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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 2:24 am
by Lieziewiezie
Happy birthday Becca!

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:08 am
by ihadanEdwardRush
happpyyyy birthdayyy becca!!!

*big giant Jacob hugs!*

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:21 am
by jasmine
happy bday becca!

so, not much to tell. te one thing that always pushes my upcoming winterdepression away, has failed me this year :(
the walnuts my parents send me werent as fresh as other yrs, and now this weekend she called me the rest was all dried out. so NO new box for me *cries*
im hitting internet o check if someone is selling some onlinee, but ill probably get dissapointed *pouts*
people really dont understand what those walnuts mean to me, its almost like i need air to breathe.

its getting colder aswell, thinking about putting on the central heater again. called all the window people, because..ofcourse..they arent coming...again.
made a new appointment with one of them, the others will call me as soon as possible.
wanna know why they didnt show? because they didnt have the right know..that appointment where they didnt show up for aswell. :roll:

Anyway,im not in the happiest of moods, but still, im okay. this saturday, sid and i will be together for 6 yrs officially. and the day after is my motherinlaws bday.
glamourday was okay, although i didnt use the discount, because the store wehere i went to buy myself some perfume, already had 20% discount that day. so i bought me some Chanel :mrgreen: (always nice to buy stuff with giftcards)

bought a tight purple skirt, and a long knitted black vest which is really wide at the bottom. i think im really going to love that one. :mrgreen:

other than that, not much to tell, as usual.

new New Moon trailer:

although they gave away the whole story, who cares, we already know it. im getting excited!!!

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 9:30 am
by Wingtear
Janny, that trailer is ooooold ;) (couldn't find a smiley with a beard)

the scan gave no pictures :( :cry: but I guess it's OK, pup was fine, growing like weeds and right on the scale.
Don't know what to do today... Maybe get some writing done. First I write nothing in 5 month, maybe I'll shock my beta and give her 2 chapters in 2 days... I don't know.

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:04 am
by obieewok
And I'm back....and more fabulous than eva babies.

Speaking of babies----Wingy always reminds me I'm knocked up. It's so freaking weird----I don't think I look all that pregnant really. I mean, I just look like I had a Thanksgiving meal or something. Since I have one under my belt (haha) I know that I don't start showing (aka looking like I ate a watermelon without chewing) until right at the end. I'm due at Christmas btw, so until probably Thanksgiving no one will really notice anything. Heck, even I don't. Other than the pixie kicking the crap out of me, I forget. Ewww. You know how chicks go on and on about how cool it is to see the baby move and crap? Ok...I'm not one of those chicks. It freaks me out. I picture that scene from Aliens where that thing pops out of the dude's abdomen. It moves--like I can physically see her moving in there and every once in a blue moon you can almost make out a footprint on my stomach. So.Freaking.Gross. lol. I know---I should be more "Miracle of Life" about it, but I'm me and I'm weird.

To My Sister-Wife (aka Therealmrswhit-she wishes): Get on that coaster set. And I want the toaster sweater as well. I just ordered christmas for the kid from abc distributing, which sells crap for cheap, and totally thought of you lol. And why the FREAK do you have to rub it in my face that you can get sloshed and I can't? So.Freaking.Not.Fair. I swear, I have a "Must Do" list after this kid pops and the number 1 (besides see my toes again) is "get tanked". Real mature. And yes---vampire diaries is one of those really really guilty pleasures. I sneakily watch it without anyone knowing and that Damien? *faints*

Janny can appreciate: That I was all being a fashion plate yesterday. I bought some clothing because I had coupons (dude---don't send me a $15 off a $15 dollar purchase if you don't want me to find the ONE item that is 15.87 with tax) and I went into Hot Topic and Torrid (chunky girls Hot Topic---everything that HT has but bigger) and both had the Bella green jacket and Bella's green bday dress. I tried on the jacket. Um, the jacket is sort of lame. I mean---it's $88 bucks, mostly for that label in the back that says "As Worn By Bella Swan". It's got a hoodie and that's cool, but seriously---$88 bucks for an ill fitting and boring color green jacket is a bit much. I'm sure you guys could rock it and all, but me? I need pizzazz or something. I didn't go near the dress----it looks way too formal and too church-y for me to even go there. I ended up getting some plum colored tunic on clearance instead. I'm no Janny with the Peacock outfit, but it will have to do for corporate america.

Becs is like 17 today, so everyone wish her a happy birthday. Oh to be so young...Wonder what James got her (my dirty mind can only conjure up things involving whips, handcuffs and brie for some's the sexy cheese)

I'm in a swell mood: actually, pretty freaking amazing today thanks to the hubs. He found some lame marvel action figures at Walmart and spent his whole monthly allowance to buy all in the series (I'm winging it here because I don't understand much about his toys)---so anyways, he spends 100 bucks on toys, and I'm about to really get all livid, but he posts the whole set on ebay and some dude pays 410 for them.

My husband: the brain. So we went to dinner last night and took the kid to the mall to ride trains. Yuppie.


