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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear »

OBIE!!!! (yeah, that color is totally to match your eyes ;)
I loved the Ruthicon/Jefficon action :twisted: maybe you should let them know that a lot of children have been created at work (when the parents work in the same place) and show them the nearest janitors closet...
'Cos it sure seems like none of them have gotten laid lately (considering how uptight they are)
Another little question... Where do you have Alice during the day (yeah, daycare, but what kind), for how long and how can you stand it? I'm on parental leave until pup's 9 month and will go back to work then and I'm already anxious...

Wanna come live here for a while? I'd snap at your MIL anytime she'd try to disturb you!
Will you find out the sex or let it be a surprise? What exactly is your due-date? I'm curious since I got pregnant about the same time last year. What should we call you little miracle? Mine was the pup, and Obie's was Alice, what will yours be?

Well, it wasn't my grandma but D's (darn english confusion) but she's doing extremely well now. She'll get the test results and follow-up treatment plan the first workday after easter. Though they caught it really early and removed the whole breast along with some glanders in the armpit, so we're not really worried. Two days ago when she went home-home she said the wound didn't even hurt anymore, so that's good.
I curse at Obie for loosing 50 pounds! when I'm still staggering at the 25 in water that I lost right after the delivery. Heffalump, heffalump I-I-I'm a heffalump... I detest new mommy's who 3 months later look like they've never had a baby (not really, I'm just so jealous it hurts)
Pup's growing and talking and screaming and ruling the house (as usual) but I am happy to say that he's started going to bed (read allowing us to put him there) at around 8PM. That means some time to myself, to do stuff. But it hasn't really sunk in yet, meaning that so far I have not done anything useful but rather started playing farmville on FB... :oops:
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl »

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by CappuGirl »

Just dropping in to say I LOVED Obie's post! :D Not boring at all. And yes, Paulinha sure is great and so darn passionate about her reading, it's contagious! :lol: btw, I wanna see a picture of your purple eyes!
and ps. I salute Misty too. She has three BOYS. I have thre kids too but the oldest one is a relatively well-behaving girl. The two boys are driving me crazy. I might actually get them tested for ADD soon. I've got the phonenumber already...

*hugs* to Chiara! You MIL needs to give you some space and if she's not realizing this herself, you or your hubby need to tell her that. Even if she lives with you, that's unacceptable and rude. Next time she says you're harming the baby, tell her SHE is harming the baby by causing you loads of unnecessary stress. Seems like she's aiming for the Hall of fame of MILs from hell! mine is far from it, but hubby's MIL ;) tests both our nerves.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by obieewok »

What up sistas from anotha mistas? (and a few bros from some different hoes)

Happy freaking Friday. Longest week ever. Just got access yesterday to my systems, so that means only one thing: I actually probably might maybe have to work today if I feel like it, which I don't. lol.

I keep getting those religious trax thingys left on my desk at work. Today's is about how we hurt God with our perviness. And it's taped up next to my wall pic of Paul Bettany from Legion---oh, that one drives Ruthicon and Dementor-named-Jeff-i-con crazy. Naked angels. Yum. I say today baby angels taste like fresh blueberry poptarts, name brand of course, and they look like Ian Somerhalter from Vamp Diaries. And yes Ninna, if they actually hit it from time to time, I bet they would loosen up, but this couple----I can't even picture them getting to first base. I'm pretty sure foreplay for them is balancing the separate checkbooks they have. Mo' scary.

Speaking of Ninna----dude, I still have so much freaking weight to lose it's insane. And now everything really freaking sags. Oh----one of my secrets? SPANX. I just recently discovered Spanx and bought some of those power panties (TMI but shut up---it does work) off the Home Shopping Network, because, hey, I was a stay at home chick for a bit----and while I should clarify Spanx WILL NOT make you look like a bikini model unless you already are one, they will take about ten pounds off you and smooth out the fat. So I have smooth fat now. Looks at least a little better.

Also, Alice is staying with Grandma (Hubs mom) at this time. I couldn't bear to put her in daycare just yet, and it helps me to feel sane being away from her. Maybe when she's a little older I can do the daycare thing, but so far, neither her nor Lu have ever been. Lu was watched by Grandma too, until hubs started taking her to work at the children's puppet theatre with him. I know lots of peeps have kids in daycare, but here in Dallas I swear every week you see a new death of a child on the news that was caused by negligent daycare workers and it freaks you out. So nope, not yet.

I so freaking need to work out. Megs puts me to shame. So not fair. Her fat is probably like naturally smooth, whereas I have to Spanx it. And she is probably becoming one of those size two chicks who stand at the dressing room mirror and say "Does this make me look fat?" and I want to punch. Marathons. You disgust me with your energy and pert bottom.

And I want LOVER MINE out like yesterday. I can't wait until the end of April! Team Quay all the way.

I will try to get both pics of Ali and pics of my violet eyes up this weekend. The eyes are hard to pic-----anytime we try, they look blue because of flash, so hubs is going to try again this weekend. But in person, people freak the heck out. They do look pretty weird.

Anyone catch the deliciousness that was vamp diaries?

