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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:18 am
by CappuGirl
Yo! :D Happy to be alive. Some brutal weather we've got here. It was a snow blizzard when it was time to go. I had to drive pretty slow or the big white chunks of white slush would have taken me off the road. Luckily the icy-driving is part of the 1st stage of driving lisence and I did it 2 years ago and I'm actually pretty good at it thanks to my quick reflexes. :D Sorry to brag... not! :lol: Again, happy to be alive. I'm sure there will be news about crashes.. When I got to mom-out-law's yard the driving school called that they don't have winter tires in their cars and we have to reschedule the 2nd stage driving test. I still had to drive 10km out of town in that f'ing slush and windy snowing to do the dark-driving part on a simulator. On the way there there was this tiny crossroads with loads of slush. I was turning right; the car turned to face where I just came from. There was a small truck coming towards me about 100 meters away. I did get the car turned the right way before it was anywhere near me. The car didn't even stop while i did the right manuvers. Can I be proud? 8-) I do know how to drive the slippery.. nice to know I hadn't forgot. It did freak out the white van driving way too close behind me. It left more space between us. It was really hard to see anything thru the window. I was surprised how easy the driving came to me anyways.
The dark-driving simulator was like the cheapest kind of computer game. It was really stiff and hard to drive. I did understand what it was teaching but just wouldn't work like a real car. I think it went ok, but I did do a lot mistakes just because the thing wouldn't work right. I hope they mark it passed. I don't want to do that damn thing again.
On my way home it was raining and windy. Some change. Also means the snow will probably be gone soon. Or that it just keeps raining water (daytime) and snow (night/morning) depending on the temperature and the roads will be on icy ruts and then there will be snow on top of it all... ugh, I hate driving winter time...

Honey, I'm so sorry about your boss. Sounds like someone whose given too much power in too young age and it went to her head. You should complain about her to your real bosses, maybe ask a few coworkers to back you up. Non of you should have to work in those conditions.

I just joined Jasmine's nuttyness. :P I had a small bag of salted cashew nuts. my favorite. :D

Have a good day everyone! :D
I'm staying in.. still dinner to do.. vacuuming.. and one sick little boy. Kas got a fever while I was gone. Really fast change. In the morning he was full of energy, now he just sleeps and lies down. Poor dude. ♥

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:29 am
by pharmer4
B&E4EVER wrote:Hello to All my fellow twilight series lovers ! :D Ok I've been lurking around and decided to post. I just wanted to know what this thread was about. Hope to chat with some of you :D

G'Day from Australia. I'll need you to post again for me to think of more things to say to you!
Wingtear wrote:Now I'm off to clean the hard-drive... aka I'll move all my TV-series to the laptop. 'Cos if I don't, I can't download more, it's getting full. And I "have" to watch some more true blood, 'cos the friend who fell head-over-heels for the series keeps bugging me so that she'll have someone to talk about it with. And since she read Twilight-saga (and the Host) for me, I guess I'll better be that good a friend. I started her on the Swedish version of Vampire Diaries, she too prefers the books to the series so far. I figured out why it took me so long to connect them, in Swe the series are called "the Vampires Love" or something like that. Oh, I gotta go find the originals... Jeez how I loved those books as a tween...

I did some googling of True Blood yesterday - seems to me this show is rated R - damn. It has (apparently) the first ever screen sex scene between a vamp and a human that shows nudity. interesting. I know that Anna gets her gear out, but I also believe that every dude goes around without shirts at one point or another. Should mean my wife will get all the stuff she'll enjoy - vampires + melrose place-ness.
ihadanEdwardRush wrote:I'm going to whine and I'm using this board because the person that I'm whining about is spying me always on FB. The bitchy boss is always bitching on me for pete's sake! I dunno what's her F*ing problem on me but she's just a b ! t c h always. I wanna strangle her right now but I just cant. I dunno what's the problem with the people "with title" in the office and they act like they're Gods and they own you and they simply p **s s es the sh !t out of you. First, she instructed me not to undergo OT (the fact that we a lot of things to do everyday) and every morning I have to cram because there are some unfinished tasks that are due early morning. Second, she always "make up" stories and tell it to the boss in the U.S. about what we are doing here. (The boss privately E-mail me and tell me about if this' true or something and of course if isn't true I deny it and eventually the boss there will believe me), Third, she give me tasks that needs more time but she didn't give me enuff time. Fourth, she's always walking behind my workstation, acting like she will just pass or she will get something, but in truth, she'll just look on my monitor to see if I'm doing my work. and I f-en hate it!!! Fifth, I caught her doing something on my pc without permission and she just shrugged it off as if she just didn't violate my privacy or something.

