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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Nocturnal Lure »

Good morning lexlings!

Monday, the start of a new week full of endless possibilities... who knows what adventure starts this week?

Excuse me for being so cheery on the, usually, most dreaded day of the week, but I had a good weekend and a great start of the day so I will at least be grinning till evening.

The fantasy fair was awesome, we had superb weather and even though some of the things I wanted to buy weren't there this year, I did manage to spend quite a bit of money. Though Jasmine and I are still arguing who bought what, I outspent her yet again (not even counting my new leather pants)

My haul (though subject are liable to change and open to debate of who actually "committed" the purchase)

- Dark Angels Tarot (if you're into Tarot, this one is gorgeous)
- Gustav Klimt Tarot
- 2 Tod McFairlanes Dragon figurines
- Twilight the graphic novel (hardcover)
- Pure fantasy 18+ (Dutch fantasy writers and illustrators created a one time 18+ edition) signed by artists
- Exclusive T-shirt with a print of one of the same artist as mentioned above.
- A necklace with a large dragon pendant, who's tail is actually a small knife.
- Reiki DVD, a Dutch and Belgian independent fantasy movie, signed by the director
- Star Wars Clone wars DVD (which I actually didn’t have yet, the shame)

I'll leave the rest to my beloved Jasmine.

Jasmine looked stunning and it was extremely difficult to keep my eyes of her.... most of the male and some of the female visitors were having similar problem. Many of them were particularly having issues with finding her eyes, most were searching for them about 30 to 40 centimeters too low. ;-)

Only three downers on the whole day:

- I completely ruined my feet and still have trouble walking, I should have brought my cane or even my crutch but I hate to have to carry it around when I so rarely need it.
- I was going to buy a nerf foam dart gun (Vulcan, the biggest they have) to mod, paint and pimp it to look like a Halo weapon (yes nerdy, childish, whatever, I think it's fun) but the company who is there every year to sell them wasn't there this year.
- My regular supplier of mead, especially wild roses mead, wasn't there anymore either. I was hoping to refill my yearly supply, now I have to wait till august.

Work today is getting a bit tedious, but for now my good mood is still strong enough to pull me through the day. Though this week, young as it is already counts several work-related "face-palm" moments.

That's it for now, maybe more later today...

May the moon light your path,

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by jasmine »

If people are wondering why nocty has such a good mood, it is not because he remembered our mambo-deal. Nocty feel asleep as soon as his head found his pillow *facepalm*. So jasmine woke Nocty up a littl earlier this morning to do the mambo anyway. :mrgreen:

Leather pants....**mmmmrrrriaaauuurwwww* Let's just say that on the EFF, lots of girls were caught staring and all of a sudden were 'bumping' into nocty. *growls*. On the other hand, Jasmine was having a lot of fun catching guys(and kids) staring at certain parts of her anatomy aswell.
Btw, Sids' leather pants were really really tight when he first tried them on, especially on a very male part and the guy from the store didnt know how to say it. 'yeah you should stand in it for half an hour, to see if it will fix into the right size. Cause I can see it is very tight, especially uhm...well you is very tight....because...' So jasmine saved him and said 'because he is very MALE' ...LOL.
Great guy though, talked a lot about leather and making clothing and hes going to fix jasmines leather pants aswell.

ANyway, back to the fair. Jasmine has been posing for a lot of diff photographers and is not sure if she should wait posting pics, before she has those. (because they will probably look a lot better than hers).
ALso, she has a lot of fun talking to people, and got a lot of compliments, not just on her costume, but as to being a female. One guy even asked if sid and nocty had an 'open marriage', but was also called beautifull in the endearment kind. as in.. he beautifull , take a look at this. And she got a preview of a drawing that they wont show untill castelfest in august.

Jasmine bought (pics will follow):
alchemy asymmetrical baroc necklace
tshirt with jugendstill drawing by the artists that were there.
drawing by a female artist and she also made a free sketch for her aswell.
2 lill lace 'cuffs', to wear as bracelets or to pimp up a longsleeve or jacket.

Jasmine even had a Lango made especially for her. Jasmine loves langios and always eats them at summerbreeze, with sugar and cinnamon. BUt the germans on EFF hadnt heard about sweet langos, so they only had them with cheese and garlic and ham. They made one especially for me, and t was delicious. They looked at jasmine as if she was really weird, but who cares. LAter on the boss came by and looked at her eating it. He then asked her if it was any good. Jasmine told him it was awesome, so now jasmine thinks she will be seeing sweet langos on the menu next year :)

Jasmine also thought it was awesome that they spoke with a lot of people and got a lot of discount for that. They were also asked to pose in front ot a banner from a big cd/dvd/games/books store, to be put on the site. They also had the twilight hardcover graphic novel for ONLY 8 euros! (@ american book store it was 23 euros!)
Saw some great costumes, met some people jasmine had never seen before and some she hadnt seen in years.