Shows Obs is watching besides above: Shear Genius, Celebrity Fit Club (because Kfed is funny), Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

Momma Obs is going out tonight and getting away from hectic home life for a few hours. I hope that everyone has an awesome weekend and Paulie : Your package should go out this weekend. Becs: You should have something coming from me on Monday.

Much love (and snuggles to HONEYTHESTRIPPER, because that was one of my passwords too lol)

PS----saw promos for Nick Kids Award show with Jackson. Rawr.
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by therealmrswhitlock »

Chiara--tell her if she's not going to help maintain a peaceful environment for the baby, then she needs to leave, period. I would, but then I'm just a blunt person.

Ninna---yaaaay you're back!!!! Good to see you!

Obs--yay to kicking cancer's evil but! Also--hell yes I caught vamp diaries! Shirtless Ian rules!! Sarah watched with me! I introduced her to the wonderfulness! We also watched Supernatural afterward. That one was mildly gross. Zombies are disgusting.

Honey--glad everyone's okay. Stay safe!

So Sarah is probably still sitting in the airport at this time, because her plane doesn't leave for another half hour, but I'm sitting on the lex...

I propose that the next time she comes to the states us girls to a Chicago lexily meet up! (at least that way Sarah will know where she is, LOL)

Sad.....I cried after I drove away from the airport...I'm a baby...I know. All I know is they better let me know if he likes the candy I made them....LOL

That's about it for me! Videos and pics on fb! Later!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Ally_Cat »

Hi Everyone! I don't think I've posted in about I week - I swear students get back from break and professors just want to punish us with more tests and papers.

Obie- Glad you are back and doing well. I've definitely missed your stories, they make my days so much more funny.
Speaking of celebrity fit club - we have Ant coming to campus tonight to perform and it's one of my events, so it should be interesting working with him. Is he still on the show? I see clips of this season but never of him

Ninna - Glad to see you back too :D

Megs- so I watched most of the episode of PR from last week, but fell asleep before seeing who got voted off. I watched this week's episode and couldn't tell who got the boot - I'm such a bad fan this season. However, after last nights show I think things are starting to pick up. Making your own pattern is genius for a challenge. Some of them were really cool too. I'm going to stop there in case you didn't catch it last night.

Short post - have to finish up some school stuff before lunch with the gal pals :)
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Wingtear »

Obie, I think I would by Spanx just for the name :twisted: where they available here. Hmmm... Didn't I see those on Rachel Ray the other day/week/month....
I wish I had been able to stay at home until my mom retires (in about 2 years) but the money-situation won't allow it.
We have great daycare here (I mean, I started daycare at 10 month and I'm OK... ish...) I just fret about leaving my baby all day. Oh well, nothing to do about that.

As far as the multiple mom's here, I am in awe! I can get nothing done around the house, I suspect it's due to a slight post delivery depression trying to snare me. I'm freaking tired all the time and get freaked out when faced with a night alone with the pup. I never saw myself as social, but go figures, I miss seeing people in general now (however not so bad that I miss her...)

and ninna will make no promise to keep posting, she is however fairly often here to read....
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by Dazzled_by_Cullens »

Bex- Yes I finally think the winter hibernations and that dirty mistress who has been sucking the life force/energy out of all of us might finally be slapped back into submission where she belongs. Woot woot. I still can’t get the mental picture out of me head of you and misty swimming in my tears duct in a canoe paddling! You are great at painting the most excellent visuals my dear Lucy!

Obs-mmm poptarts. I haven’t had a poptart in years. I used to be obsessed about the cinnamon ones. Yummy! And HELLO SPANX are like my hero! They really are a girl’s BFF-to smooth the fat as you say, lmao. I mean how can you not love the wondrous magic that they invoke. And no I am not and will never be a size 2. Yes and I want a pic of the violet eyes too. I have always personally wanted to do the color contacts as well. Like those really intense blue ones, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I did have a friend in HS who had the violet contacts and she had this mocha colored skin and they looked Friggen awesome on her.

Ally- I really liked the past challenge w/your own pattern it really did rock! Esp the blue one w/the hearts! It really looked like a signature piece.

Me today…pulled up at the gas station and then what pulls up next to me….none other than a FIRETRUCK w/3 hot firemen!!! Now when in the hell does that ever happen!! I was like in all in the world that is holy…just breathe, lmao. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform, especially a fireman, I have a special place in my heart for firemen, grrr baby grrr!

OK off to go and get a 1 hour massage in a bit. I am spoiling myself w/a rub down for my own bday present to myself, lol. Plus w/all the running I could use someone to beat me up and work out the kinks. I took tomorrow off too cuz I think it is like sacrilegious to work on your bday, lol. And one of my girlfriends took off too and she is surprising me and wont tell me what we are doing. Then I am doing bday dinner w/the folks. We are going to this place called Tango an Argentinean steak place where they have the “world’s longest steak” which I will be having, lmao. Basically it is this 3ft skirt steak that is tenderized really small and thin and then cooked and rolled up…I will try and get a pic. I have never had it, but I have heard it is good. I think I will have left-overs for years hahah.

Anyway that is all for now!! <3 and hugs!
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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by animegaijingirl »

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Re: Gen Y --The 20 something's thread

Post by dazzel21 »

Whew!!! Gen Y thread, this is my first post here just wanted to check out what's happening here. Hey everyone....
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