Seems like all I read lately is fanfic. Hmmm. New recs:

Atlas Shrugged---it's rated T, but complete and freaking angsty awesomeness.

A Rough Start---One of the best Dadward stories anywhere.

Should be reading:

Clipped Wings and Inked Armor---um yeah. Lemons, lime and every citrus available in this.
Medication---very darksper. Ed and Bella are there, but Jasper owns this.
High Anxiety---It just got VERY VERY good.

About to read:
The Best Man
Ithaca is Gorges
Shadows (jasperella alert)

I'll let you know what turns up. :)

Going to see Zombieland finally this weeked. So freaking happy about that. Yes, I see a lot of movies here lately because honestly, there's not much else to do. I know it's Dallas and all, but if you ain't up on the nightlife (no preggos are apparently allowed or something) then you see a movie.

Next week (10/15---Hallmark's Holiday, the Sweetest Day) marks four years of not killing the man I call my husband. Yep---four blissfill years since I said "yep. I suppose I do".

Hope everyone's Tuesday is as freakawesome as Jake's six pack.


Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:16 am
by jasmine
@wingtear, then why havent you posted it for me???? *sigh* i just saw it on twitter, and we dont have ANY trailers around here so for me it was new.

i wish dutchies were a lill more fangirlsy, because you dont find a lot of twilightstuff here. certainly not clothing and such. we really need a hottopic, it sucks we dont have one.

@obie way to go, you seem like a good bargainhunter, do you feel stuff that you find that way are wayyyy better than stuff that just cost a lot of money? i do, i love bargains. i love my bargainstuff a lot more than the stuff that was really expensive..except my corsets ofcourse..then again, those were bargains aswell, hehehe.

so...good news for me..i just bought some walnuts online and they posted it immidiately. with a lill luck they will be here tomorrow!
and with 'some' i mean 8 kg! omg, im not sure if i can eat all of those, but who cares, as long as they are fresh, right?

looking at books form the dark hunter series, thanx to paulinha. looking at the first 3 or 23 euros. just calculating in my head if have that laying around somewhere. not really..still, i have a month to pay them....*sigh*. ill talk about it with sid.

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 11:13 am
by Wingtear
Janny, it was posted in the old thread as soon as it came out, and I really thought all had seen it.

Obie, that hoodie seriously looks ugly on the models! And I mean both Torrids and HT! I understand why Bella hides it under that huge leather coat if it's from the forest scene. If it's from the meadow, forgive me but I didn't spend my time there looking at Bella... The dress is a better fit, but jeez... didn't the books say Bella owned only ONE pair of skirts?
I did however find one piece I just LOVED!!! the wolfpack friendship necklace...

I'm addicted to Black Eyed Peas "I've got a feeling"... it gives me dirty ideas.
too bad something has gone wrong with the sound system, usually 8 is very well sufficient, now I have it at 24 and can barely hear what they're singing... I just don't dare crank it up more, knowing I'm technologically challenged, I'd probably crack the amplifier or something...

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 11:55 am
by obieewok
I agree Wingy---that is a fugly jacket. It's not the meadow one, because that one was sort of blue. This is that forest green jacket, and I'm racking my brain trying to figure out if it's from only New Moon or if it was in Twilight as well. In the previews, she's all curled up fetal in the forest in I think a khaki colored jacket. Is this one the jacket from the clearing with Laurent in New Moon or something?

And trust me---the dress makes anyone's hips look horrid. But I was wondering too----I'm not good at retaining things (cept water), but Bella didn't wear a dress in the book to her bday party, right? I didn't think it elaborated a lot on what she wore to it, but I for some reason don't recall a dress being worn, and it doesn't make sense to have her in a dress. Just very un-Bella like.

Janny----Hells yeah it feels better to buy something on sale! I mean, I was looking at that tunic top and it originally was like 70 stupid dollars---for a shirt people! And this wasn't some Gucci Sean John stuff (or whatever the kids are wearing lol)---it's just a regular top. Anyways, the fact that I snagged it for like 13 bucks after the discount and clearance sale makes me feel good---some chump has it in her closet after paying 70---and it ain't worth no 70. Plus, what's better than bragging about getting a great bargain?

Now I want some freaking walnuts. NOW. I actually bought a bag over the weekend----not fresh ones, but I passed by that place in the mall that carries candied nuts---you know, like cinnamon and sugar dusted almonds, pecans, walnuts----and thought of Janny and walnuts and had to have them (plus, they smartly put the nut place outside the fat girl store, so what's my chunky a$$ going to do?) so I inhaled a bag. Fresh would be best, but unfortunately most all around are not that fresh. I'm glad you found some online!

:) Obs

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:29 pm
by animegaijingirl

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2009 5:38 pm
by Ally_Cat
Already posted it on your facebook, but you can never get enough :D

The only other thing I have to say is that I finally have caught up, bought a copy of Catching Fire (that I've been dying to get since it came out), and finished it in what barely counts for 3 days. I know there are some other Hunger Games super fans in here, so PM me if you like to discuss stuff. I don't know anyone else who reads this trilogy and the Hunger Games thread here dies/slows too often