The weather was but awesome. Jasmine melted away in all the leather, so after a couple of hours she removed her bolero and went on in a top. Screwed a bit with the outfit, but oh well...she was really getting sticky, so *shrug*

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by SarahGoddard »

Sarah loves Ninna for showing her correct keyboard usage. However Sarah's laptop (also an Ee-PC btw Ninna, Sarah forgot to tell you. Its ickle and pink and looks like a Barbie toy for an 8yr old...more evidence of Sarah refusing to grow up EVER :D )

So Sarah just copied and pasted from Ninna's signature. Sarah hopes the Ninna Dragon doesnt mind. *Scratches tummy to appease*

Sarah sends Mmmmmm (Sarah wonders if there are a set number of "M"'s Mmmmmm would prefer?) her magical "cure all" drink of lemon, orange, honey and optional ginger. Sarah thinks most Lexlings have been given this in virtual form at some point or another. Sarah wishes she could actually come and look after her Lexlings when they are sick. Sarah plays nurse very long as there is no blood involved. Sarah hates blood.

Sarah actually had scary, near passing out incident last night when her clumsy-Why are we talking about a donkey? self broke one of her (now mega long and therefore not used to) nails on the bathroom doorframe, ripping it from over 1/2 way down. Sarah was very glad she still lives at home on this occasion and had her mum to look after her. Sarah does NOT like fainting, it scares her. Although Sarah did very well at scolding herself internally and not actually losing consciousness. Noramlly if Sarah starts to feel woozy she will go no matter what but on this occasion she did very well so Yay her! :) (Yes Sarah is a woss (Spelling?). Sarah is aware of this)

Sarah is glad Jen's play went well.

Sarah hates deep fried Mars Bars, Sarah belives they are the work of the devil. (Becca is living up to the stereotype. "Your Scottish - Fry something!" :lol: )

Sarah is not happy about Eclipse trailer. Although Sarah thinks she will be subjected to it seeing as she will be in Fort Collins when it comes out and for some inexplicable reason Snowflake wants to see it dispite him hating the actors almost as much (if not more) than her. Oh well Sarah does not mind. Sarah thinks she may have to drag him off to the backrow to avoid watching the film ;)

Sarah spoke to work today! *Sarah jumps up and down trying not to crash into anything* They were all cool with her plan and supportive so YAY! Although Sarah had a minor grievence this morning when she came in first thing and discovered that 1/2 the stock cupboard she had spent all Friday organising had been re-re-arranged. What is the point she asks?! But its forgotten now because SHE IS GOING TO BE SPENDING THREE WHOLE MONTHS IN FORT COLLINS WITH CODANIEL!!!!!!! :D :mrgreen: :D (can anyone say "Excited"? :lol: )

Sarah thinks Chiara is a legend for also liking jacket potatoes and chips in vinegar. Sarah thinks baby will like them because mummy does.

Sarah loves Janny and Sid's accounts of the EFF. Sarah knows that they would've been the sexiest couple there with or without leather costumes! hehe - Sarah is glad they got their dancing session in! = ) Sarah can't possible wait for photos and may have to have another spoilt brat/Veruca Salt moment demanding them now. Sarah wonders if she can get away with this twice?

Ok, Sarah thinks she is about done for now. Sarah loves her Lexlings muchly and sends huge Lexily hugs! *Mwah!*

~1/2 of the infamous Snowgod~
Sarah just needs her Lexily to get her through the day.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by blasphemous_contessa »

Todays is National remember your First Kiss day.

That one's for Ianto. Risen Mitten, Life Knife, and that old classic...Stun Gun.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear »

Ninna is sad to say that she was almost 15 when receiving her first "real" kiss, and that the guy was a jerk whom she ended up wasting almost 6 years with. Good riddance!
Now, if we're counting "unreal" kisses, Ninna remembers playing doctor, in kindergarten, with a now hot and (by others considered) sexy football player (alright, alright, soccer-player for ya 'mericans). Ninna even remember another guy joining, he played dentist. The deprivation ended in a fight with wooden bricks and one kid in the ER with broken nose (Ninna and her team of doctors were unharmed)
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by therealmrswhitlock »

Speak-in-third-person continues!