Now I remember Sonia's boss. and I'm having the same dilemma. Now seriously, how I will deal with this stupid s h i t boss who is not really a boss but really bossy and act like she's the most efficient F-en boss in the whole freaking world. Well, in fact she's not and I can do her job more accurately. Argghh! I f-en hate her. She's getting on my nerves!!!

I'm sorry for the filthy mouth there. :(

OK, I'm a manager, and I don't treat my staff like that. Of course I have a balance of staff who work best left to their own devices, and staff who need to be "monitored" to ensure they aren't slacking, but her behaviour sounds a lot different to that.

It's good you've received the advice to put a screen saver and password on your station. It's not so good that you're using the board here during working hours - that, unfortunately, is giving fuel to her behaviour.

I think it is very good that you are being factual with her bosses; next time they send you an email, reply with a question at the bottom - "is it true that all correspondenace from myself to you needs to go via (bosses name), because she advised me that this is the case recently"

This is a very fair question to ask, and will set their hackles up, because they'd have to ask themselves, why would a supervisor want all correspondence to her superiors from her staff to be vetted? If I was asked that question by one of my staff, I'd immediately be suspicious of the supervisor in question.

Also, Janny has given some great advice - see if there is a specific set of rules/regulations/obligations for the workplace, and specifically ask HER for a copy of them. I'd be careful about putting in complaints though - office politics play a lot into these things, and sometimes, it doesn't go the way you would expect.

Me stuff - yesterday my wife tripped over and hurt her arm, and we thought there was a potential for there to be a broke bone.

Today, I took time off work to drive her to the hospital for an X-ray (she can't drive with the temporary cast in place because it put her thumb in an awkward position, and was not firm enough to prevent pain in her arm when she put pressure on it.

Anyway, the chick taking the X-Ray didn't remove the cast, and when we went to the doctor (already an hour out of work by this point, so that was my lunch hour gone), she took one looks and noticed that the cast was still one. We had to go back.
The radiographer then had the nerve to be pissed off that she had to do it again, asking why didn't we tell her the cast had to come off, and was really rough placing her arm, so that it hurt more.

Of course, this pissed me of severely once I heard about it (after we left), especially since my brother is a radiographer and ALWAYS makes sure he is careful with placement. And as a professional in the health industry myself, it is always important that you NEVER blame anyone else for mistakes (I'll personally take the blame for another pharmacists mistakes, so that patient's don't think we're trying to dodge responsibility).

In the end, I ended up missing my lunch hour and another hour of work. Damn.

On the good side, turns out there isn't a break, or if there is, it is very small and should heal normally. We'll do a follow up X-Ray in 10 days to see if there is any development (sometimes scaphoid bones in the wrist can break without showing up on X-Ray immediately, and after a few days, with movement etc, the break widens a little, enough to be seen). This is important because scaphoid bones can die if a fracture in them doesn't heal properly.

Also good was the news that the new Paramore album had arrived. I bought the boxed set direct from the US, which has all types of mcGuffin in it (posters, stickers, etc), but the 3 things I wanted were 1) CD (obviously), 2) DVD, 3) little vinyl (I'm a sucker for vinyl). I'm pretty happy with it - less energetic songs, deeper themes. It's a good album, and is not a carbon-copy of previous albums they've done - important!

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:54 am
by obieewok
Do da humpty, do da humpty, do da humpty day dance.....

Happy freaking Hump Day my minions!

B&E---What up? There's really no rhyme or reason around these parts----we complain, gloat, brag and hit on each other relentlessly on this board. I call dibs on Pharm and Sid, since really, they are the only males (and they are hawt). You can have them Tues/Thurs if you want. Becs is mine too. I'm Obie---28, Texan and I loathe most Twilight stuff (apparel, Breaking Dawn, etc) so it makes no sense for me to be on here, but yet I am. Nice to meet you!

