about them messing up the big fight have been assuaged--she has seen snow, and definite proof that the fight is, in fact, in the woods. She was worried after the first trailer. 2) She is really liking the darkness that Slade is bringing to it--at least it seems that way.

Also found on that website--movie stills. Found one of Jake & Bella that must be the campfire scene from the lighting--excellent! Hopefully they will soon have some of Jasper in Confederate uniform. Jen knows they did the flashback, because Jackson talked about it in an interview.

Hmmm...what else? Oh yeah, Jen's last performance was today! Woohoo! She's done with the stupid play! Jen can't figure out WHY she agreed to do it in the first place, but she's sure glad it's over. Now she can really focus on the job hunt!

That's all! Later lexlings!