Jen had her first kiss at 14, but she doesn't like to count it. It was truth-or-dare, and there was drool involved. It was disgusting. And she didn't get kissed again until she was 20! Can you believe it? She was the invisible girl in high school. But, alas, on to more important things:

The moving truck will be here on Thursday. I don't know when we'll get the internet up out there (hopefully soon), so when I disappear for awhile, you'll all know why.

Later lexlings!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Dazzled_by_Cullens »

Megs is sorry all of your first real kisses were not good. Megs had a great & sweet first kiss. Megs was 14, just had graduated 8th grade.... it was a summer night under the stars by a water fountain.

And to go with Ninna and “unreal” kiss counting....Megs was in kindergarten as well *high fives ninna* and she got kissed on the lips by a boy named Connor (he was a twin as wall) He then proceeded to give megs a gift...what did he give Megs. His mom’s purse! He took his mom’s purse from their home because he thought megs would like it and wanted to give meg something special-LMAO!!!

Megs is exceptionally tired tonight and will be going to be early she thinks. She had a long day at work and then got to go back to the gym for the first time in 2 weeks since the doctor told her not to run. It went just OK-not megs best/or worst run. Megs leg/hip did hurt towards the end so she decided to stop  oh well.... Megs is really excited for BDB book release tomorrow and hopes to be able to pick it up, but we shall see...depends on the time she has. Otherwise she will have to save it for another day this week.....EEEEKKKK!!

Megs is glad that Sid and Janny had a lot of fun at the EFF and really likes all their purchases. Janny your post about sid’s leather pants had megs cracking up...”he is very MALE” hahaha-lmao!!! And of course all the people were starring at YOU, you were stunning!!!

Sarah-Megs is saddened about your fainting episode and it sounds awful and megs is glad you had your mum there too!!! Megs isn’t sure about the Eclipse trailer yet looks better than the first one that they released, however it doesn’t look as good as the new moon trailer did (in megs opinion)

Ok megs can’t really think to type much more....and say GOOD NIGHT DEAR ONES!!!!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear »

Ninna guess her first kiss was wonderful and marvelous and all that at the time, the memory has just been tainted by knowing what followed. Ninna was even playing hookie, which would be one of the very few times she ever did that.

Ah, yes, the 3rd person speaking continues this page, and the next one. Then we're back to "normal" again

Seriously, what is it with my hats? They seem to make pup so full of it... ... G_3816.JPG

Ninna tells, nay orders, her amazingly powerful lexily to send good memory, mad writing skills and a mean calculus-sense Misty's way, as she's doing her finals this week!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by sachael »

one of those prodigal child of this thread tries to post.
there's a long thread i need to read to catch up.. but since kimmy is too lazy to do it.
i won't do it.
but i noticed a lot of new members... HELLO!!! *waves*

Sonia: Set up a date for the Jello fight over Zach Levi. I'm on! *evil casey laugh*

and you are talking about first kiss? kimmy really wants to forget hers so she's not talking about it.

just posting tolet the Lexily know that kimmy has not forgotten this family. *group hug*
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by roseaurora »

Rose has decided to join in on the talking in 3rd person fun for the first time ever! Epic moment peep :roll: :lol:

Rose had an amazing first real kiss with her high school sweetheart when she was 17... he was also her first everything :oops: She lucked out in the first love department and managed to snag a good one. She is still friends with him today... he even made it to Rose's wedding, tho Rose didn't make it to his.

Rose's first lame-o kiss was in 6th grade on dare and was more of a peck than a kiss.

Rose thinks that Jasmine's pics from her weekend are amazing! The one of her and Sid in front of the castle is stunning!

Rose is also super excited to hear that Sarah will be spending 3 months with Gimpy this summer!

Rose is feeling Misty's pain with finals as well. She is wishing she had paid much more attention in her classes as her entire grade in all four courses depends on the final :shock: But, once she is done... she only has one more semester of law school left!!!

GOOD LUCK Misty! Sending smart vibes your way!

Rose also found out that she and her hubby are moving to across the US to Virginia right after she graduates in December!!! Well, her hubby is moving in August, Rose will be staying behind so she can finish that last semester of law school. Lots will be going on this year, Rose is very excited!

Rose better get to bed, lots of studying needs to happen starting tomorrow... 3 weeks til she's free from the madness!

Wants to move to Forks and live with the Cullens forever.
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