Honey--I'm with Pharm and Janny----ask the biznatch what the policies are, and that should at least shake her up a bit. I don't care if you are in a third world country dude----there are still policies and regulations, especially since your crap is run by the US. She can't forbid you to go over her head either. It's called Open Door Policy around here, so check and see the complaint procedure before you proceed, and maybe that US boss will be more helpful if you explain what a punk manager you have. If that doesn't work, poison her Nutella.

Pharm---Sorry to hear about the wifey (sure, she "fell"...was she trying to punch you again and not get a good aim lol?). And yes----True Blood is more a freaking woman's delight than a man's (although Anna does show her Sookie Bits all over the place. Nice rack by the way) due to the lack of clothing on that show, especially that Jason Stackhouse. If you allow her to watch it, be prepared for you to take a backseat for a bit to the show. It's freaktasticly awesome. Better than eggs on your pizza.

Janny---your nut cup runneth over lol.

Me: working as usual. Boss will be in California all next week, so secretly doing a happy dance. I love my boss (sorry to rub it in Honey) because I'm not one that likes to be micromanaged, so as long as I get my work turned in, I'm pretty free to come and go and do whatever (thank being a salaried employee) but it's always extra nice when the boss is away, right?

Big deal in the US this week: Swine Flu. Nope, none of us have gotten vaccinated, because they don't have any to give anyone yet, and I couldn't since I'm knocked up get the thing. There's also a shortage of the regular flu vaccine, so everyone is getting all dramatic and freaky about it, so a lot of schools at least here in Texas are shutting down. I personally think it's a huge overreaction, but whatev. I plan on taking my kid to get the regular flu vaccine next week, as I am getting as well. I know a bunch of people who don't believe in vaccinations, and they are all just fine too. I do it for my own piece of mind.

Trying to find a showing of Paranormal Activity here in Dallas this weekend. I hear this is the next big scary thing, so I'm going to check it out.

Wish me luck---I made another veggie lasagna and froze it. Going to cook it tonight. We shall see!


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Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:36 am
by Wingtear
obieewok wrote:Becs is mine too.
I beg to differ! and if she's really yours, then she's cheating on you, having really H-O-T msn convo's with me every once in a while (how comes chatting with Becca always end up with me writing...)

But if we're claiming people, then Misty is MINE! and I'm not sharing, not even once a week. McMegs can go find someone else to smooch. I wouldn't dare to try and even get a shot at Janny, she's waaay out of my league, that sexy girl ;)
We're beginning to sound like a bad soap-opera, you guys do know that, right? Lexrose Place, Days of our Lex, Dallex...

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:08 pm
by jasmine
wow what did i miss!?! theres a new chick in town and all of a sudden people are making claims on eachother?

And oobs? i know you love the guys and you live aaaaaalllllllll the way in texas, but you cant call dibs on sid, im sorry. its just....i just KNOW you would find a way to come over here and charm him with all your smartness, hotness and humour, and i just cant take that risk. You know i love you, but i love sid a lot more. And hes MINE. Its already hard enough to keep a guy like that around here, and now YOU guys are getting into the fight aswell? *pouts*
oh well, *grmblz* you can have him on the board, if that makes you happy, but other than that, hes all mine, okay?

And wow wow ninna, are the hormones taking over or something? im so not up in the top 5 of the sexyness on this thread, pay attention!

but...since we are callings dibs...can i call dibs on paulinha? She is soooo hot AND shes amazing with makup, AND has a lot of books i want to read :mrgreen:

@pharmer, hope your wifes arm will be okay soon. btw sid and i watch true blood together, its not just a girlshow. And theres more then enough naked-girl-time to please any guy. btw, in season 2 theres a LOT of nudity, didnt expect that, hahaha.

to the new ones:
yeah we are weird, and we love it. welcome to our lill family also known as the Lexily.
Take your seats, fasten your seatbelts, because youre in for a heavy ride!

anyway, im jasmine, also known in the real world as Janny, and im from the netherlands. Yes thats where amsterdam is, and NO i dont live in a windmill, dont wear wooden shoes, dont have tulips in my garden and i dont smoke pot.
weird huh?
Im 28, have 3 completely crazy cats and an awesome husband who has been with me for almost 6 yrs(this saturday) and still hasnt run out the door screaming. He even said ''i do'' in the summer of 2008. I also have a stepson of 10 yrs old, so i get to play the evil stepmother once in a while. Cant wait for him to start puberty, that should be fun.
I design, make and sell (goth)clothing, dress up in weird costumes when i go to fantasy fairs, love reading books(especially smutty ones with vamps and shapeshifters) and i love junkfood. Oh, i also work at Lush mailorder and i spread the Lushlove, everywhere i go.
oh and very important, i think Robert pattinson is really UNattractive, just so you know :)

my new walnuts have arrived and they taste goooooooooooooood. *stuffing her face like a squirrel*
(actually its more like im sitting with a big bowl on my lap and a really sharp knife, breaking them open and then peeling of that lill skin they have, before i get to stuff them in my mouth..but thats just details..right?)

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:22 pm
by obieewok
Ugh. Fine...I'll give up Becs, only because if Wingy takes Becs, I get that man of hers.

And if Janny doesn't wear wooden shoes or get high while in a windmill, what's the point of being in Amsterdam???? (beginning to think Janny has hidden Sid since he's been MIA for a bit--maybe beat him to death with some PVC corset or something).

And to the newbies---I'm with Janny (haha that sounded like a hook up)- Rpatz ain't all that. Give me Daddy C ANY freaking day. Oh, to be the cream in the Jasper/Daddy C oreo.............

Eww. Wait, not the cream.......

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:58 pm
by animegaijingirl

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 10:14 pm
by Ally_Cat
Just dropping by quickly because I saw the premiere of the Death Cab video. I think the music/soundtrack for Twilight is what corrects everything about the franchise for me personally. The media, tabloids, rumors, over kill with merch and conventions, and tweenies (I say tweenies, but there are people our age and older that act just like them, so I include them in this category) ruin the excitement and anticipation, not to mention, the emotion and love I have for the stories.
The music fits so well that it brings back the emotions and feelings from reading the books. I think who ever puts together the soundtrack know exactly what the fans are thinking and feeling.
It was a great music video, the ending is my favorite. For a second I thought they were going to spoil the reunion scene, but they edited it very nicely.
I'm really excited for the cd now :D

Honey- I'm sorry your boss sucks right now. I agree with Becs though, I wouldn't say or do anything back to her because it could be seen badly and be grounds for repremanding - so places have rules like that here in the US, I'm can't speak internationally. Wouldn't want you to get in trouble. Hope it all works out soon.

Holly- I'll PM you back about Catching Fire soon. I swear I'm not ignoring you :D I don't want to send you a rushed PM, especially about this book

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 11:06 pm
by ashleigh_renee
i am a complete newbie at this! i saw that this thread is for 20-29! i fit! now what do we talk about? ive tried reading a few of the posts but i'm not following =(

i'm crazy obessed about twilight though..of course.

Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 1:50 am
by Wingtear
Welcome Ash (yeah, I did the snooping again, and pharmer, we have ourselves another AUSSIE!!!)
I'm Ninna, 25 yrs from Finland, drooling in the wolf-corner of the Twi-realm, and currently about to become a mom aprox 15 days before NM hits the theaters. And for the record (since it's been stated by a few) Rpatz/Robward does nothing for me. Now, Darkward on the other hand... or was that with the other hand... :twisted:

We don't have a specific topic, well, right now it's been saying welcome, since we had a newbie on the last page as well, and calling dibs... :roll: Just dive in (Bella style, off the cliffs) and start talking. We'd love to know some more about you! We've been rocking this thread senseless for soon to be a year (it's our 6th one) and anything goes. When I say anything I mean anything. We don't talk that much twilight anymore, just 'cos we've all been here for a while now and have had it all out.
We play a lot on facebook, so if you're interested you can just come join us there.

Me, me, me, myself and the pup...
I bananas!!!
Well, not for the obvious reasons, but I decided to test if it would help the way my arms keep falling asleep if I'd start eating bananas again, and it did! I was amazed every time I woke up this past night and my arms didn't ache! :P :D
And just out of curiosity, if Janny doesn't even make top 5 on the Gen-Y sexiest list, who the heck does? You know the halfnaked packboys are all too young to be on it, and Rpatz... well, since half the group wouldn't poke that with a 15 foot flagpole... So, seriously Janny, who's on that list?